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(00:01) sorry it's a little bit technical issues we ended that one too early and I just want to make sure everybody's here and ready to hang out so we still have a few more minutes for Margie to get ready this is going to be the last main session for today I just want to keep the momentum going we're gonna have some fun activities with this one too how's every how's everybody doing how's everybody enjoying so far I know it's a lot of stuff happening here so and yeah we have trivia looks great
(00:32) yeah we still got a few more minutes to start the session but I just thought we would get started earlier because we had this little Gap more handic cons during the year okay okay one well this takes a lot of work as you could imagine so for us to do this more than once a year would be almost a full-time operation so this takes many many months this takes at least at least four or five months to plan so if we did it twice a year if we did it twice a year it would be basically we have to have a full-time team doing this event year round so as
(01:06) much as I love doing this event it's kind of it's kind of hard to do this twice twice a year but of course we love handy conom maybe we could try to make it we try to do other activities but yeah S no problem about the bot no problem about the bot and also if people missed some of that we are looking for S says if people want to contribute towards the resources of that does cost resources to run the bot definitely reach out to sjin about that and yeah we could love to collect some ideas yeah we still got more to go
(01:37) we still have one more session in five minutes we just I just wanted to keep the momentum so we started this early to make sure people know there's one more session it's with our amazing sponsor and friends at bitm and Margie she'll be coming in in a few minutes but I just thought we would make sure people know that there's this session happening and and stick around for this last session but we are collecting feedback we are open for all inputs and suggestions yeah there's more questions
(02:06) people have for sajin I don't know if okay you can ask in chat too but if you want to come up on stage a couple minutes before the next session we could do that too yeah we are a little bit ahead a schedule but yeah sjin and I got to meet in person twice already and once in Thailand as I mentioned it in India just last month so it's really awesome yeah I yeah we had fun man we had fun okay yeah let's yeah if you have some more points you want to bring up before the next session we could do that yeah it's it's
(02:39) it's manually trained handshake is unless you're training it giving the B trillions of billions of data parameters you don't really need a you don't need an algorithm you can manually do it so we simply taught it I mean the framework already allows for it to read from URLs so we just fed it URLs and it would just look at the data in those URLs and even extended URLs it would just learn from that so that makes life easy it's basically a rag framework on top of chat GPT so you can replace chat GPT with any
(03:10) basic llm but Chad GPT tends to give the most precise and correct answers I was not able to really demo it today I wish I could but it even asks like you guys should try asking it how rich is n and it'll give you some answers we've trained it or you could ask it who's the handic con goddess and it'll give you some interesting answers so yeah it's it's a fun bot and once Gro comes in then I guess it'll be a foul Mount board we'll train it to have some fun as well it's got to have fun it's got to have fun
(03:46) great okay yeah yeah we're Margie's getting ready she'll be up on this in a couple more minutes and then Alex I think you have to trivia Alex do you want to come up mig's machine he's been also really helpful this and really active are you here do you want to pop in I think you're here see let me see is he here show on stage there we go migs how's it going man what's up guys I had I had some some trivia if we wanna if we want to play around is that Mar or is that separate from her her something no just in
(04:23) general I just made was any dead time yeah yeah let's do it man we got a few minutes all right right up to you but yeah let's go okay well let's see this is here's one like they put a question in the Q&A thing sure yeah I'm not giving away miners everyone but but yeah we can throw it in there all right all right here's uh here's a random one but give it your best guess and and hopefully I'm right I I could be wrong but I think I counted correctly how many times is the word protocol used in the
(04:56) handshake white paper top to bottom top to bot just take a guess all right we'll give you like four or five guesses I know it's a dumb one oh crap okay all right Miguel's coming in super close with 38 but VJ just came in damn all right all right all right I'm cutting it off Woodburn got it right with 34 but it took him a while so I don't know I don't know I counted 34 all right another one here what what does Dane stand for don't look it up just type it up anybody I used to know this but yeah
