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(00:03) [Music] unfortunately um I'll just drop [Music] them okay everybody's waiting for the this is always our highlight whoa is that alcohol nice freezer there you gool great great I what's Alex saying 500 he's bidding on with the alcohol are people bidding already I think they're B I think Alex is bidding on your drink Jango I'm sorry you're gonna have to out bid me because I'm about to be done with it in like five swigs oh boy here we go I should get one too all right well we are in 26th
(01:07) Flamingo handshake auction so that's that's quite a we've missed a few months but that's it's been many months you know and of course we always doing it handy con there's a great lineup there a great crew here is is encrypto coming up too I don't know if I think he wanted to come up help us out but um maybe we just introduce ourselves first we got a lot of names yeah okay let me see I do that okay I encrypt it up um yeah we have a good crew here so it's always it's all right so let me know if you
(01:46) want to do that en crypted but we appreciate crypted we have some stuff Tyler or Taylor Taylor Sorry T Taylor do you want to share some slides you you have some slides to share while um I think everybody knows everybody already what what Taylor you're from Tetra also name layer too right is that yeah are you with hold up you want to give us a little intro yeah you guys see it fine up everyone my name is Taylor yeah now I see yeah there's name layer sweet yeah so I am from Tetra just a small team um building on on handshake
(02:26) um you some of you may have heard of Nam layer as a wallet um pivoting a little bit to join Andrew with and Rob with their project um just transitioning the name to name layer because it just made sense a lot of the things we wanted to do U they wanted to also do so it made sense just to partner up and not uh both try to go our separate ways doing doing similar things um he Andrew mentioned name layer has been this concept in the community for a few years and actually it's been a concept since the days of nomad for
(03:02) those of us who are early into I remember Nomad NAD um Nomad needed a registrar attached to it for people to grab a name before they went into decentralized social so that's where name layer came about and then after you know toying with that for a bit we decided Well name layer should actually just be a wallet um and then we were we've been working on the wallet we helped with uh the extension a bit um added Ledger support there multiple counts um and then from the wallet we kind of kind of got a hiccup so we hope
(03:36) some of the funds here from some of the Emoji cells could help uh push forward on that front but but yeah so the the wallet invol uh evolved to like a platform idea um then after talking with Andrew during e Denver um just made sense to join join them and and kind of bring what wanted to do with name layer um add to what they wanted to do with uh open names um so we do think name layer will be a place for you know like like Rob and Andrew said for influencers to house their communities um by extension I think it'll be also for like
(04:20) nft communities um it very similar tools you know anyone with the community could kind of use these um influencer communities are much larger than nft communities if you don't know um most nft projects you know cap out at 10,000 7500 5777 um these influencers have you know 20,000 50,000 100,000 you know people involved in their communi so it's much larger um communities we're targeting with with these things but uh with that said this is a slide that Andrew shared um talking about your identity anchor
(05:00) surnames um source of belongings blood nation states residency um content creators and I I added down here nft communities and I listed a couple isuki pudgy Penguins bad kids disco Solaris and Bor Apes um their source of belonging is values as well as being a part of the community um I think Emoji is a way to show representation within those communities um in like a fun way I don't necessarily think they need to be thought of as traditional domains they could just be seen as like a a pass to get into their Club per se
(05:40) um and nothing's cooler I don't think than some of these uh emojis um I also wanted to Showcase some glyphs um Unicode offers tens of thousands of symbols um these are all different symbols within Unicode um we added some color to them obviously and you could just visualize these as part of a brand um and how powerful they'll be um if that brand you know really runs with the symbolism they they have um yeah that was just a brief talk of me and nir so let's get to the auction and sell some Nam all right thanks thanks so
(06:21) much Taylor yeah I think it's one of our favorite parts of of this auction is we we are able to distribute some of these you know proceeds to various C cuses in the community to different uh foundations and different uh projects so it's great to see it taking effect and and evolving and growing so congrats and all the best for Nam layer okay so there's some people joining and we are getting started so we have the auction booklet it's it's big crowd up on stage it's G to be super fun um let's see uh who's to share the
(06:57) auction booklet an who normally the auction booklet person sharing I guess I could do it and uh Alex is already bidding so we use it the text bat um let me see I maybe I can do it I don't know normally I don't okay there we go there we go all right so this is our auction booklet we can share the link to this you can download this yourself as if you always prefer you can follow along look ahead to see the PDF can we share the link to the PDF too in the chat box please there we go so you can download that that's the same book that we are
(07:40) using on stage we have a really big lineup here of names so we will get started in a few minutes maybe go to the next slide please okay so the rules um so a little bit text heavy here but um basically all emojis we have a few emojis a lot coming from Tailor's uh name uh name layer um there but they're we all always ensure that their idna uh compatible submitted domain names are held in escrow so we have uh have them locked for you and we will help with the settlement dur any auctions bids are placed in the chat I think a lot of you
(08:27) know where the chat is so fail to honor a winning bid will result in ban so please uh only bid if you are able to and we will be showing the proceeds as always on each slide you can see that in the next slide so if it does get to be too high I know some people say it's hard to get liquidity H&S maybe that'll be solved soon but uh at least the first 100,000 has to be settled in H&S and and the others um upon approval could be in Bitcoin or eth and we've done a few of those on those large singles in previous
(09:10) auctions next okay so the slides are shown some like this if it's an emoji it'll show the Emoji image the donation proceeds the amount of who and who is getting it on the left side there on the right is the name if it's a if it's an emoji the puny code you can check it yourself on uh on various platforms to verify and a description eggplant forever yeah so let's get started I think and uh we're all we have a good crew on the stage so Parcels is our first one some will have Reserve so if we need
(09:53) to um we will mention that okay encrypted coming in with 500 and this is a 50% to the handic con team and and Flamingo handshake so 500 and aren how are you doing today what do you think of parcels do they have Parcels in Vietnam yeah I'm thinking to a coffee parcel like coffee I just had yeah to keep you up uh till this um time like go okay right oh we have 1,00 here 1,000 thank you thank you good plurals does work for certain ones and this one is you know I think countries in Thailand I I don't want anybody to mail me stuff you know we get
(10:47) the label pins and the parcels comes in so they uh they tacked everything now they Ted I just want to I just want to chime in and just confirm it's with an S because on the on Twitter you have it listed with just no s all right that is good clarification yeah that's true on a Twitter poster I see I see singular um where are my Parcels that's a good one wow that's really cool yeah instead of like the USPS tracking number like where are parcel an aggregator for for track yeah that's a great idea
(11:28) yeah I'm just confirming the s or not it's a good point yeah parcel is a good one this one should be it's no s it just be find my parcel yeah find my parcel it says s it is s it's a cool one yeah it's a cool one all the one in our es gr I just confirmed with s the plur is good yeah I feel like I I never say par yeah parcel singular okay but it just to confirm it is it is a s yeah okay okay what's our didn't name name bus for like almost a million dollars last time like two years ago 750 us yeah 750 yeah 750
(12:19) USD k for plural for the for the global plural yeah plural bid a thousand so do we have 1,200 let's do see if we can move it up to 1,200 yeah exactly this is super cheap super good deal we're looking for more 1200 encryp awesome this guy knows this guy knows what's up wait sorry is this a 1200 H&S yeah this is all an H&S we we all do HS can I bid can I bid yeah of course you can this is an H&S yeah like free it is too cheap you know it's tooo cheap okay 1, 1400 or500 of course people can jump in there's no
(13:05) requirement to stay low we can move it up 1500 want it no no we can't do that 100 incremental 100 incremental kind are gonna kill us here so we can Round Up snipers they're going to do 0.00 one right 0 yes that's true yeah okay those first year auctions were all about 1850 that was that was crazy that's like $49 all right well oh yeah shout out to H&S switch.
