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(00:03) [Music] [Music] okay can people hear me everything is smooth loud and clear all right cool let's see gotta share my screen uh yeah I'm G just do entire screen why not smooth as Jazz okay so I can't see myself because I'm in a full screen PDF so uh for those who don't know me my name is Paul web I've been in the handshake space since it started I was in the test net uh didn't know what a test net was so I got a whole bunch of
(01:07) cool names I told my friends and then it was like test net over and I was like where did all my names go but uh several years later I am here um to hear to talk about beachfront my registar um I really did not want to make this I really wanted someone else to to make a registry make a registar and I just dump my names in there but that hasn't happened so I'm forced to uh make this but it's been fun along the way um so I actually have a lot to go through I hope I can make it in this half hour so let's
(01:51) see last year I released uh handshake ready to answer some questions people I've had as to when browser when this when that how come we don't have like all these people uh just clamoring for H&S why aren't we on on EX exchanges and all these things and it's like well we have several reasons why we aren't quite there yet like yes we may have Superior Tech but if no one's using it doesn't really matter so we need to do our part and create reasons for people to even care in the first place
(02:33) so I broke this down in three sections availability usability and scalability so what does that really mean exactly websites and infrastructure it's kind of like the two parts like they go hand in hand and then the last part scalability that's more of like resolution um there's a bit of friction in getting to a handshake site uh and I say friction like Loosely because it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things um if you are old enough to remember lime wire people downloaded lime wire why
(03:14) because you could find whatever you wanted it was awesome and you also found uh bugs viruses and all that stuff but I was like man we'll just reformat the computer reinstall Windows and we'll be fine we were all used to it so so that's kind of where um we were so uh in order to fix handshakes woes um just build dope that's pretty much it we have uh we as a community have not done enough of this myself included like yeah I've made a couple sites here and there I write blog posts on regular basis but we need a lot more
(03:58) to get people interested give them a reason have a lime wire moment uh basically so what I decided to do is uh create a registry for all of my names and then use some of them to create a registar which is beachfront so more than 200 uh TOS will be launching on beachfront when it comes out and you can see a couple of these of them here uh um so now for the demo and let's hope this doesn't uh crash on me wait a minute why can't I there we go cool so this is beachfront uh some of you may have seen this already uh but this it has had a
(04:50) facelift um to be very pretty uh kind of give some you know components to uh the web of yester year cool so I'm going to go through uh kind of like the typical flow when you go to a website uh a registar try to buy some domains let's try out secret link it's searching the back end oh darn looks like it was registered well let's see uh we can actually clear the search and look for something let's just say handshake and it will look across all of the uh TOS we have here well that are currently in the you know test database
(05:40) right now uh you can see from some of these they have different shapes and um uh background gradients and that is in direct correlation to its rating on niami namami um and as such they will have uh different prices so back in you'll have oh and uh by the way all of these prices is for every two years so if you cut it in half like annually this is quite cheap um because like I am the owner of these Tes so I don't need to like price gouge people however if you wanted to get something like um uh let's
(06:27) see beachfront because that is the name of my business you will be paying a premium which I feel like everyone should do um for their own TOS because um this will dissuade people or Bad actors from trying to like do something dumb with your namesake and that's going to be a direct uh reflection of your business but for the sake of this demo let add it $100,000 yeah that is a lot all right let's uh search for another one I'm just going to go for what I know will work look for one specifically my link
(07:10) it's a twet so of course this is going to be a premium as well uh now let's check out our bag we can uh check out from here this is still using uh Stripes test stuff so I'm just going to put in BS nonsense right here let's pay this hope it goes through for my demo please work hooray it works so uh what this did on the back end was actually quite a lot I was not aware of what goes into uh uh the whole like domain register process of buying domain so uh what we do is make sure that domains are available um add them to the database
(08:04) create DNS records create a parked web page uh and yeah all this happens in the back end like very very quickly so if we go to www. beachfront this should work oh yes thank you my demo work so this is a parked page uh that all that every domain will see and then you know you click this it goes to domain.