(05:30) anyway decentralized Authority exchange that's just I don't know so dns-based authentication of name entities so it's a security protocol so the first first one being DNS rather than decentralized all right there is a famous tremma in the naming world so it consists of it consists of human of having to give up one of these three factors which is either having human meaningful readable names decentralization or security what is this trilemma historically called it is what handshake also solves for so handshake solves this trilemma
(06:15) right is it or speed yeah I think it someone called it life I think it's at I guess that does encompass the trma as well right so this is called Zuko Zuko trma if it's in it's in the right white paper okay a little bit about mining I guess we have this one is relevant what proof of work function is used for handshake mining what is what is that function I had sha three is it 256 I'm not even sure I I mean I don't know think it's sh 2 56 is it I think it's I think has it there all right all right great are are we are we
(06:58) ready or should I keep going keep going keep going keep going all right all right what was it's also relevant to handshake what was the first altcoin ever firstcoin ever name coins I Litecoin namecoin so for those of us that remember Satoshi was also a fan of the idea of decentralizing the DNS decentralizing DNS in general and that was that was I think the kind of a that was the goal of namecoin was to decentralize DNS but namecoin had one major I don't want to call it flaw or downside but it definitely hindered its
(07:34) adoption that hns does solve for what don't you need to do on handshake that you do need to do on namecoin to resolve names that is and that's fine so I remember this from a JJ talk is that you don't need to run a full node to resolve names on handshake you can just be due to the to the light client you can just run right you can use any browser as long as you're pointing in the right direction you can reach the names JJ said something that stuck with me like you could run handshake on Windows 98 and
(08:04) I'm old enough to remember that and 96 for that matter but but you don't you don't need to do that you don't need run the Doom video game on a toothbrush I saw that you ever seen that can you play you on it all right those those were some of them did namecoin happen before Litecoin I as I understand it and I could be wrong here but I think namecoin was is coined as the number two but I don't think it was a fork of Bitcoin which which namecoin which Litecoin is but I I could be wrong here I was kind of in I became aware of
(08:40) Bitcoin around 20 2009 I'm just a few months into it because I was involved with something called the zidge movement had a lot of techies in that and and they brought this to my attention I didn't really understand its implication but I knew Bitcoin I I'd heard that name that something is happening and within a few months Litecoin came I don't it was very close some people people were inspired and they came out with Litecoin very quickly so I think Litecoin might be the first altcoin I could be wrong happy I
(09:10) think I met I met the brother was two brothers so in China I think it's Char Charlie Lee started Litecoin I believe and Bobby Lee his brother started the exchange the the Chinese Bitcoin exchange or that closed down BTC China yeah I met I met him met Bobby Lee and Shenzhen a few years ago and yeah so it's kind of interesting two brothers one starts Litecoin one starts what became a biggest exchange small world encrypted he's talking about US military creating a cluster computer with PS3s I remember that news I even reached out to
(09:49) the professor in an American University who contributed to making it but they disabled that functionality you can't really use PS4s to do these things history was the last of it you can't load operating systems on it anymore good to see people all looking up the same at the same time so nice sweet that's that's kind of it that's kind of all all I have here I gotta save a little bit for for tomorrow yeah save it save it coming in in a second so I think you'll got to know Margie from last year
(10:25) too in this in our she just going to do a session now about yeah the crypto EOS system in proove of work I don't be that spot is anybody else going to Oman or is it I'm going but I don't know if you're you are going okay that's what I was gonna say Mike we're gonna meet bro wow we're gonna meet in person in Oman I I don't want to be like ignorant but I I I have never even heard of this place be honest I I just know there's us bases and there's a couple rules need to brush up on to stay out of trouble
(10:55) that's literally all I know but I'm but I'm super excited you're going so we'll get to meet in person for the first time so yeah bit main well Margie might share about it but they're hosting W DMS World digital mining Summit it's a bit Mains event and the end of this month in about two weeks where I I'll be speaking I'm not sure if you're sharing or we going do it together but I'll share about experiences working with bitmain to support they're our main biggest sponsor