(13:47) you can download the app it's a great one for Real Time prices by 1950 I'm going to get number so I'm getting the apps HS switch. I believe for the app let's look at some stats okay how big is the entire market cap of um of like uh packages let's see like how much what's the stunk of okay Hy bid 1950 can we get to well 2100 can you get 2100 looking for 21 yeah United paral service yeah they even say it dude United Parcel Service has 150 billion dollars in market cap or sorry 130 yeah so you can do it in real time
(14:46) right here um on here all right a good be a par of lands wow 2,00 2,100 how was the highest two oh like in 2000 uh H&S is 130 billion coming in from Cheno yeah let's just try to stick within like 100 increments for us we're what's the high bid I didn't say 100 know I'm not bidding 130 billion I'm saying that's the market cap of I know it's a all big binding you know we want billion each and that's we want the whole uh the whole the whole uh the whole supply of as for this one 2300
(15:32) that's like 60 bucks yeah bro I'll keep against you until we get to like drink my tea just jump it jump it by 500 it's so cheap give me give me we got ring leaders we can give people's on ring leaders doing a countdown so bids come in or or get sold wait how many people people are in the chat right now like how many people are actually like 40 people so far yeah and there's more in the telegram jumping in okay so but we can let's just do the there are people that love the sniping so I I'm going to try countdown you know
(16:17) yeah there is no no reserves I people get super deals on this but if I start knocking down do you hear my do you hear that so aren you want to help me out on the countdown okay okay so uh 23 I'm not we 2,300 CH goes winning but uh we're looking for like 2500 but I'm going to do countdown if you want to go three we can do together three maybe you can do it I'm not really good at this all right all right then you got all go one or you can do it yeah Taylor you got it going once all right going twice uh
(17:00) going for free Chango sold wow congratulations Jango all right I feel like me being in this position conflict interest well I don't know stage I got exhibitions and uh no people shot a bit against me so I felt uh I felt guilty all right well we got just kind of we're just getting getting uh maybe I should just like challenge your egos like me all [Laughter] [Music] right let's go easy is uh one of our community sponsors uh encrypted you've seen him in the chat super supportive and this is 100% donation to the to the auctions so
(17:54) appreciate that um easy um he won this in auction I think handy first one handy Conor rightz Waitz he got I believe but this is for the sld this auction is for the s.z which we would settle with you um afterwards but that would be on name cheap you would you have to have a name cheap account and we would push this to you after winning wait how does that work you're selling it you're selling the dot the the dot the D dot yeah the S so D.
(18:33) Z and it would be pushed to your name cheap name Che account oh okay y so there will be no registration fee but you would of course the renewal so the the one year is is on you but this would cover the first year and this is actually reserved one he had this he had these reserved so these are very premium of course single letter uh with the you know two character and like he said yeah easy where do we start this at want an opening bid or we can get it at 300 I think someone bid one Miguel I Miguel's I don't know if you're joking or what but accept the one H bid let's
(19:17) say what's the minimum bid what's the opener I mean at least 100 I mean we never had a rule but okay we could 100 the DJ Sulu nice wait what happens if they if they bid at the same time okay well I guess it only matters closing if it's a tie bid then we hope somebody else breaks the tie bid normally or we look at the first one but usually uh usually somebody steps up and breaks the tie so all right so 150 Sulu I think he's got some of his shitcoin H token winnings that's going to cover it all
(19:58) right yes just for these oh brother okay so then we're looking for we're looking for what 250 250 300 yeah actually I help pick this one to be honest I I think it's a great one um so we're looking for more we're looking for more 200 anyone yeah looking for at least 200 250 you can make a jump bid again this is uh 100% to the auction proceeds here to support this and it's also community community sponsor easy domains so it's really cool oh man shango's always got good ideas here yeah
(20:49) yeah nice nice all right man that's sug on D nuts suck on oh brother okay we're looking for you know 250 can we get 250 looking for 250 for first some fun opening bids early in this auction before we get into the bigger ones just like to have some going here all right well Sulu can get a great deal then we can start to drum roll I mean this is so meable if you launch a sh shitcoin you could use this you always have a good idea all right well uh let's just do a countdown you know I mean this is this is some
(21:42) people get some great deals oh yeah what if someone wanted to troll UD and you're like you're you you put uh if someone were like looking for UD you redirect them to brother all right I'm going to start to countdown I go 32 one I guess Taylor goes one two three I'm gonna go three okay we're looking for uh at least 250 to break did I do one two three I think you said going once going twice right I like go three I do it like this three and I kind of hold it three and then two and is that Johnny Woo all right one
(22:31) last call and then one really it's sold the DJ Sulu got it see it could just be like wait oh you can't do that huh it's like all right let's move on these are great deals people getting some great deals here yeah people are waiting for more we all right footage I don't know what kind of footage you guys want do you got handic con footage footage we have 100 here now thousand all right we got this one yeah this one is premium all right stepen Taylor's bidding okay great great yeah all right what else do we
(23:21) got oh okay we just Happ automatic Sky include footage yeah y Shad know that yeah that's where you're gonna sell all the feat pcks these notes footage footage okay 3.7 so just that's 3,700 or some some people thought that was the singles 3,700 3,800 Miguel great great we got some stuff going here let's see we're looking spicy footage uh oh wedding footage event footage yeah there's tons here okay high bid is 3,800 to Miguel 3,800 ceremony four T secret footage covid footage yeah 3,800 a high looks like
(24:22) it's kind of finding a spot there is there uh looking for 3,900 or 4,000 can we get can we get an even number 4,000 can we get to an even 4,000 handy con AI footage yeah AI everything great everybody's got some there's so many easy names here well let's keep things moving it seems like we uh we start a countdown Taylor you want to try you want to try your countdown one all right going twice going twice fre practically free sold sold sold for 3,800 thank you sir thank you everyone that was a fun one right that was a
