Day 2 – Welcome Session

HandyCon 2024 | Day 2 - Welcome Session - YouTube

(00:03) [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] shh [Applause] [Music] (01:29) hey [Music] he [Music] hey hello hello are we live can I get some life maybe an emoji something confirming awesome awesome welcome to day two of Handy con uh day two of Handy con 4 handy con red resilience Evolution diversification this is migs if you're hopefully you're not sick of me yet I am I'm caffeinated here to bring the energy uh to get us kicked off today how we
(02:34) doing an yeah good good no sleep but very excited for today's lineup we have some uh new new faces new um prod not new projects but very very interesting uh projects outside of handshake and hopefully willing to integrate handshake so it's exciting some have already integrated handshake so yeah yeah great great I hope everybody's great the audience is all good and ready for a 9h hour or eight hour day for all right okay so uh Mig I guess uh uh we we still have like a few minutes um how's your
(03:20) day my day my day is great it's probably the windiest day ever in Southern California there you go just dox myself um but uh but it's okay still we got to the gym we got the coffee going walk the dogs and uh and I'm excited to just start learning more um how how's the team doing over there I know you guys been working around the clock and things have been going great so far and here it's uh around 3 am but good yeah um so we're just gonna give a quick intro of the today's speakers uh first up we have uh
(03:58) John um and he uh he's actually representing a handshake from or of Africa which is really cool also uh we have a panel moderated by Santiago uh we have guests from uh flux we have guests from mask and also amum of course uh a household name and um we have have representatives from D Web Camp Polo chain to be specific and then uh followed by uh a talk by uh Alex Alexander um he's going to present the hip 17 stat less day and also uh followed by um mask again he's going to do a project demo hopefully they're
(04:58) gonna give us some uh free wallets to use but yeah looking forward to that really really uh exciting uh discussions today all right yeah yeah uh we got some old faces we got some new faces and the M you don't want to miss the mask one for sure for all those people asking for browser Integrations here's your chance we got a web three browser here at Handy con amazing all right so um we can uh uh start joining the next session by John and really excited for his presentation okay thank you guys thank you for being
(05:37) here up and early I [Music] hope