(11:22) for this event they really helped us push this through this year really appreciate bitm and Margie and they are really helping out so I know she's got some fun stuff planned for today and some slides but yeah Oman and then Vietnam so we're also doing not we but aren I don't know where I but she'll share about that tomorrow with Andrew Lee there's two Andrew there's naming Collision but the other Andrew Lee will share tomorrow with aren about the hakatan of Vietnam I think he's also
(11:54) been he's been very supportive of the hakatan of Vietnam that'll be at the end of April the last weekend I think the 26th to the 28th Friday till Sunday so aren's been work working really hard I want spoil her talk but she's been working really hard on it so that's a great one if anyone wants to do hackathons I think Cheno was saying she's coming to Thailand I might meet her we'll put together some event when she comes but yeah like I think it was encrypted or somebody's asking oh Miguel
(12:25) if you guys want to run events or or meetups please let us know of course you don't need to ask our permission this anybody can do anything but we can support you in our ways we can marketing and content and promotions and other things you guys are always great about that I'm working with Santiago try to help compliment some of the some of the chats you do yeah we should shout that out decentralized yeah what de centralizers right do you want yeah I I'm not going to convey it as well as he does Santiago's very thoughtful in in
(13:02) everything he designs and does but but the goal here is to really give give a platform for anybody in handshake that wants to pick up and do do something you probably do something more constructive than make rugs but you want to write articles you want to go to an event you want to cover something you want to do something it this is a this is a platform that that anybody can use to get in touch with with critical people in the community and and hopefully bridge that gap between wanting to do something and actually getting getting
(13:26) involved because it's so is that Discord I know you had a I sorry if I missed a few days ago but you had a Discord live chat stream session the goal is to use Discord which I'm new to I'm No Pro but but yes Discord offers a few a few features that and that will be that would be good for this as well as being able to record it and upload it to YouTube later and and Andrew Lee is is also Andrew Lee I don't know yeah one of the enderly not not the one we saw speak today is was there and will be there for for
(14:01) other ones as well so it's a great place to to learn about new stuff to share new stuff you're working on to just maybe just so you don't feel alone in the rabbit hole maybe on a regular basis and something to complement the the X spaces or or Twitter spaces as well okay Mar is saying she's having some internet issues I think she's in China so it's course I think one idea I could suggest is especially if you're having these hackathons in colleges would be to encourage kids to build use
(14:28) cases true I mean yeah maybe so I think what I've been see Stu where people can actually use these names to do stuff yeah so I don't want to spoil her talk too much tomorrow but they did make like a telegram Community like kind of like a group of groups I'm in it so if you want to join that let aren's probably best person to get invited and she kind of made these different folders inside the telegram it's like a one of those communities I guess and and they have a GitHub and they're trying to put I think
(15:00) Nathan's been giving some suggestions rfi's been put some suggestions of what projects maybe some of the students can work on and encrypt is asking you to put a YouTube link like what apart from jobs because students need summer trainings from the first year themselves so that's something students were very kicked about jobs the second thing that came in was dating like a Tinder but then we were like probably we will have a huge gender disparity given the state of it's got lots of boys and very few
(15:29) women will have a sausage fest over there so I thought how can we fix that so what we're going to do if we do take that path in India is or if we get some students to build it and we'll Mentor them the idea is we have exclusive women specific colleges in India only for women so what we can do is we can onboard them to compensate for the numbers in other Co educational colleges where the ratio might be a little skewed in favor of boys so if you bring in say five co-educational colleges will bring in a couple of
(16:02) exclusive women colleges to kind of get that gender parity over and then that might work and in the top 100 colleges we have quite a few women colleges exclusive women colleges so it's workable but I don't know if that kind of a culture exists outside where you have exclusive women colleges which allow you to Target ladies separately the in the states in the states it is uncommon it is uncommon but what I think I think might be my my personal opinion I could be wrong but what I've seen in my career that