(25:08) smooth one let's go let's go we got lots of names got lots of stuff yeah yeah we got these and yeah all right so this is a three character yeah ye a wait and uh this is um community so it's 25% split between Bob and Flamingo handshake here memes yeah [ __ ] coins yeah [ __ ] yeah can I say that word yeah okay5 6,000 okay yeah three character yeah that means okay 6000 I here high bid oh yeah Johnny oh bro okay what do we got let's see oh yeah yeah yep yeah
(26:12) yeah exactly oh is that Maurice 6,250 why you getting all complicated on that two 250 great do we have can we move it to seven we yes yeah yeah for this price it is a super deal here like with the happening like are there I don't think there will be any more 3 L's unless they're not REM yeah I mean this was an O OG one it was not from the happening these we we these names are from I just mean they're all gone and they're not coming back so yeah oh Paul you don't see it on the screen yeah awesome
(27:00) so the high bit is 7,000 now 7,000 highest 7,000 joh 666 all right well we're looking can we get 7,500 or eight 7,500 went for seven seven sevens sevens yeah sevens is lucky it's like a casino right yeah let's see 8,000 yeah I think of that rapper that rapper yeah I forget name Lil Wayne yeah there you go well it's a lot of ideas I hear I can hear him in my head right now yeah that's what when I saw this him
(28:08) 8700 9,000 all right that's true gbt 29,000 so these are deals you know actually some people here like to get them here and resell them like next week it's always great deals here all right well can we make it even 10K get into the five digigit world wow we have 10K there we go great [Music] great all brother so we're at the high bit of 10K can we get to 11 or 105 looking for 11k would be nice 11k of course jump bids are welcome jump bids are welcome no need to go slowly if you want to sometimes it's more effective
(29:00) strategy let's start the countdown he's a pro he's like he's a pro here okay so 11k anybody want to come in for 12 psych. yeah py. yeah highest bit 11 we have 12 12 now oh okay cool okay yeah get oh did I say little Wayne yeah it was little was that little Wayne oh my God I got I got the eight sorry okay 13 100 bro nft [Laughter] ordinals sorry [Laughter] BR
(30:04) you all right 100 let let when it gets up to 10K we should try to do 500 or or 1K uh we got it 135 from Alex okay thank you thank you okay looking for 14 14k break this yeah looking for 14k yeah yeah is it that encrypted my my voice I thought was talking about my my uh my my speaking here okay people are thinking here people are thinking 14k looking for 14 oh 14 there we got it thank you sir thank you suck it okay so get your H&S ready or we're
(31:10) looking for 15 can we get 15 aren what do you think 145 Alex migs maybe we have like all right just more yeah okay A little bidding war with these two two start the countdown let's do the countdown let's do countown I I'll do the I'll do the I'll do my way the 32 one and then what you want to clap go take a nap encrypted two Crypt is coming or not one all right oh jeno's trying to sold too late like me to be I break my Knuckles some of these times you know I think that didn't make the clap
(32:12) Jango all right gz. g j the second one and final for our uh our sponsor Community sponsor easy domains this is again our sld the second and final of this auction single letter Reserve name only available for us here so where can we get a can we get a 200 can we get 200 here congrats Alex again this is a little fun ones in here to promote oh Jezebel she's got the domain hacks here huh yes okay yeah for it's like the alternative to only fans Jezebel yeah I know it's $100 normally get a single character encrypt from Easy domain so
(33:05) you guys are getting super deals today single special out two character TLD okays coming in for real for real is a noun he Co so we're looking for 200 of course he can come up higher Jesus jango's got all these ideas train company in to Spain orth of Spain that's pretty cool to know wait JZ is is 100% Flamingo handshake this is community sponsor easy domains JZ all right okay thank you Alex now you're Alexander I don't know I'll I'll just say it as I see it don't put some please people I don't know if I want to say
(34:02) I'll read off anybody's name that's written because there's some pretty crazy names but uh Alexander thank you thank you looking for 300 300 can we roll it up to five yeah in the north of Spain take over the train companies majest all right all right well we can move fast we can move fast let's do a countdown again uh aren you want to try try this one countdown like of domain hacks like using the extension too all right thank you Gregory thank you thank you that's cool and these are some fun ones and that's also just to
(34:48) kind of put some Spotlight on easy domains are amazing sponsor so uh we appreciate encrypted and easy domains it's been really cool to have your support over the years and working with you in various ways all right I'm going to start the knuckle in you can hear that right AR you want to do the countdown go I I don't know you can choose one going once going twice three two one your choice okay so um sorry but how how to um pronce I guess you know we leave it up to your you can go down or up so you can go like
(35:23) three two one or you can go okay so three go one and three and then I and then like uh two and then one that's at least my that's my stuff okay okay so three two and one yeah okay so we s for GRE yeah cool yep for Gregory I'm I'm sure about um so move on we got lots of names today lots of fun stuff what's next on the list Tuesday yeah Tuesday's got a lot of people interested so it's a day of the week and I think uh I've looked into days of the week honestly because some are reserved
(36:10) I think there's one or two of them or maybe they're released now with the happening I've been checked but you know of course how many days of the week are there seven days of a week it's Saturday right now for me it's Friday for a lot of you but Tuesday honestly I think Monday and Tuesday are the least popular days you I think Monday probably definitely is the worst but the wor gonna show Tuesday I think ofy from papy TG Ruby Tuesday the restaurants we have 10K here yeah I mean this is a good one I
(36:53) mean man uh this one is is really a good deal let's see like shows. Tuesday TV Tuesday oh cool Tuesday is the new Monday in my state because uh they don't have schools out here on Mondays so oh really the weekend you clearly don't work at a nine to5 I was the I I kind of like I V for this one to be auction I thought it was you know Tuesdays you could do a lot you have a weekly I did start up Tuesday events back in the day in Hong Kong and Shenzhen we had start up Tuesdays like 7 PM but uh you know you can have some
(37:42) kind of global deal deal day just on Tuesdays you know Ric pointed out that Monday is actually reserved so there's only six days of the week after the happening I wasn't sure if it got released in the happening till I didn't but if it still [Music] Monday even you don't like Monday can't get Monday okay on Mondays school starts on Tuesday exactly ruby. monday.
