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(00:03) [Music] [Music] all right good uh afternoon good evening good morning we have a very Global Community here it is the fourth annual handy kja hu thank you so much for joining me again as our opening as always how are you doing today I'm good thanks for thanks for having me as always it's it's an incredible uh moment to be able to say that we're doing this for the fourth time I mean who would have thought that uh you know the little handshake project that could would still be here be still surviving yeah I know it's been through
(01:06) a lot it's been there's been a you know we'll go through that for the next few days all the good and the bad and the exciting things and the unknowns that have happened so it's been truly uh an exciting time for uh for handshake so we have some slides go through like yeah exactly it's like reflect on the last few years um I will open some some slides here and uh we can have some fun today everybody's already taking full advantage of the chat seems some people know how to uh how to use our fun chat
(01:44) there on the right but yeah please everybody engage this is a live I know it's online we're still do online but it's it's live so we always have people making relationships making friendships making deals making trades so please uh don't be shy to use our chat um get to know each other there's definitely some regulars so we have some slide a little bit of introduction today warm up this event called reflecting on a last four years of of handic four years of handshake community so um if Jan remembers this started
(02:17) remember our uh podcast where uh we were talking and I can't you know I I took a bit of the clip of the quote but yeah we said let's do it um you know we had I have a global from Asia podcast and we were talking about nfts and and web 3 and you had mentioned about some of the events you did with ethereum in Hong Kong I remember yeah and uh and there was clubhouses the rage then I don't know if you still use Clubhouse you the funny thing is that handshake four years later handshake is still thriving and and Clubhouse is basically
(02:52) dead we've survived longer than Clubhouse that's great yeah I mean that's that's one of the powers of a decentralized Community you know we are uh global global people and uh proof of work and and still going ahead but yeah yeah it was crazy those were crazy times of Clubhouse everybody's locked down and uh so yeah we did this still on air meet four four years ago March 2021 and uh within two weeks we put this together we had some you know great um speakers so we started the first one March
(03:29) 2021 and um we had 49 speakers 28 sessions and three sponsors which was awesome um you know hex trust one of your portfolio companies came in you you know Connecticut sponsored multiple Years thank you for that and there was uh um the handshake Foundation which was handshake Jesus came in and a couple weeks notice and supported and we have some people here speaking then that were speaking there so it's a that one was really powerful the first I got emotional at the end of that and uh I I don't know yeah so so some of the
(04:07) highlights that I put There's Tom Tom Barrett here um some of you remember Brantley uh um and others here on the slides we were this was a funny session where we were going through of uh we welcome we still welcome all kinds of projects in the in the decentralized space um where we're talking about different traditional domains and different domain Solutions in the blockchain and this one got pretty intense um and and uh yeah Joe on yet it was really great um session there I was one of my highlights we also had Shake decks remember there
(04:45) was this Anonymous I never knew who he was he's I haven't seen him in the community for a while but Shake de which was kurum Mari which was uh it's like anest vocalization yeah yeah and um but yeah that was 2021 which is really really really great we we're having some other we're having some new kind of like you know we do respect people's privacy and uh you know people can't be anonymous to speak here and present um in the fashion of decentralized internet but but yeah this was uh the first year 2021 three is it
(05:25) three years ago or four 21 22 23 I guess it was three right um so that was that was some highlights of 2021 that I I liked and then one of the other big ones was the first time the founders kind of spoke in the in the in the community so we had Andrew Lee and and uh and JJ here two of two of them okay sure understand so then we went through that and then it was just a really great time to bring everybody together 22 and 22 again three another this was a little bit longer three days 34 sessions and three sponsors again so
(06:05) we'll just kind of go through fist full of ass was our co-host I remember fist full and then uh we were much more Tech it was more Tech focused that year and um and we had huge dos auction with uh you know Chango and encrypted and it was really about Mass adoption so let's go through this 2020 2023 which is just last March 8 to the 10th so 57 speakers 38 sessions four sponsors really amazing um some other highlights bit M came on the scene last year about this time last year they they started mining which good and Margie a lot of you know
(06:44) Margie now she'll be sharing she they got involved uh migs machine did a great session last year about nfts or not nfts and things like that and his merch and his community and memes there was a lot of crazy memes last year so that's that for that year so this year is about leveling up you know I think a lot of us have like like like we've we've made it right like the community stay together we've gone through this bear it's we're entering a bull market and uh it's time for us to level up as a community to
(07:15) build I know Paul web has been building quite a bit so uh let's redefine the horizons and let's um make amazing things happen we themed this red res resilience Evolution and diversification there's gonna be quite a few kinds of projects in the space we welcome all kinds of decentralized projects um but but yeah what do what see your takeaways Jan or or thoughts for this conference coming up yeah I mean I have to say um it's a it's an incredible time in the market right um even Beyond handshake uh
(07:50) what we as kinetic uh are seeing is is you know what I call the beginning of the end game for for crypto in the sense that we're moving from you know our own little you know pocket of kind of Degen nerd out Tech uh Finance into the mainstream uh and whether you like it or not whether you believe that's where we should go or not that's what's happening uh our culture our Capital uh our ideas our Tech um it's all going mainstream and we see it happening um we are starting to you know change the world as