(08:35) beachfront which doesn't exist yet but it will basically come back here so yeah uh is that all the demo oh let me go back to here I don't know if you can see this uh secure you can see issued by dnsx so um this is what handshake is about partly uh more secure DNS and we don't have a centralized certificate Authority we got to do it ourselves with cryptographic proofs every website should be secured on handshake I don't understand not adding security to your uh handshake domain aside from like it's kind of hard or like there's a little more effort that
(09:23) has to be done but if we make the more tools make it easier then it's not really much of a problem um oh okay so that would so that is the demo so if you got in here you see this nice QR code um hopefully it works on your computer on your phone if you have a resolver but if you go to Handy con. beachfront you will see a survey where you can help us figure out which 50 TOS to launch with um we don't want to Just Launch beachfront and have 200 plus dos to choose from that's a bit much to like uh to just decide a lot of analysis
(10:11) paralysis um so we are going to do like a more like a rolling release schedule of like 50 or so tods um couple times a year so it might might take two whole years or like a year and a half for them all to come out just as we like uh improve our backend processes and all this stuff um so let's see what's next ah road map so next uh after beachfront is launched is out we will work on hip two which is just a very uh easy way to map your wallet ilias's or so like your Bitcoin handshake well obviously uh tesos
(10:59) cardano ethereum instead of having like oh netop wi. netop wi. tesos I can have netop wi. wallet when that gets figured out uh add hip two to that and then I can put all of these into like or put them behind um netop wi. wallet or any other handshake uh domain and it'll just work perfectly as long as you have services that support hip2 but you know that that's another hopefully by that point we will have more services using hip 2 and then after that there's going to be work on a handshake to web 2 email bridge I
(11:47) think it's possible I in my mind I have something that's possible uh that's an unknown unknown but work is going to be done on that to ensure we can have something uh more utility for our handshake domains and then after that handshake I mean not handshake uh beachfront will be open source and so past stre is actually the platform I was working on before beachfront because I was looking at a lot of what was going on and seeing people stake their domains and then immediately feeling regretful and being just like
(12:32) not really doing what I want to do with my TOS uh for some reason they won't add DNS sec to them like I can't have Sears and it's kind of eh like there's a lot of complaints that I've heard behind the scenes in my DMs uh back then so I was like why don't I just try my hand at building a platform for it and as you can see by these like very nice Graphics like I went in uh doing a lot of development but then I thought about it and was just like handshake needs something that's it needs a lime wire
(13:10) moment it needs a Kaza moment it needs uh just something that will entice people who don't care about having secure DNS they don't care about even domains really they just see something a a new experience and they're just G to how how do I get into that like and so that's what I hope beachfront will be um and then if you want to make your own beachfront then you will either be able to use the open source version of beachfront or if you don't want to touch anything technical you just want to
(13:47) click buttons and drop downs in a UI pastry will be the platform for that so um what's next oh so um beachfront is for me a kind of like a a generational company um in the web 3 space there's a lot of companies who just like spring up out of nowhere doing like amazing things and then they sell to some big Corporation I have zero interest in that um if you've been here for a long time you know that I've been thinking about domains since I was 15 I looked up I asked jees Google didn't exist yet I asked GES how do I get my
(14:38) own do a million dollars to me I don't know money I'm just going to go to college find a way to get some office jobs save up my pennies and then I'll buy dospace but radx owns radx got there ahead of me and every startup I've ever worked for failed so I didn't get the uh when the startup Lottery unfortunately but um handshake when that launched and I found it it like took those ideas I had years ago brought them to the Forefront and I was just like oh word Okay cool so yeah a generation a generational
(15:21) company is going to springboard a whole bunch of stuff I have on the horizons I already talked about pastry uh the other two not going to get it to yet uh there's but it's very exciting stuff I've always had ideas on how to like re-envision the internet reimagine things the way I feel like should be done um it's amazing what is possible when you see like core infrastructure that democratizes something like the issuance of TOS like it's mindblowing I never thought something like this would be