(38:11) Tuesday there you go I like that Joseph okay so we want everybody biding looking for what the high bids 10 so we're looking for 11 at least 11 we get 11 or 105 make CR for TJ anyone you Monday proxy I remember seeing a proxy bid but maybe I'm wrong but there was some interest some people couldn't make it but Sunday is St Patrick's oh yeah everybody's G be drunk after St Patrick's Day it's like the drinking holiday of the year okay well okay so we got one you high space 10K and there is no Reserve this is
(39:11) um so maybe we can do the rumble I guess people are getting a great deal here trying to actually contact somebody because I think they want pay more than that for this I mean I I want I would get you easily sell us for 20 tomorrow so whoever again let me call for you I mean this is normally 50,000 in you know I think this is normally 50,000 in name base so um people are getting great deals so I'm you want to trying countdown yeah so 10K go once anyone's for hi deals 10K go twice and the last one 10K okay
(39:56) congratulations Alex yeah congratulations you can list that for 20 and probably sell it in day so good luck good job all right everybody yeah make this one older yeah you're retired day the week for 10K amazing okay next next one filter filter filter so filter there's lots of filters you know we uh do you like filters Chango what do you think of filter uh I use filters yeah we need filters I have an air filter here right now it's burning season in Chang my so it's horrible farmer was the same in it
(40:42) was the same yesterday yeah but now it's um so much better oh yeah IG filter is a good one yeah man fil this is an OG one this one's uh just got the collector here got great names so oh my filter C oh yeah my a good one imagine all the Instagram influencers who are selling their filter packages it' be a social be like that's true okay famous from Alex wow cool great okay we have 4K these nuts wow Andre T do Fielder Co wow no yeah no do filter good NPC filter I
(41:47) okay water filter I'm not really sure water I need over our house a air filter ah okay I got doain domain filter Bloom filter Instagram fil honestly the Instagram filter angle is works well yeah oh [ __ ] called filter filter spam filter yeah spam that's a good one um ship coin move fast f filter F filter no filter spam filter lots of ideas here 4,000 oh Nadine's here I loved your talk yesterday nine thank you didn't check that you definitely gota check that one out we have 4.5 cool water is a good one a while
(42:46) thank you for that okay you filter Co Okay so [Music] filter you GNA check the messages mik got yeah honestly I'm multiz that's why maybe somebody else can help me with this there ear here so it's a little bit more complicated for me um tlor you want to help with this one and I gotta I'm talking to went number Nadine is 4,000 um do we got 4500 IG models will love this one guys oh UV Co okay guess we're gonna start the countdown nothing think going twice have
(43:57) five times so 4,000 amazing deal yeah malare filter yeah that's a good one yeah and now now they your girl uses a filter wait does that hold the 5.5 did that count or no no that was was done before then bro X your girl use a filter wait was this 5,000 for got BX oh BX oh okay let's see web X web X oh two character do wow we have 2,000 here cool yes we have
(45:01) 5,000 wow yeah I subex 15,000 Blackstone we have six here great we got 15 from Alex he jumped it oh Alex is backboard BX 16 oh yeah okay my bad BX okay cool CeX tubx tubx tub like uh some home Home Depot product like okay 16k so Ann I don't know if there was some resered
(46:04) some people proxy bids but I can't find I'm just going to stick at auctioneering um so and if you can find them but proxy bids are hard to do people should be here um so I think some deals went already but okay so 16k is the high this is two L's there's not anymore so there was a few that got out in happen but for sure no more BX rub rubex great so encrypted yeah I know he loves the two L's proba take this one too nice dude making deals DJ I'm just catching up on chats everybody all right somebody want to
(46:46) come in 17K looking for 17 Bronx Bron that's true yeah wow we have 17 Co all right Sheila I'm still Jenny from the block or the Bronx Jenny from the BX all right I this is I mean G be hard Nam sports teams or something I don't watch sports oh okay exter okay nice collisions this wouldn't so so two L's are only countries in the Ian system so there's no country that's BX not until yeah maybe you can look it up but the way these these never
(47:48) collided these were from the original so no there's actually two Wells are fairly safe from any kind of collision I can would only do it for countries I believe so I don't think they'll be released in 2026 either so two two L's are fairly safe Investments for long all right I think we did a drum roll let Alexander get a great deal yes see kind a new country with this be create like yeah I looked into seing I did a call Islands once about seing yeah like yeah go up by 500 when it's under again without the question
(48:42) mark yet I don't think they can it's a country they it's not like I don't think people can reply for a 2L I can I'm not the biggest expert but no I think the biggest threat would be UD if they decided ex is good name you know which is a threat woke up and said you know what we're gonna own another one yeah okay 18 18 Alexander thank sir cool cool cool okay 18 say hi 18 thank you all right sub yeah tell them ubx oh Sor s bucks yeah all right let's it's kind of like bucks right money bucks let's drop the
(49:42) hammer all right I I'll do the countdown go three two okay nice congratulations congratulations okay all right next G6 G6 like like G7 isn't that a real song Like a G6 Like a G6 isn't it like yeah I know that you know fly like a thank you fly like a g what is I think it's a airplane I think yeah it's airplane but uh two 2C I call this a 2C a two character so it's not 2L two it's a letter and a number G6 I I think they're fun you know and uh
(50:50) and super short 2000 oh oh it's not a it's not an act okay it's like a commercial it's not like a military jet Top Gun G6 it's a private jet okay yeah no never mind it's it's bougie it's not okay Miguel there's no one H&S bids okay we've never had it in the history of the flamingo hsh so we cannot do we have three private G6 all right so I mean it's got a bit of a reserve on it if we can't get through then let's yeah I mean I don't want to bid but I can bid
(51:33) if people can't bid here I mean this is a super deal it's uh so um okay so this is also going to H&S Development Fund and Flamingo handshake split so it's not going anywhere if we don't get more bids on it it's got on it is there a reserve I'm there's confusion in it's some about a proxy bid axy bid is not a reserve yep I read it it's it's got a reserve on it oh there is a reserve we shouldn't have accepted that honestly uh yeah okay if that was a mistake on our side I don't think this will sell
(52:22) um wait what's the reserve for this no normally we don't say the reserve but I don't tech support saying oh okay Tech something else over 10K so I don't think we're gonna get there so yeah this slipped through the cracks I I I didn't know there was this Reserve I think maybe when we're we don't really like reserves um okay let's uh let's skip skip skip this was a mistake we shouldn't really even accept reserves okay Temptation Temptation it's a long one but it's a
(53:01) single word singular and uh again this this seller is uh is helping out you know doing 50% proceeds going to next year's marketing budget so thank you for the seller I think they're prefer to be anonymous but they're a really great Community person only F Temptation yeah I guess the Temptation is a pretty clear use case here no Reserve um which is this is a wifeu girlfriend in 2028 yeah go there their girlfriend AI girlfriends true true true AET Temptations AI Bots here yeah well I think the best AI are
(53:46) ones you don't even know are AI right how do you even know okay yeah you're Temptations so we got good s ideas somebody want to place a bid here I am an AI yes Johnny start started out with a thousand get it going okay looking for oh Taylor's bidden on stage nice nice okay 1250 encrypted sweet Temptation very great temp big temptation create Temptation yeah I mean that create tempt you know like a dessert shop yeah okay encrypting that keeping it real here okay Maurice had dinner okay so where's what's the high bit is 1250
(54:52) encrypted and he's going get a drink so if somebody wants to out bit him, 1500 can we get 00 we get 5 1,500 looking for 1,500 on Temptation oh isn't there aren't those those like dating sites where where like married people uh could find uh other married people or something it's called like Lowered Expectations you ever remember Lowered Expectations but uh I'm not familiar with the Ashley Madison yeah there you go is that still around I got a lot of heat for that one I look okay so I look the stats of
(55:39) Ashley Madison so it's like like it's like six six million or like some ridiculous amount of of married men and then like the rest of all the all the women that they're trying to talk to amounts to like really a few hundred women on the side and then the rest of the women are just Bots yeah I think most dating apps are probably most dating apps are like that yeah yeah but then it's not it's not as ridic like the ratio is not as ridiculous as Ash Ashley Madison is like for every one real woman it's like