(08:24) we said we would as a crypto Community um and I think that handshake remains one of the most important pillars uh of that uh that kind of transformation because it's domains um and domains equals you know mind share and real estate uh and address uh and identity Allin one uh and I think that you know handshake despite it not being kind of VC you know properly you know heavy VC backed despite it you know being a truly truly decentralized project Allah Bitcoin um in terms of its devs Etc it still has been able to maintain its
(09:02) culture it's been able to kind of maintain its Community um I think but there are challenges right I mean in crypto what I find is the projects that survive are the ones that you know make it and go big you just have to be able to survive long enough for the market uh and the mind share to come around to some of the fundamental truths which is that domains and centralized domains will be uh the kind of dominant form of real estate for the digital future um and though handshake is not you know a a household name yet we do see a lot of uh
(09:40) developments in terms of ens and and you know we love those guys and and more power to them we see a lot of development with unstoppable domains and you know it's great for everybody to do their own thing I mean um you know I don't want to be a hater uh the entire domain space and whoever is kind of interested enough to kind of build in it more power to you we wish you all luck um at the same time I think handshake has you know the most um Community Spirit it has some of the most interesting technology um and I still
(10:10) think you know I said this before handshake H&S could be bigger than Bitcoin I still truly believe that it might take a little bit longer the way that we are um but it will take the leveling up of the community to get us there uh I think that the value of digital real estate underpinned by domains um is not that far off but what it's going to take for us as a community going forward is to break out of the bubble um and to stop just talking to each other and really starting to reach out to develop Partnerships and so I love that
(10:44) diversification out of that red resilience Evolution diversification we must diversify our community by bringing in Partners um and that means Reaching Across kind of party lines and that means Reaching Across uh protocol lines to figure out how is it that handshake as a premier uh kind of domain technology can be useful can be of service to some of the other larger protocols that are out there the other l1s and provide value provide utility we're not here to hang out we're not here just to like you know um just you
(11:19) know kind of be in each other's company we need to be of utility and of service to the rest uh of the decentralized you know kind of ecosystem and so that's kind of not my rally and cry this diversification how do we actually be of service how do we you know figure out hey what can handshake do for you uh as an as a consumer app uh you know and as a developer uh I think that's really what we need where we need to be in our mindset for the next year in order to make sure that in 2025 we still have a
(11:51) handic con 5 and we have progress to report um I think that every little you know conversation and every move that we make is progress and it's great but we really need to start thinking bigger we need to start thinking wider we need to start thinking more strategically in terms of how we cross-pollinate with different applications with different protocols uh and layer in handshake uh in all of its formats uh into different applications so I'm excited about the future I remain you know a large handshake holder I'm you know one of the
(12:23) the most still quite a large domain holder uh and you know just excited to be able to know partner with Mike and and welcome everybody back to Handy con yeah thanks I always appreciate you coming to share with us JN and give us some inspiration um but yeah like you said we're going to have a lot of different protocols and different applications the next few days and we um some already in great handshake some don't yet but we hope that maybe after the event they will consider it and it's really up to
(12:52) us as a community you know a lot of people always jump in our telegram or our various social medias says like when when binance when this when when when but it's up to us right I mean it's kind of one of the unique more unique projects that uh you know we as Community are the directors as as it was said in in the handshake white paper where uh it's up to us to to make this s success which is a lot of pressure and responsibility and some people maybe don't like that but but uh yeah let's all support any any other project that
(13:25) you know Embraces handshake or or encourage them to embrace handshake um one of our Community sponsors Alex andto at well he's also with name based but he has another project called us swap. XYZ we'll be sharing about that later but he's using handshake names in the application it's a it's a it's like a LinkedIn on web 3 it's like a resume and a job hiring where you create nfts at a resumés but he's building in handshake names and he says yeah we have to build on handshake we have to use handshake um
(13:54) you know I think you know I'm also working on that at load pipe with the e-commerce usernames for for your your e-commerce store or or shops you know I think we have to use handshake I know Paul web's been working on something I can't wait to see but um you know let's all work together we have a huge lineup today so we have a panel just to open up the session or is do we want to take some questions toan or I think we're about wrapped up um yeah I mean I would just the only thing I would rather add
(14:23) is is you know obviously I'm I'm sure there's going to be a lot of like kind of um sponsor recognition but I just want to say thank you to to bitm for for for sponsoring um you know their involvement and their kind of commitment not just to sponsoring this is uh but actually continuing to actually build hardware for the space um it adds a lot of energy it adds a lot of you know kind of uh confidence uh that you know there's more out there um and that the biggest players in you know mining and
(14:49) Hardware continue to see handshake as a space worth continue to invest in so we're really grateful um for your you know your presence for your involvement continued engagement and and sponsoring uh you know this the one of one of the more important forums uh of the year for for handshake so thank you yeah we really appreciate bit M uh I've gotten they came into the handshake space a bit over a year ago and uh and I've been been um been really supporting it's also very secure there's lots of people mining you know it's it's
