Day 2 – Closing Session

HandyCon 2024 | Day 2 - Closing Session - YouTube

(00:03) [Music] [Music] all right so we're just doing a little closing uh let me upload some slides one second all right so we are the finished line of day two of the red fourth annual resilience Evolution and diversification so thank you for being here with us all the way until the end we have had 40 plus speakers again thank you to our our sponsors dox and our bronze level second year here thank youx and Community sponsors is really great to see these various uh startups and and uh Comm members contributing as well you swap we've seen a couple times
(01:04) in the videos easy domains you know encrypted and de centralizers uh which is an Santiago's initiative and we have more sessions tomorrow this is not done at all so let me go I think maybe the agenda is a little bit out of date because things have been evolving but of course thank you so um my my agenda might not be as up to date I'm going to but of course thank you again big shout out to bit M and a lot of you know Margie's great and they've really uh helped make sure that this came together this took many many
(01:36) months to make um to and it was a lot because of bit main so thank you so the agenda I don't want to go too much into this because it's been evolving so uh Miguel had family issue missed today's session will be tomorrow there's another session tomorrow uh day three is tomorrow where we had Flamingo handshake this is not a to date so I don't I'm scared to show it too long but uh there's going to be some extra sessions there's also going to be name based sharing Founders Q&A Community Q&A
(02:08) warp is a new Dex so that'll all be tomorrow plus some other sessions please um help spread the word and yeah we will see you tomorrow and is this still the upto-date time again I'm not sure there's been some adjustments happening but of course we're going to have our fun auction as always there's going to be a huge amount of people on stage with different I think Chang go coming up encrypted a few people uh in the Community will be up I'll be up so that'll be great names and we put on
(02:34) Twitter I think today a lot of different ranges from emojis to to shorts to uh state names and more so I think you've figured out the schedule so to find the latest schedule click on the schedule tab here um okay the auctions the same time as normal but you can see the latest uh schedule we've kind of made some adjustments as you see but the latest to find the latest schedule is go to the schedules tab if if you want maybe before you log out today you can check and of course Twitter um and then you know how to
(03:08) join and then there's leaderboards so we had the leaderboard last yesterday for day one we're going to have the leaderboard for day two we'll announce it on day three also so that's for just and connecting and again um we are doing this together this is a decentralized community we don't have some uh centralized Foundation what lots of uh money that's uh you know paying everybody so all your contributions is important please um please uh you know don't be shy this you know like Nadine came out you know
(03:41) she came up and wanted to share I'm so happy she did you know we want to give everybody here a spotlight give everybody the the opportunity uh that's what we believe makes a handshake uh special and will not just survive we've survived the last bear but we Thrive we have to thrive as a group so it's because of each of our contributions as a as a community member as a director of handshake so that's some of the slides thank you hyon 2024 day two is over tomorrow is the third and final day any
(04:13) feedback I think we'll have surveys later but of course just keep feedback coming uh make sure you thank and appreciate an I hope she's surviving she's been overtime like crazy lately um um so that's all I have for right now and and uh yeah of course the auctions also various parts of the auctions you can does contribute to this uh this efforts I see Nathan's questions um and everything here just keeps us all pushing ahead and forward into this uh into this community you know Flamingo headshake is a little bit thing on its
(04:52) own there's uh there's various costs and upkeeps to the flamingo handshakes over the um over the throughout the year of of that project but it does of course support there is a close relationship of course handy con of flamingo handshake we can get in that more in Q&A maybe tomorrow uh I think we're all pretty tired it's been another epic day of events I've been up since around 2: a.m.
(05:16) so I'm going to finish some more lunch or breakfast and uh I will appreciate all of you see you tomorrow thank [Music] you