(56:15) several million men it's that ratio is ridiculous we got a flamingo handshake auction for [Laughter] them all right aren you want to do a countdown see if encrypt is winning this while he's Temptation okay so 12 uh50 once Temptations fragrance 1250 twice and draw 50 the last one anybody congratulations and crypted cry congratulations up here okay 1250 dang sweet you sir what do we got next what do we got next names names so there's a singular I think it's a DNS one actually there's a new blogger
(57:11) I'm liking his blogs his writing it's uh and uh this is the plural on handshake oh 8888 Taylor Taylor knows what's up wow oh 10K dang 10K cool oh 11 oh encrypt his back got a drink already you get a beer or a wine or what oh nice great great 16 W 16 encrypted is so energetic names yeah of course domain names all kinds of names onchain names yeah onchain name a Cole yeah I mean the singular is a DNS one so this is pretty cool wow we have PL oh first names last names family names domain names uh boys names baby
(58:08) names yeah AI we just had our second s in December 20 a h popping in here wallet names generate names looking for 21 can we get a 1K up bump up here 21 looking for 21 yeah my name my name cool aren names yes 21 all right Mak maen coming in nice nfts are stupid I always remember that talk last year and crew man looking for 22 looking for 22 cheap names this is definitely cheap names here man cheap names look for 22 22 Unstoppable names my glass are fogging up here 22 nice
(59:10) nice no do names more dot names we should like document all of these he is lurking it is love names ah nice looking for 23 looking for 23 the dolphin or a shark clip name yeah so many here so many names okay so we're high right 22 High okay so maybe we do a countdown I think we're seeming like we're finding a high point here you want to try today try this one countdown yeah you're bidding let's get it no I'm not bidding um going once
(1:00:18) okay congratulations where are we going next okay we got a bundle here bundle soote a set of four names you can see them English names uh but it seems like the PDF is not dated that wave thing is incorrect I think that's for another name so I think we're gonna have to go with the bundle on the top and ignore the description excuse us for the typo so this is a bundle of four names remote session pool pay Cloud hash and sales pitch and okay it's uh okay see you guys chatting about it all right so this one's you know it's a
(1:01:06) good little bundle here can we get like a start with a 100 H&S or something just get this one rolling as a little bit of a break between some of our other name figger names remote session pool pay huh yeah okay tornado okay tornado 100 m Miguel thank you sir thank you sir looking for two looking for two 200 private okay really it's gonna be like the high is 100 right now and so we're looking for 700 I mean 200 at least 200 SM super super cheap again and let's not do these small things anymore okay um these small
(1:01:59) bundles I I don't I don't think we should put on auctions anymore um let's just move this fast um okay Miguel is maybe going to win a good deal here countdown 100 somebody else want to bid if not we'll just move it I don't know we like to put these little bundles in here um but we got to move fast so wants to get a bundle no wants for like 200 are people in the bathroom or something what's know man I don't know guys are slacking we looking for 200 okay but it's if not for 200 I'm not getting it so it's
(1:02:50) sold for a hundred well we could do a countown that was sold I did do a countdown sold bundles bundles it's uh okay white telepone some real stuff people waiting for these white telephone These funds are gonna particular help get the database rebuilt on the yeah your countdowns are too fast bro yeah no's so we gotta keep it going yeah I mean maybe louder and uh slower a little bit slower but and we have somebody else like drum roll or something in the procedure but yeah it's true Mel yeah remote sessions is a
(1:03:39) good one those are a good little Bund Tech bundle okay I see just so everyone knows I see that they chose to use the um emoji that Samsung renders this as but this is actually a glyph on most devices so it's an outline you can put it in the chat Maybe you want to put in the chat box um yeah all right and then this is um this is also 100% auction to the name layer project and and the auctioneers here so until count three Mike okay okay okay this all goes to name layer all right 200 here cool 300 you want the handshake mobile app this goes
(1:04:27) to name layer goes to a good cause thousand yeah single single glyph Emoji you know emojis that render as glyphs I think are G to be are G to be really sought after at some point wait you wait do you think it's actually going to be be be rendered as an emoji in the future no they're not meant to be rendered as Emoji they're meant to be black and white so they're like unique in that sense obviously hard to type you can't just find it on your keyboard but still cool are pretty [Music] unique5 see have like this and then like
(1:05:15) a phone number telephone why telephone shared white telephone1 1993 199 so yeah I mean imagine imagine that you can type in someone's phone number into the browser and hit the glyph and then you could call someone from anywhere in the world using this it's really cool yeah great idea app and then they use this as a branding that's what I think is more Vi and then you don't need a virtual it's like your own virtual SIM card you know yeah yeah that'd be really exactly I thought of that when
(1:06:11) I up yeah imagine if you like true this is a thank you sir can we get 3500 looking for 35 wow we have 35 thank you thank you awesome Ben J great to see you here thank you all proceeds go to name layer get that I'm gonna get that handshake mobile app actually I'm not even clear there's FL handshake on the back so I'm not sure what that means is it is a split or Taylor what's the deal anyways it's all good yeah it's going name yeah we got a quote from a developer to rebuild the database um I don't know why it says
(1:07:07) handshake happy we're getting somewhere with whose phone number is that is that your phone number Jango can I call it call it nice 54 isn't that Nigeria I think I I don't know like I feel like 54 or 52 is Nigeria I feel yeah I'm I'm I'm a global citizen I think Nigerian numbers is probably the Og man oh two three oh yeah sorry sorry cash this 5 I feel like it's a I think we could start the countdown yeah I don't know this is a great deal it's a great deal all right I'm I'm
(1:07:55) hitting the knuckles on my table here I'm starting to do the wrists the knuckles getting tired and who's counting down Marine you want to try okay so why telephone wow we have both came in almost the same exact time well how do you okay I guess Ben was first can we break the tie between it should be broken yeah it's better to I mean like guess we can take the first one but 100 all right when it gets to 10K if it does we'll do 500 increments but yeah 100 we can we can deal with now 42 or 40 we get 42 or 45
(1:08:47) 42 or 45 we have 45 nice to see you here actually half the stuff I'm wearing is is sponsored or supported by Irwin he helped buy this background for us for me and the uh the microphone uh cover that's wonderful nice yeah's and the pin he's the pin guy Leo pin okay yeah nice I thought was a Ste repeat but what was that sorry I thought it was I thought you had like a stepping repeat behind you but it looks like you just have some like a fabric pinned up or something yeah no this is claw it's uh I
(1:09:27) I uh I uh it's like a green screen background but this is a cloth print and uh we clip I clip it on the back yeah okay voicemail phone all right ch's always got she's I gotta talk to you when I need ideas for domain names I know Mike I'm I'm coming to Thailand by the way yeah I heard we're doing a hackathon now AR's gonna help us come over to Thailand after experience in Vietnam yeah we'll put up a do Foundation I'll put up Bounty for like you know building inscriptions and [ __ ] and like getting
(1:10:05) me yeah I saw I saw aox put I think talk about later we have aox or talking but I saw a pull request or a hip proposal some kind of comment about onchain uh profile data on what three hours ago in the telegram developer group yeah high bid 45 for irn okay let's countdown yo ghost Maurice let's let's get yeah well if enough people got a Thailand we just we should do like a little handshake meet up and start like we had a fun one here uh with bitm in January it was cool going once going hi the last call
(1:10:55) [Applause] congratulations all right in hns AU Community member leader thank you sir all right x-ray huh doctor half of it goes to name layer half goes to Flamingo yeah cool let's make it happen support the H&S Community yeah keep these all rolling keep building and all right 1K x-ray can we put the link to it in the chat so maybe neami or puny coder or something I got it you got it thanks buddy yeah but yeah this is Emoji for sure um x-ray from 2021 and added an emoji 14 in 2021 great 2 nice yeah there's the Emoji pedia
(1:11:54) link yeah you know the thing about the Emojis they weren't in the happening right so emojis uh haven't been really we've been having trouble finding them for auctions and such so there's definitely more scarce lately in the current Marketplace so xray Health where. x dot perfect for where. X this is perfect for yeah x.