(15:20) it's a secure network and and I guess there's always different people's definitions of security but in in a lot of our opinions it's a very secure network with I think a lot because of bitmain um gold shell is still there too thank you gold shell but yeah bit M's really stepped up um actually J I'm going to Oman on behalf of handshake they invited me and uh and uh uh next later this week and later this month um I'm gonna speak about how bitm has uh been supporting handshake community and uh as an
(15:49) ambassador of handshake I'll be sharing like a case study to their uh Community there so uh but yeah bit main has been really stepping up and and has helped us um get through this bare Market but I think they also believe in handshake you know they have their we've had some various Twitter spaces with them and they uh they they actually came to us after the after the uh I forget the word but when ethereum moved to proof of stake that's when they found us uh found handshake and they were looking for a uh
(16:20) proof of work naming protocol and they found handshake and I don't know if there's really many other maybe there's I guess people could probably name a couple but this was their top top pick and they they went full full behind uh you know building a machine for us and supporting so it's great and dox again came through this year as sponsor uh as a second main sponsor so thank you dox um thank you amazing yeah he's really great and then there's uh some Community sponsors as well I mentioned you swap
(16:53) and um there's some other you know upand cominging startups in the ecosystem that will be um doing various promotions here so it's been really really great the merge thanks thanks Jordan but um it's been a fun one and it's our you know it's it's an amazing thing about handshake like people think I'm like the you know I'm like I work for the foundation there's no Foundation here right there's no uh no one you know I mean we just start I started this as a YouTube podcast in 2020 as Sky include
(17:22) um because I like to make content for businesses and projects that I like you know I have a few other uh blogs and and channels so anyone here can step up and get involved and they have uh that's the beautiful thing about handshake there's no permission there's nobody you have to ask uh when we first started this you know um people were amazed that this was done in short notice but anybody can create there was um there's just a lot to do so I think one of the interesting things also is like is like looking
(17:52) looking at the market side of things um you know obviously we're we're I don't know are we in the Bull Run are we still at the the kind of doorstep of the bull run it it's starting to feel like we're we're starting to be in it I mean everything is much faster um and one of the kind of uh things that I tend to see in in the beginning of a bull run is people look around and they say when where is there like a strong fundamental undervalued token um and obviously none of this is investment advice uh but I I
(18:19) can only guess that handshake uh is potentially seen as one of those you know extremely undervalued tokens because it has historic incredible um top you know top tier VC uh original investment which validates a lot of the technology in the approach um but has historically kind of lagged as as an actual token U because the the challenge of getting it integrated on different exchanges uh continues to be an issue um but I would have to imagine that there's probably one or more people out there who are you know silently biing their
(18:53) time uh building a very very large stack of handshake uh and buying it cheap um because often see these kind of undervalued tokens suddenly Skyrocket as somebody's built a position and then they actually start trading uh and providing liquidity to the market so for me I'm still very excited uh about the potential for the handshake and that's personally why I hold um and you know I have I have a a decent stack uh but I have to imagine there are people who are accumulating and either waiting for that moment um where we get a much
(19:26) larger kind of exchange and liquidity uh and start to to activate but these things can flip really really quickly and we see it all the time in in the kind of uh crypto VC space yeah it's exciting I I agree I mean yeah like yeah not Financial advice d d r but yeah it just seems such such a uh undervalued I mean there's Community we have this event for four years there's Builders there's there's projects there's platforms but I think it's a probably big issue is liquidity but there are
(19:55) some people speaking this conference the next few days about some solutions there working on for that which is exciting and um but yeah it's still it's the early you know it's a bit bit bitcoin's time right now Bitcoin is doing amazing and I think you know usually um everything follows and uh yeah we all believe in handshake and it's exciting and we'll show that these next few days I think people are always just shocked at all this community building and and projects being built in the space so I
(20:22) think um I think we can wrap up for now it's it's a great opening thanks for for making it youran and uh we'll have this um the next few days there's a full agenda everybody can see in this rooms there's networking there's a whole lineup the next few few hours um and uh of course please use your chats please let us know um how we can help you and shout out to an I think a lot of anybody here working with this talked to an she's really stepped up it's another example right she's uh she organically
(20:56) loved handshake when working with the content we were doing at Sky include and and and and I stepped up to be a huge leader she's going to join we're actually doing a big there's a big hackathon in uh in Vietnam that aren is doing Jan I don't know if you know about that it's end of April um uh so that's gonna be a great one and um where inim in or in Hanoi yeah aren is putting it together she'll have a session this uh these days to uh to share about that but there's a nonzero chance I might be
(21:26) there oh really it's like a 27th to 29th I believe I'll put on the calendar thanks awesome that would be really great great okay everybody so thanks for your uh everybody attending and we'll we'll switch up to an amazing panel about post happenings updates and and in space so that's a wrap thank you all uh just stay right there yeah thanks everybody so everybody just stick around and I think we'll Auto flip to the next one if if you're uh new to this session thank you thank you [Music] (22:05) hey