Unleashing Business Potential With Web3 & AI

HandyCon 2024 | Day 2 - Unleashing Business Potential With Web3 & AI - YouTube

(00:03) [Music] okay are we live we're live this quick video ad uh this one of our community sponsors you swap I made a little mistake in the previous session it's founded by uh karolina and Alex is supporting but Alex is still with name base as this main thing but us swap is is a new uh way actually Don you could check it out for uh for job posts in web 3 so you create a nft resume on us swap.
(00:56) XYZ and you would mint it on a blockchain and then people and have employers to be able to apply uh connect with applicants similar like a LinkedIn in web 3 so that's one of our sponsored videos so thank you to them for sponsoring so today we have Don Wilder uh friend of mine many many years in China and Thailand and and business Ecommerce he's really Dove deep into AI as many have but I think on another whole another level and he has so many um strategies and hacks that he wants to share with us in this presentation now
(01:30) so I'm going to go hide myself and uh don is going to show us some things thanks again Don for sharing with us great thanks for the invitation Mike all right everybody uh good morning good evening wherever you are uh it's a honor to be here a part of Handy con 2024 so I've known Mike for quite some time Mike and I previously met in shenzen China uh at the time it was around 2016 Mike was running some offline Amazon uh conferences and I just happened to show up at one and um we have a lot of mutual friends but um I've
(02:09) always been very much into the physical hardware and product development world uh it took me to China for 10 years and later I moved here I'm currently located in changai Thailand as as well as Mike and uh so I've been able to see some things by being in Southeast Asia because the markets are different as we know that China in many ways is a u manufacturing Hub kind of the the workshop of the world as it's been labeled so many of the the new teken gadgets uh will be manufactured in China uh so that
(02:50) provided me at the time an opportunity to be a bit Upstream to see what products we're creating uh inside of of the Asian Marketplace that would slowly trickle across the the ocean into the Western Marketplace uh so I had opened a product development company with two Chinese friends one friend had a steel injection mold Factory the other friend had an industrial design company so we were position positioned quite well as I was able to kind of understand the Western Market and jump in on that side and uh the trend spotting within the the
(03:29) local Asian markets while these friends were helping me to materialize the ideas so long story short I got a lot of experience in the physical Hardware uh product development world that was my main business and core focus and I specialized in crowdfunding on Kickstarter to help jump start ideas now how does this relate to blockchain and open AI leaning in so what I've found uh as of recent years is this ongoing discuss around Ai and how everything's going to send a ripple across the digital landscape uh and I
(04:07) believe as we know if you are a a business owner you have a product or service that you're trying to sell it is inescapable that you're going to need to have a digital presence and a way to portray your business and position it in a certain light to get the attention currently we are bombarded with information uh from our apps that ping to whatever whatever Surface tablets that we're using we are over stimulated with information which means it doesn't really matter what product you sell or what service you have it's much more
(04:45) about how you position yourself right so what I've seen with AI playing with many of these different tools is that it can actually Empower businesses to become more effective at their marketing engagement and operational efficiency uh so today I just wanted to share a a small little uh thing that I've put together with AI it's an actual podcast now podcasting has been popular for the past number of years but now that AI is available it allows creators to have a faster way to put together their ideas and format them and get them
(05:27) out into the world uh so what I did recently was I trained my voice using AI so I was able to upload enough of my my voice into the this particular software it's 11 laabs doio and I train my my voice and then I use that voice training uh along with AI to um generate a format around uh interesting podcasts to me I thought it would be interesting design business technology and put it into a a fun seven Minute Podcast format so the result was I will share my screen it's called the innovators bookshelf and I'm GNA share my screen
(06:19) here and let's see high screen hope you guys are able to see this and loading give it one second I cannot tell okay looks like it is sharing now all right uh so this is the podcast that I put together using AI now it is my AI trained voice uh completely uh I also rework this and put it into a YouTube format uh and these are some of the most popular books around design business and technology which relate to my field as a a product developer in my business so I'll give a little quick play and you can kind of hear how this podcast is set
(07:17) up welcome to the innovators bookshelf the podcast for the intellectually curious and those passionate about design and Innovation I'm your host Don Wilder every week we delve into a new book exposing you to Fresh perspectives that will challenge your thinking and stimulate growth so whether you're on your commute middle of a workout or taking some well- earned downtime prepare to immerse yourself in the wisdom within the innovator's bookshelf let's embark on this journey okay so this is a little snapshot you
(07:50) can of course go and check it out yourself um now I I did this because I wanted to see how these tools would really connect together and what what I found was in putting this AI podcast together that um before when I would record uh for any sort of multimedia I would have to get my mic set up but I have to make sure the room is is is uh you know quiet uh and and then there would be a process of recording and then there a process of editing my my voice uh and then getting it into the position that it could be exported now with a
(08:27) trained AI voice I was able to actually I'm G to turn that off um I was I was able to actually skip all of that and go right into a high quality audio output of my train voice uh that would allow me to expedite and speed up this whole this whole recording process uh and more than that with tools like chat gbt and being able to go through and format the the interesting podcast topics uh I was able to take what used to be a process of perhaps hours and condense it down into literally minutes so I did about nine of these
(09:12) episodes and I got the process down to where I could have an idea for a book that I had read and I wanted to create a summary for this and put it into this AI process of generating the audio uh dropping it into a background template for music exporting the music into or exporting the whole file into Spotify and then rolling it over into YouTube it took 12 minutes 12 minutes to do everything from start to finish um that process would have taken hours if not you know whole afternoon uh if it was done quickly in
(09:52) the previous way so the the fun thing about AI is not only that it can speed things up and improve the quality but when you're a business person and you want to be able to Market your business and stand out above the noise and be able to stay relevant within your industry uh I think that these tools that are now accessible you don't need to know code you don't even have to be that techsavvy in order to do this is something that is very empowering um now I believe that as as um people that are moving in into a very