(1:12:20) R yeah I mean it looks it is it supposed to look like that yes GH I mean they always looks different on different kinds of uh you know emojis look rendered differently in different U I don't know how it looks it it looks normal to me it might be your own browser some of these emojis 44,500 five cool yeah 4,000 encrypted is so and yeah he's got his drinks what's he you drinking encrypted let us know I want some of that okay look red oh he's got wings oh I need some Red Bull too instead of like 3 a for you guys yeah yeah it's
(1:13:17) 4:30 a good idea yeah 4:30 a.m. you're at that's I mean I woke up at 2:30 in the morning for this so oh yeah actually actually I didn't sleep 9,000 it would have been an extra hour if it was last week but 9k nice all right we got some bids going on here [ __ ] these are expensive you know honestly like you know I think about I still think about the e-commerce functions of these kind of domains within the blockchain right like you can like print x-ray or order an X-ray oh yeah order order print your X-ray yeah
(1:14:03) print your DIY p o d all right you can have the painting. xray like this I don't know I just think of those those funny cartoons where they they got like some kind of another like like a weapon inside of them something the cat ones or something like a dog fight all right lame if anyone is searching for this on name base and it's not showing up just so you know they they're using an outdated puny code Library so it won't won't find it unless you actually type the puny code just so you guys know all
(1:14:44) right so we are at 9k highd with ESO from ESO software and shap station all right I think we start doing drums here I'm got in the wrists who wants to the countdown jle do that you got it AR all right you got it you got it let's go okay so 9k go once 9k go twice and the last Co congratulations esimo yeah all right congratulations thank you thank you yeah Mike's dad man I got a actually I got a mouse pad use use well TLD name base registry with 110 sld registrations so this will be transferred to your name base account
(1:15:43) and Stakes with uh with these we've done a few of these Now with uh with the auctions so 112 regist ations now so there's a couple more since this was submitted so it's getting regular okay I think we will get this okay yeah people people are seeing it okay and then it's a wow 258s broker a 3L Stak with 112 registrations so it's already got everything staked and ready to go hybrid 25 HS broker nice and this is a even distribution between the HS Development Fund Bob wallet and Flamingo andake
(1:16:29) auctioneers so that is cool um we can do 1K increment so looking for 26,000 for the next incremental oh Alexander jumping right 37 thank you Alex yeah amused Park great 37 so we're looking for 38 looking for 38 for this 3L stake name with 112 registration in the name will be transferred to your your account so we're looking for 38 be our high far oh no I don't know what to say about that man what do we do I don't know man it's ah uh maybe he gets a pass because that
(1:17:32) that was a big I don't know oh this is a hard one we we have a policy for that take these backis oh he even offered to do 30 I think that's fair let give him a break that was a pipo yeah I mean here's a we'll do he's a regular here he's a regular so 30 if 30 let's so just retype 30 Alexander is that I hope everybody's okay with that it's he's a regular uh bitter 30k for the win okay all right all right all right so 30 so we're looking for 31 31 looking for 31 sounds like which is what Yeezy is launching
(1:18:40) soon I'll I know what I'll be I'll be 31 I'll be 31 is that bad I don't know I'll be 31 it be great to have the um cost so the potential owner knows like what the revenue is on this future doc okay yeah I mean we're still learning about the staked ones uh the payment here is the same as any other name uh payment would be normally by the end of the weekend we like but we try to settle these within a week latest um but it's best supp like three to four days like five months Monday
(1:19:25) it's kind of when we like to settle these generally but wait okay we're looking for 32 we're looking for 32 32 Cruz yeah cruise but spelled retardedly all right I think we can do the countdown Mike E didn't countdown for Mike I am uh banging my Knuckles and my wrists on this table somebody want to out bid me 31 bous oh [ __ ] oh okay you help me a countdown okay so 301's T once 31's twice 31's the last one congratulations Mike congratulations all right okay 31,000 all right thank you everybody
(1:20:27) congratulation to you yeah bu. use domains now yeah all right next one Bell hop Bell a bell okay let's put the link in there well we're one pause I'm not sure what you mean uh shadow man yeah High bit is 1,000 and again I'm not sure what 75% name letter SL headshake means but um okay so let us uh so we have a 1,000 thank you and we have two oh we have 2K great was 100 H&S yeah that's why we should just use the full amount in the messages okay 2,200 again this is uh what let's read
(1:21:31) this description bellhop bellhop Bell was approved as Unicode 7 in 2014 and added Emoji 1.0 so this is like a OG Emoji right this one would this one is OG great 777 Shadow Man school bell yeah great 8,000 encrypted thank you Tinker Bell Tinker Bell Tinker Bell yeah tinle bell all right 8,000 okay nice nice looking for nine looking for nine where tin Alfred Alfred let is go you guys are getting so creative here so we the high bit 8,000 for this around you know 20 2015 Emoji so what are we looking 10K shadow man thank you 11k
(1:22:36) 11 thank you thank you okay hey yubar is so creative yub Bell I like that okay we look what what's where we at now so we're at 11,000 for this you know this Bell is gives me a different you know this has a story if you want to hear a quick story 12K when I worked when I worked in Wall Street I was the I was the I was the [ __ ] I was the treating assistant I was a guy that would get thrown [ __ ] thrown out I to pick up stuff get coffees and stuff and uh they they bought a made me buy this Bell and they would ring this
(1:23:17) Bell for me to come I threw this Bell in the garbage can in front of the Traders and uh chance to take take one and truly own it Mike I know I got use I I I don't I usually okay where where's our high bid here 12 shadow man 13 13 own your pain yeah yeah yeah wait yeah wait online jobs. Bell you know the the you know there's like an online jobs.