(16:00) possible uh it's pretty sick um so in closing I guess what I want to I guess Express to the handshake Community is like do something with your domains your top level domains please or even your second level domains that you've bought from someone who stake their domains because we've seen a lot of domains being sold then what any sites being made with them any shirts being made for those sites anyone using these domains or they're just sitting in wallets or accounts like the last couple years that
(16:46) answer is just no people have just been buying a bunch of stuff and it's just like Oh yay big numbers W that's crazy oh my gosh but it's like no one's using this so it's kind of like moot so then when people go like oh when browser all dude our Tech is like the best who cares so we need to build dope um we have lots of domain cells not a lot of domain usage so um yeah we need to get on that and I hope that beachfront will entice people to at least try things for themselves or um just do something I want it better for
(17:32) my TOS I and believe me I looked into everything that was offered and I just like would be cool to get a little like little a little pocket change here and there but I wanted more and unfortunately there wasn't anything else available so I have to build it so lucky for you I've been struggling with all this stuff so that you don't have to uh so yeah that is uh that is all I have before I start rambling some more because I will do that where where do I go where's my screen okay I'm trying to get back to my
(18:14) browser okay here we go um any questions I guess wait let me go into QA tab um let's see uh Chris Neil ask great demo Kudos the progress do you mind sharing a few thoughts on the domain management experience for users and customers um thoughts on the domain management experience um so beachfront actually existed back in like I want to say 2016 like I've had uh I I think I used beachfront DOD digital um and that was actually a domain portfolio management Tool uh because I had hundreds of domains across like five different
(19:07) registar um hover Gandhi I want my name uh some some other ones I don't even remember at this point and so it it it was just too much and I I I would forget I literally thought of a name uh of a great domain and I was like oh shoot I should see if it's registered it was registered and I spent like 10 minutes being pissed off I'm like what the hell who registered this and then I did a who is search and then I saw my name and I was like oh well okay cool so like having too many domains across so many different
(19:50) spaces made me think like okay there's got to be a way to manage this stuff but yeah um that's not an answer to your question it but it's uh something I thought about a lot um are there tutorials on how to use these domains and get them up and running um yeah riic and Nathan Woodburn they have written tutorials on how to uh use handshake domains um and how to set them up and Alex asks looking for beta testers uh not quite yet but I definitely will um definitely will need beta testers I'm trying to figure out when that'll be
(20:36) probably in May I think uh I'm that is an aggressive window but uh the part of my demo where I just like bought the domain and then DNS was set up in the background that DNS stuff uh that API stuff was set up oh it got stopped oh I think maybe they thought you were done because oh well oh I'm live okay cool uh yeah that that DNS stuff I did uh I just put that into operation like this morning like so I am still actively building for sure okay um yeah so I guess damn I gotra time which is nice there's a few
(21:36) more minutes okay cool five eight more minutes yes again a lot of supportive feedback yeah I mean we all support you Paul you you've been here since since the OG you know beginning and your building and yeah so I think there's beta testers people want to give feedback or tutorials um you could uh always tap into um I I I just I just saw Alex said in the chat that I'm active on LinkedIn I I struggle with LinkedIn like I'm trying to be active on there but boys that place a drag couldn't agree with you more but
(22:21) but it does expand our reach um and I do I do like trying to use it Irwin's been doing it so um I'm tired LinkedIn man they they they don't even index in Google Now or they they they they trick you to make you log in somebody shares me their LinkedIn profile I got to log in to view their profile now it used to be open you know it's just like another wall Garden it used to be somewhat open but now it's all like closed but yeah I mean like you said we have to use it because that's where the the current
(22:49) users are right on these old archaic platforms to me they're like old you know not not to challenge or to or to go too far off here but you know handshake has a lot of credibility in the technology and um and and Linkedin is actually a place where it can stand its own I don't think you can say that about a lot of meme coins so uh just something to something you know I don't mind sharing the
(23:29) uk themselves but um we were in talks of on creating like a LinkedIn alternative for handshake because it's just like the core of LinkedIn is needed but it's just like oh it's like worse than like bot Twitter because it's just a bunch of professional people just being Bots like uh just yuck yeah good yuck B getting pitched every day I get those automated everybody's like they kind of destroyed LinkedIn in my opinion with just the the autoresponders like hi let's do a phone call yeah like yeah quick quick idea for any developers