(10:30) modern society we have the option of either following consumer Trends or establishing them as uh thought leaders right and with the tools that are now available regardless of what business you're into and how how things are going to move forward I believe you still have the chance where things are currently to to set yourself up and get ahead of the curve just like I mentioned when I was in China and Asia I was Upstream from the Western Market so I could see the the unique items before the the the market in the west ever saw them right I
(11:16) remember seeing those fidget Spinners in the Chinese Marketplace many months before they had ever seen them promoted into the Western Market right many of my friends they made quite a lot of money off of sourcing and selling fidget Spinners now right now with AI and the oncoming growth of web 3 I believe it is a similar analogy where we all currently if you're on this conference you are also Upstream from the general uh public on the future of AI and of um web 3 so I hope that this little talk even though it was fairly short can serve as
(12:03) a point of inspiration for some of you knowing that maybe you're you're a bit uh camera shy or you don't like uh to record things you still have the ability to bypass that with the tools uh used in AI to be able to do some really awesome things all right I'm open to feel any questions so please do message me in our chat and I will reply Don thanks for sharing getting some chats I don't know if you can see in the right there on bar it's not really specifically questions but um there's some people were a little
(12:43) skeptical earlier I don't know if you want to address it but he says uh Ben J says against AI I believe will crush his creativity and gives it to a machine give this listen why not do what you do so I don't know what you think I even have a response to that but I don't know yeah yeah I think this is a great great discussion actually because there's this um there's this I wouldn't even say it's a fear it's a it's a observation that AI is getting so good at the the creative side that it it's going to replace
(13:19) creative creative people right whether you're a coder and AI can understand coding uh at a level now that it's it's like bypassing Advanced coders uh for me I think there is something that is very special about how humans innovate right and our ability to kind of think past the the typical ways that Innovation happens on just connecting the dots uh so I believe that like with AI it is it is kind of cross referencing many ideas and then it's seeing based on the algorithms what ideas would most likely be the the
(13:58) winners right kind of pushing those to the the front of the queue uh I think the process and way the that humans will generate ideas is something a lot deeper and a lot more uh mysterious I don't I don't personally think that AI is going to completely kind of wipe out human human creativity and just um uh make it make it um you know redundant Mike what do you think yeah I mean my response it's even before AI my wife calls me like a robot a lot because I'm very productive and I kind of like systematized my morning and I've
(14:38) studied productivity a lot and and people others too they criticize that would make you um or even wearing I wear the same clothes not same well the uniform I have this my I have like a whole bunch of black shirts and pants and people think it's always going to like reduce your creativity make you like robotic but I think somewhere I read it allows you to focus on the most impactful part of your skill or your your brain or your work or your time rather than doing those repetitive tasks that don't require it you can focus on
(15:08) because I think the hardest part of the AI is what to tell the AI to do and my one of my other favorite quotes is it's showing us the value is not the answer the value is the question the hard part is the question not the answer sure and even with Google right you could get any answer with just a question now it's even more clear the hard part is the question what to ask and that that's what you should focus on not the answer yeah I engineering right sorry say again Mike The Prompt engineering is a thing right like how to
(15:47) create a prompt how to ask the bot or the AI what you want yeah yeah it it you you can see that there'll be a vastly different response based on a a small change in how you draft a prompt right uh so you know being being sharp with your semantics is a very important part uh I see that max out had a question what's the difference between Ai and the software we already use that produces the same result um yeah I mean I think AI is a is a is a term that's kind of generally thrown around uh going way back into you
(16:28) know the the old pop movies of of uh artificial intelligence robots that that come on the scene but I think it does carry um a number of nuances uh now now that we have like more of the llms large language models that are out and how they are um processing right and um for I think for software in particular understanding how kind of the backend will work uh through companies like open ai's development is in kind of the general use of the the term AI u in in for me cool um so there's a question from T
(17:15) maxel he says how long goes it to train the voice yeah when I put together the podcast um I used 11 labs. and that uh uh voice training uh I think I put in about an hour of uh voice uh upload so just uploading uh files I think three or four files of me speaking about anything and everything and then as it uploaded I had the opportunity to kind of Coach it which is more on the the way that the voice is controlled uh you can have it a bit slower speaking or uh more pronounced uh for the form formal style of speaking and then can give it a
(18:02) little bit of an element of what type of style you you do want um so I would suggest checking it out uh to do the the voice training on 11 Labs it's um it is a is it a paid feature but it's not very expensive it needs like $5 uh to $10 a month to allow you a certain amount of character uh um audio export all right we we're run low on time um there's a few more chats I don't know if you can see Don but I think we got to we got to go into the next uh session it you know it's are a pretty quick the
(18:40) last few here it's 20 minutes so um but Don is there ways you can reach out or work with you or what are you working on or yeah uh so along with doing product development I'm also helping some smmes with their AI integration and education uh through uh agency called chiefly AI so if you are interested in reaching out to me um my main studio is Dawn uh 33 the number 33.
(19:13) studio studio is the extension uh and if you want to talk about AI or if you want to talk about product development um that's where we can connect okay all right did did I misspell it oh it's EI is before I uh no no no it's right it's right the I'm updating the the website right now's not resolving okay well thanks so much Don appreciate it and uh yeah the point is some people said this is a tool AI is another tool it's a skill it's like the new computer it's like computers right so you know embrace it or or you're
(19:49) probably going to get extinct right I think that's kind of like if you didn't learn computers 34 years ago whatever you know you just got to embrace it all right everybody so I'll see you in the next session thanks again done you bet all right [Music] guys