(1:23:58) pH where you could hire yeah the yeah Filipino vas for like 10 bucks an hour or something okay I'll put in 15K for this whatever let it roll today Mike Mike trying to buy his Redemption Arc now I'm selling these guys no why not I mean it's too cheap for a single OG Emoji like this it's uh can't find these like that me no no no pressure can help be me all right online calculating 17777 shadow man thank you sir oh and talking how many more do we got today I think we're getting towards the end right y b yeah exactly or the TA I was a
(1:25:05) TA I was a trading assistant trading assistant oh I had a series 763 broker's license nesd but I still could was still just a coffee and I was a bacon egg and cheese in a roll two eggs over easy guy still remember their orders geez I mean I did real stuff I was on Bloomberg terminal all day but I mean they would I choke the B treat like [ __ ] I treat I had that's why that's why [ __ ] Wall [Laughter] Street I I some one time I mess up their egg order and it was like the the world collapsed because I didn't get the eggs
(1:25:45) right Jesus Fu those guys they smell their own farts 17777 hi shadow man all right um well you know the funny story is they call me shadow because I was quiet and fast so Shadows went in here and then uh I modified it a Shad Stone and named our company Shad Stone in 2007 so it's still using Shad Stone yeah story there dude why why is there why is every company with like a stone or Rock in it like some Finance Company like black rock or runstone you got run Stones Jango I do not oh ordinal stuff high bid 18 that's a
(1:26:42) little tricky though uh 18 okay origin story feel an origin story oh but it's it's uh who saying this the guy from Nvidia the CEO of Nvidia says pain is what makes us who we are you know without pain and struggle we're we're not who we are that's what defines us 18 all right encrypted I'll do 19 why not feeling like it 19 g hit me on 20 bro g hit me man oh Runner Mike why not man it's an emoji okay Shadow Bell oh boy there's actually emojis going right now for
(1:27:46) auction just some colored uh like some skin toad variations okay oh it's apris encrypted man I want you to get uh me two bacon egg and cheese with extra cheese uh and a and a coffee no milk double sugar if I have to repeat it again you're you're [ __ ] fired you piece of [ __ ] that how they would talk to you yeah man just for real so you you s man you're like your story is like started from the bottom now we here that wasn't the bottom I was picking six figures I made over $100,000 a year and I was like damn okay never
(1:28:32) mind no fine I started from the bottom now here you started mind I was like I'm getting paid $100,000 get [ __ ] man I you know what I did is I got a e trade money market account and I uh I put all of it in there I got 4.5% interest and I called it the fu fund the fu fund I nicknamed my E Trade Fu fund okay anyways I Fu bell all right uh 20K rolling I mean I did other stuff but they also gave me the [ __ ] work and I did hard I did hard stuff too but I was also the [Music] [ __ ] it was like a fraternity style
(1:29:22) kind of you know okay yeah so it's like a total Boys Club my yeah my I have like I have family in New York who Liv who worked in Wall Street for like four [ __ ] decades and then I just went to go see him a few weeks ago and I was telling him about crypto because I was telling him I was putting into Bitcoin and like the last time I saw him was like 2018 right he was like he was like Oh I thought you were gonna lose your ass you know he like oh and then and then he was like okay okay where where do I where do I get in Bitcoin now I'm
(1:29:55) like bro oh all right so we're at 20K I think uh honestly I'm considering bidding again well you know what uh let's start the countdown then and make my countown three oh we keep it like 21777 or or 21 I don't know I I like the 1K at least minimum incremental all right ombre shadowman shadowman like it is uh okay so three I guess Shadow Man seems like encrypt is done three to [Music] one it's like like you guys are killing
(1:31:02) me here it's like like a00 I mean it's got to be like 22 or at least 21777 ah did did anybody catch that was I clapping at that I think it was like it was literally like right before so but K likes that you know make making me we gotta do a rerun a slowmo rerun [Music] yeah just count down again it though this your this is your chance encrypted all right T I'll let you do it man here Myck drink some tea the one and only Mike's [ __ ] Bell going once oh 22 there go oh 22 all right all right party still
(1:31:58) rolling 22 so we got shadow man coming or Shad Stone well let's do the countdown he's thinking or she's thinking it's thinking oh 25 25 here we go it yeah where's the 777 no huh okay ENC it all right all right d eat Mike's Bell you know Jango the worst was I I had a crush on a girl on the floor She was like two rows down and I had to finally the guts to talk to her and they were ringing this Bell Shadow where's Shadow ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding and she's like are they calling you
(1:32:54) Shadow and ringing that Bell I'm like no that's not me they're like it's this huge trading floor you know it's an internal training floor at Deutsche Bank on the wall 60 wall and I was like no they're not talking to me and he like ding ding ding ding ding is this Bell work ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding and he's like the guy stands up and he's looking down the floor he's like where's shadow shadow d d I was like I had to go man I was like she's like oh that's for you I was like
(1:33:24) oh yeah I got [ __ ] kidding me jeez yeah for real man I got more stories wait what what did he need that was so important uh there's a long story but the short story was I put a trade in too too fast once because I had to book trades into Bloomberg terminal they didn't they to put it on paper they were they booked the trades on a on a paper and so I I uh I put a trade in too early and he lost he lost his uh sell side because he would do a book byy sell at the same side to make a spread and then I put it
(1:34:02) in before he put the other side he sold the other side so he lost his sell side of the order and so he was really pissed at me he's like you lost me $5,000 you piece of [ __ ] in did I tell you to put that treat in I was like bro you put on this [ __ ] piece of paper this is my [ __ ] job put the [ __ ] thing in the piece of paper he like you don't [ __ ] put [ __ ] kill you so he's like we're going get a bell now yeah anyway all right all right it's like oh it's your fault that we're still
(1:34:35) using 70s technology on the trading floor it was distress Deb junk bonds yeah all right well uh we're at 25 I think that's shadow man has got it the shadow is going to get it that's great man we countdown three two one sold sold sold shadow man great congratulations cool all right all right wave wave oh wow this is another one this is from the Bob wallet side it's a DOT wave so it's saked also at name with 233 sld registrations so that's quite a lot quite a lot I don't know what but I feel like quite a high number uh
(1:35:28) early Stak name so uh people already so yeah for sure this is um 17 yeah this is a this is an easy 4L word single letter single ride the wave shadow wave Bell wave all right great Oscar thank you wave DJ wave okay I can't read Oscar's title Hospitality Global okay the gray wave so we're at 25 we have no 26 looking for 27 or 30 looking for yes F I know Oscar I'm just saying your title there hospitality excuse me I'm totally messing that up but first time to see that microwave man D jango's got to have a domain
(1:36:32) registration uh suggestion service here all right 26 we have 27 look for 27 losing my voice here what's the name of microwave I mean what's like the brand brain wave I mean that's cool I mean any company could have a wave you know if you marketed this more it's uh definitely watch me wave there we go so watch me 233 registrations already and name based staking fees paid and everything so right away will be transferred to your name based accounts upon settlements all right well I think we're
(1:37:21) kind of stuck in at the 26 the red price it's a good point um I guess you can put in.com right now and see let me look let me go to nam sheep.com I just put along bunch of characters typed it in it is loading 35 98 us five $35.90 a year for DOT wave on on name name cheet right now that's decent recurring okay oh good R viic just put in a how'd you get all oh nice nice That's a good hack I know right oh 30 Alexander knows all right thank you thank you no
(1:38:25) typo thank you for that all right 31 31 wow 31 here 31 Oscar nice here we go 32 Alexander others again this is 233 registrations yeah of course you don't get all of that I don't know exactly the split but you know at least we get I don't know I don't want to put on a spot but you get just a decent chunk of that but there's of course mark up on the just don't they double it so you get half feel like that but yeah I don't want to I'm not certain but I think they mark up from the base
(1:39:05) too okay do the wave bid on the wave bid the wave 32 Alexander look for 33 yeah I think as you get yeah it's about half you'll probably get about half in H&S it's a fair deal all right 33 are you bidding on yourself man or not 34 Oscar okay thank you guys oh no it's not never mind 34 okay excuse thanks it's been intense I'm still kind of remembering All That Wall Street [Music] stuff there was some crazy stories on that one okay looking for 35 looking for 35 so when I quit my job in ' 07 they're