(16:34) manufacturers have done successfully of Hardware is that they have tried to sometimes it's renewed Hardware sometimes it's brand new hardware but they'll try to put it into educational younger younger students so that they play with it they get used to it and they kind of grow with that concept kind of like macked into a lot of that things like that but I'm going to shut up now and let Margie do what she came to do yeah I think she's here I just showed her on stage I know she's had a little
(16:57) internet or Tech issue between the session so Marie are you you're on mute do you hear us yes sorry no worries n has some cool trivia we had fun with trivia nice yeah since I need VPN to get on so myvpn is a little unstable oh no I thought it worked it but I I I'm ready now I just need to know like how to show the there's a button present the audience in the middle of and then you could choose either full screen or upload a PF that a full screen or okay it's recorded correct yeah this is recorded well we're going to edit we're
(17:42) going to edit it so we'll start at the point you already so oh what I'm just not gonna show it because I need to get off and on to allow some settings so I'm just gonna read through my presentation is that okay whatever you like to do would you like us to hang here or do you want to do it on your own you want to oh there you are we see you great yeah so I'll just start sorry my internet is like a bit off so so my present oh I can I can do it myself you don't have to stay here with me okay oh great so yes
(18:17) I'm Margie Fame by the way I'm the marketing manager of bitm today I'm just gonna talk a little bit about our company and also our newly launched influencer program as well as some other activities that we're about to launch so first let me just briefly introduce bit main so we were established in 2013 and we are the world's leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers so we have our brand an Miner and it has long maintained a leading position with the industry in terms of technical strength and Market status and
(18:58) we currently now have number one market share for BTC and other mining servers other crypto mining servers so basically we produce miners for people who are in the mining industry who want to like mine Bitcoin and other P coins so and in terms of P mining we continue to support the P community Through the ball and bare markets and we support women Corporation long-term value and trustworthy partnership we we have leading changes in business models we promote the development of mining side ecosystems and we do Market support
(19:42) during bare markets for example we distribute a lot of and minor coupons to customers since June 2022 to support the mining industry and we assist loyal customers with with liquidity crisis basically we offer hundreds of millions in loans to longstanding clients and expand hosting Partnerships during Market lows since June 2022 and just in case if you don't know we have our p and our company Partners the first one as I just mentioned is ant Miner and then we have anpo uh I think many of you already know that we have
(20:26) bit Fufu bit Fufu is our cloud mining platforms so basically it is a digital Assad mining service provider and a global leading Cloud many service provider and it's just got listed recently so it's very good news and also we have an alpha it's a financial platform so it provides minor loans power cost loans and Mining Farm loans a lot of that yes and for an miners we continue to optimize the performance so our hash rate of and minor BTC miners has increased by three orders of magnitude and the Energy Efficiency has
(21:10) optimized by two orders of magnitude and we launched S21 in 2023 and which signifies that we have entered the era of 10 J per terahash and we have a lot of we cover mainstream p cryptocurrencies for example BTC and also H&S we have hs3 for H&S and also kaspa Litecoin Etc KDA ckb a lot of that so basically all the P mainstream coins we all our our machines can cover so also we have hydrocooling miners but we we have been promoting that it's very Energy Efficiency but I'm not going to go into that today so so
(22:00) that's basically about our company and now I'm going to talk a little bit about our influencer program so our influencer program is a program that we just launched our goal is to collaborate with influencers Worldwide to to do like minor reviews and event reviews to invite you to events basically around the world and also we do sales oriented collaborations such such as influencer promo code basically we give you a promo code you can share with your followers and they can use that code to go to our website and get 30% off so if anyone who
(22:42) is interested in becoming our influencer just don't forget to contact me on Twitter or telegram it's very fun you get to travel a lot and you get to have our latest minor so that's very fun and also in the meantime we support the P ecosystem as I sat this morning in the panel we did a lot with handshake a lot of fun activities we did our first offline activity in chimi where I got I got we got the opportunity to enjoy chimi and thanks for Mike to take us to a good rest and we invited a lot of people to our offline events and we