(24:23) out there well you know plug for you swap again but they're trying to maybe that could be a Direction they could go you swap. XYZ with the because that's how LinkedIn started with resumés right you know LinkedIn I remember I think when I signed up a long time ago it was just you couldn't even it wasn't really a social network it was just a a resumes didn't even have a profile photo for a long time you know so I think everybody here should keep things simple at the beginning right you can add on functions you don't need to
(24:53) make it a full social network so maybe you swap could go in that direction you know anybody building should keep things simple beginning right it's actually the LinkedIn CEO Reed Hoffman that says if you're not embarrassed by your first product you waited too long something like that uh kind of butchered that quote but basically we have to just you know get things out there and ship and uh get feedback and iterate but yeah thanks thanks I mean yeah everyone is there some more I see some let me check questions we have a
(25:25) couple more minutes but if anyone has any more questions let me know um yeah I I well I I I feel like someone might have a ETA uh question uh I am pushing for uh before summer like I really really want this out and there's so much stuff I want to add like a website builder I'm not launching with that because that's going to make it longer like I I just I just want to have something very basic people can do like a link page and maybe just do some like custom HTML and then upload that but yeah I I really want to
(26:09) get that um Jackie how to stake your domains uh that will be with uh pastry and really it would be just um setting your blockchain records to pastries name servers and that's it well and adding the um DS record but that should be it in in order to start that staking so you I guess so then you could rug pull if you wanted I I was kind I think I'm a little bit rough on the edge but does that mean I could still keep myone name uh and then if I didn't want to do you know like that's a it's it's you know I bring
(26:58) up and get some discussions that is yeah so that that is a very serious uh topic for me because like I there has to be some sort of like um public shaming for rugging because like anyone can just like oh I don't feel like you using this service I'm just going to change the blockchain records and then everyone's just like left out just like with things that don't resolve Define it a little bit so maybe there's some new people here when I said rug pool basically the idea is uh tlds is handshake right so dot after to write
(27:39) but a lot of people here are talk about staking so that somebody other people could buy slds or I guess normal domains in in the web 2 world but uh you said when somebody said how to Ste you just updated DS records in your own like say name base or your own Bob wet or whever you store your TLD but you could just change that and break all those slds right but I would kind of call that a but then you know some people wasn't somebody earlier talking about in a panel I think it was Paul sing saying he's all hesitant to stake
(28:11) because he can't unstake a lot of these platforms make you burn or I don't if it's really burn but you know lock up in a or multi- sake Etc so something we all as have to decide but it's it's a case by case basis so you seem to say you'll allow the TLD owner to keep the TLD and simply point to you yes but there would have to be some sort of penalty that makes sense like some sort of like Le legal binding because that's not cool what i lik is kebas had this system called snitch and the way snitch worked and
(28:49) maybe you could look into it was they have to put some kind of money in a smart contract and if they did change the records and broke it they lose that money by the snitch so it's it's they still keep the TLD but they have certain amount of money locked that they could lose if they broke it it was called I'm gonna check that out I think it's still around actually I think I still have some East locked in De all right well we'll wrap it up we got one minute left so um is there a Q&A tab story think is someone I think we're
(29:30) a little bit out of time but um um do you see the ah yeah well provide Organization for all your domains different services at some point yes because that was the core of the original beachfront and boy talk about being embarrassed of your first product this was out in the wild and I'm glad no one here has seen it but uh yeah I think that's the way it should be we should all be embarrassed we you know we should all be positive and supportive of every Everybody building on handshake um so please everyone you know support each other use
(30:13) it give feedback I think there were some people here saying beta testers but yeah Paul just again we all support you and and let us know how we can help but I think we'll move to the next session which is another big panel um which is all right thanks so much Paul thanks Paul [Music] hey