(1:40:00) like you're gonna be begging for your job back in a month oh yeah right that was March 07 that was 07 dang 37k Alex great 38 you guys 3 wait is that when was that when you just started your your career I was there four and a half years I walked away six months from from investing uh some stock at DCH Bank DB stock I just didn't want to wait anymore yeah uh almost five years there five years wa was that like your first job out college or something yeah my first job yeah that's we have 40 here 40K High
(1:40:50) nice honestly dude if I was bike I would have been in their downfall kind of wow okay osar 41k nice no it's all good I mean it's not everybody there there was some people that were supportive but some were just you know it just seems like that place was the it was like the pits where most of the shittiest dark Triad people congregated you know Wall Street people they make a lot of money but they're a lot of them are not very happy people yeah some are lizards no hour days and they make a lot of money you see a lot
(1:41:31) of a lot of them have come into crypto in the last couple years so it's like now we have to deal with them again yeah yeah okay high bid 41 so Oscar is a high Alexander's been involved is there others involved uh but yeah I mean uh so this the story was I went back to visit every year or so they were all sitting in the same desks you know not really much change did anything I are they like in the same positions you know or is like did they get promoted by like you a thousand dollars a year and have health benefits
(1:42:10) now I mean honestly I lost touch I have maybe one guy I talked to an email still but the whole the just they I lost money shorty in the market in 07 I lost a lot of money shorting but uh and they told me when I was in China 08 they like you're right you're just a year early because the whole thing collapsed yeah I was in the CDs stuff it was all this distressed junk bonds anyways that was just a year early but um but anyway no let's do a countdown and move on I think we got sophisticated art all right
(1:42:50) so three two one thank you Oscar congratulations Oscar you know he's done a lot for the thank you hair Pig a hair Pig hair pick hair pick this is last one last one for today the hair pick yeah you know I think of the guys the is a rapper or something they have it like in their in their hair yeah but that's like that is some 90 style like is it coming back I'm out of the fashion comes back but for beards yeah yeah yeah I mean this is a cool one so this is um no never coming back 15 in 2022 and added to Emoji 15
(1:43:44) 2022 okay yeah don't knock it might come back in 10 years this is like a really brandable Emoji yeah you know dollar for 100% the name layer so okay okay this goes to support name layer so if you want to support the mobile app development let's do it hairpick hey look fashion recycles every 30 years like Maurice said so don't knock it my come back in like five or 10 years I thought flares were never coming back okay because those were cool when I was a kid but they're [ __ ] back they're back 2K name based oh I see you here
(1:44:37) great that's great to see we have three here three oh we have four nice nice nice cool here we go 69 nice all right oh the seven okay all right we got a few people participa yeah ludicrous yeah 10K cool shadow yeah Shadow 12K wow right we got people participating yeah let's keep it at the 1K increments now please 15 okay around thank you can we get 21 looking for 21 yeah this is a steal I might have to on and donate funds myself to them yeah I know this is you can't get
(1:45:43) these emojis anymore I mean 21 they're not emoj 25 25 nice can we move just let's go up to 30 can we get 30 26 or 30 we have 30 here thank you Anan an Anan nice look the second the second that a hairpick becomes a luxury status symbol everyone's going to be wearing it yeah yeah just to see what Steve said on stage yeah we're all getting more heal yeah friendly over here let's all be positive and uh and supportive of each other other and we're all working for the common goal right we want handshake
(1:46:26) to succeed we want the people to own the internet on decentralized naming so yeah I appreciate yeah I agree we actually everybody's getting along it's really great 31 name cool 31 looking for 32 looking for 32 um I'm not sure if in Thailand you have o uh hair pick but in Vietnam we have that yeah there are I I uh I see them all around I don't personally use one but yeah there's lots of these wooden Hair picks in in true yeah that's wooden no anan's different than name based but uh they're different
(1:47:09) people SBF I don't know that one what's that one Jango SPF the guy [ __ ] us all I know I don't know why he has a hairpick but cuz he has a ju um maybe he's in he's in jail maybe picking him up or something he does he does need a hair pick yeah maybe they anyways let's keep going all right what so we're at the 31 31k here hi name based thank you yeah okay oh br that's uh 31 so looking for 32 looking for 32 or 35 looking for 35 it is right on the top of the hour and I think are we on schedule or be on
(1:48:08) schedule we have some great speeches coming up after this auction so this is the last name of the auction and then we are going to go into a name based updates can't wait to hear what's going on with hns ID and other products of name base thank you and then um we're going to hear from JJ right Chango about uh some exciting decentralized exchanges on warp and then we have some q&as so we got a lot of stuff coming up still so 31's been sitting here for a while let's do a countdown um who's aren you want to help
(1:48:45) me out so 31's go once and on for 32 31 go twice 31 the last one congratulations name face congratulations that's the last one for today and again this is always fun interactive and it it's distributed to various groups in the community so thank you also we got a shout out for easy domains there's a slide we want to make sure everybody sees can we show it that and link to that or is it not here m there is um encrypted what's your link for your uh your your uh site there we can mention that before we
(1:49:33) end yes yes and so portfolio. namers sc.com this is a place to get some really great deals on on names for like 150 to 500 HS each um it's a really cool little service you can easily search and filter name and grab them um so you should definitely check that out it's also part of the sponsorship deal for this um for this auction so thank you again encrypted for all your au your bids in the auction your support in the for easy domains as well as your portfolio system here so definitely um check that link out
(1:50:15) support him and uh and uh what they're doing and also get some great deals on a huge library of names it's an alphabetical order really uh some good grils for great prices uh and of course you can talk to en crypted directly in chats uh as well and uh are we good for everything else yeah yeah I know the time zone is hard well it's for me is 5 o'clock in the morning right now to be honest so you know re I got up at like 2 in the morning for this so yeah we should discuss about time zones this is a
(1:50:56) little bit more of a US Centric time so uh where to get Amazon freebies yeah actually we didn't know if we had a slide so actually I'm an Amazon seller is one of our main businesses and we always are trying to find freebies for people who will do content and maybe uh check give us feedback about the products um talk to Ann I know she's super busy but uh depending on where you're based it it's we prefer us uh us residential addresses you don't have to be based in us but you need us address
(1:51:29) and Amazon account um definitely let us know and we'd love to get you some products we got stuff in various categories four different brands we're a pretty big seller on Amazon so yeah if you're interested in some freebies on Amazon and willing to give us some feedback on those definitely reach out all right I think that's it for now and we're going to move on to the next session there's like I said a whole bunch of stuff coming um we have a name base giving us updates on their platforms and products
(1:52:01) right after this um and is that all set let me check oh we have a 20 minute break okay cool so are we on schedule I feel like we went longer but cool so we uh we have a 20 minute break please make sure you take advantage of the lounge there's a lounge section where I saw some groups there and you can talk to other people and uh and uh make some deals maybe also talk to encrypted about his portfolios yeah go be in the Lou okay great thanks Mel yeah we'll have yours well as well so let's go to the break
(1:52:42) oh think and also Miguel will be at the lounge so um and then we'll come back in 20 minutes for the name base updates I can't wait for that myself so thank you aren thank you Chango thank you Taylor everybody for uh coming up here we're having some fun sharing some a little bit more personal stories I can give you the full story maybe over beers and Thailand you're here if you want to hear DVD it was year motivate me work so hard yeah great that's your story all right thanks [Music] hey