(23:23) handed out give out giveaways and we had our people to explain how mining works how HS 3 is so it is basically a very informative and fun event and we hope that we can do a lot more offline activities in the future and also we're having our world digital mining Summit where Mike and mix will also be present we will have a little workshop influencer media p Workshop prior to the actual meeting it's in Oman Muscat so if you are interested let me know yeah that's all my presentation today yeah are there any any like questions
(24:06) you can ask me yeah so much Margie and yeah if you want some questions in the Q&A section oh it's fine if there's no questions that's fine that means I explained everything yeah I think it was clear yeah yeah yeah but yeah look forward to you guys coming to our event yeah yeah it should be fun my mascot and on and on and on and on in Afghanistan asks do you make specific miners for other alts I we we are I think we are like our R&D team is working on that as I said we made a mainstream p cryptocurrencies as
(24:48) as I just mentioned so that's all we have now but we are definitely exploring other potential other cryptocurrencies that has big potential and we will have minus for that if okay yeah after evaluations Carolina asks for your telegram oh yes I do have let me just type it in the yeah I typed it in the chat oh it's so convenient people can just people can just ask questions and I will just answer that yeah we like I mean there's some imperfections of this software but generally it's oh mining coming to be you can check the website
(25:30) the if you go there and you can see I'm looking at the questions there okay great do do I have a H&S minor running no always traveling I don't know that I cannot mine in the yeah we're not allowed to mine oh they don't even allow you yeah yeah and I don't have time to mine so I travel to much like around yeah you were in the US and then Japan and China and this past three months have been flying too much okay yes great that's all the question we really appreciate yeah thank
(26:11) you and bitm for your supportive handshake oh we all appreciate there's some people looking for jobs you can you can see on the website if we're hiring a BD we typically hire a lot of BD okay yeah I met a lot of your team you have teams like India not sure about India but Korea right and China and us and and I forget others but yeah you have it's a huge company so there's lots of opportunities yeah okay awesome M you got any triv for us are you saving that for tomorrow I don't I don't think I have
(26:56) any good good trivia left I was going to say if we didn't cover it hns broker huge huge player in the space always sharing a lot of information I shared some some about about the hs3 so if you want to find get a little bit more detailed I recommend his ex their ex I honestly have no idea who that is a good old handshake besides besides that I think I am I think I am out of trivia but but I'm excited to get a little bit of beauty sleep and come back tomorrow just caffeinated and ready yeah yeah so this is our last
(27:26) session for today two more full days to go and we have a lot more fun but yeah I was action-packed today already yeah I feel like there are more people than last year isn't it yeah yeah it's definitely more and there are a lot more people asking questions in the chat yes yeah I feel like it's a lot more people did last year so congrats it's really good vibes yeah people have been saying it's great we're trying yeah we try to be real I mean obviously we're not in person but we're like we're live and
(27:55) we're replying to questions on the spots and the whole event is very professional like I got an email and everything it's very nice Perfect all right and from you guys yeah we can do well we can go through it in in Oman oh yes let's talk more in Oman and join our workshop and should be very fun and bring the bring the little pins or rugs or whatever you want yeah just bring it yeah Irwin is great Irwin sends them I got a whole B batch just before the event I I put in my bag so I take it with me yeah M's got his rugs to rugs man
(28:34) I'll take some GE I'm a little bit low on rug inventory but if you want handshake merch the websites nfts are none of the handshake stuff is on a margin the point is just to get it out to people if you have questions let me know you need a discount code let me know let's let's make it happen Okay well I think that's a wrap for day one and yeah people want the pins I think it's hns pins is where but do you also sell pins you're a reseller I have yeah I have a batch of them as well yeah yeah so he has them I
(29:05) think Irwin ships from Australia okay there's the DNS one thank you great all right so I think that's a wrap and thanks everybody we'll see you tomorrow for same time start and finish and there's the full agenda tomorrow we have some highlights like Ceno Amazon Ceno signals unveiling decentralization Spectrum from San which is stateless Dan solar Labs mask pylar AI Alani is speaking name layer WordPress demos firew wallet spatial domains P communities in Southeast Asia business and web3 AI St a shake station and so
(29:47) much more so thanks everyone and we'll see you tomorrow