Day 3 – Closing

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(00:03) [Music] [Music] all right so I wish an an would would love to have Ann up on stage um but yeah well it's not gonna be we're gonna let We're Gonna Leave You for networking after uh in the lounge so we'll leave the lounge open please hang around if you have time to meet others I'm G to upload a presentation it's a different one whoa oh you did okay thank you Stephanie I'll I'll hang out I'll hang out in the networking a bit uh if that's helpful for you I I'll I'll I'll go to
(01:00) after okay so if you guys want to chat with me so let's go through the slides it's about 10 minutes or so and then um we'll hang out in the lounge room room so um this year's theme was a lot of red you saw red everywhere resilience Evolution diversification uh four years four years of you know handshake and four years of Handy handy con so um we've been through a lot we've survived the bare Market um we are going into a bull hopefully a super cycle like Andrew says I like that so um 40 plus speakers again and an
(01:38) shout out to an I hope she's still alive uh she's worked super hard super stressful a lot of behind the scenes um you know work okay maybe a little bit slower on the slides for me please okay um thank you to our uh our sponsors dox is came in again this year as our bronze sponsor as a core sponsor of the event uh definitely we're looking forward to the realx on handshake coming out for slds uh Community sponsors is really fun to see these these companies are evolving from from the community organically uh us swap. XYZ I saw
(02:24) Carolina in the in the chats uh she's the CEO and founder Alex is supporting there and and um it's a really great way of using your web 3 um resumes like it looks like it could become with the next LinkedIn on web3 I made a profile I connect my mic. hns username there so it shows you can find me at mic.
(02:46) hns in US swap. XYZ easy domains encrypted this dude didn't sleep I think he was in every chat the whole time here um had some fun picked up a lot of names in the in the in Flamingo h Shake auction um definitely pick up AZ domain I got a few myself it's a great way to support and uh support what he does and he got a brand new website at easy domains. yep in Carolina's us swap.
(03:17) XYZ and decentralizes Santiago I'm really happy to see he's hosting some live chats in the Discord and and other uh other sessions so definitely in a blog and and caps of various things in handshake like The Happening really appreciate and need more spons uh content as well as uh live sessions you know we need as much of that as we can in the community so thank you for that and last but not least our our co-host main sponsor bit M they had awesome advertisement I think Stephanie helped make that if I believe heard correctly
(03:53) it was a really cool video ad almost not even ad you know you you guys saw Margie a couple of times in a session she's been really helpful and supportive of of helping get handshake support from bit main um and they're really happy to have aove of work naming Solutions such as handshake in their ecosystem migs machine and I will be going to Oman in the Middle East end of this month to share to the bit main W DMS World digital mining Summit to speak about how they've been supportive of handshake and proof of work communities
(04:28) which they definitely have and help make this happen so thank you bitm please uh you know um support them and share them and uh and thank them next slide I don't think we need to go through this we just had three intense days three intense days you could see all of this um and now we're at the very light closing stretch we went through the auction which was intense um and uh so some contest winners and is sending me some chats and I would love wish you could come up here um okay and Miguel yeah we Sorry Miguel
(05:09) we had a tech you know some conflicts of uh some family emergencies couldn't make his session but he did record it and that will be available on the replays in the handic con site and on the sky include YouTube so that will be available and we will uh make sure you all get access to that uh session okay Ann's coming up great get Ann up here can we get okay and hi an you still hanging in there yeah hanging by a thread thanks everyone contest winners awesome yeah contest winners meme contest um I'll
(05:53) announce it maybe next week we still have to verify the winners also for the website uh building contest uh yeah we got the entries pretty late but uh I'm so glad we have entries so we're going to check them with Nathan uh Nathan Woodburn is going to help pick the winners and yeah we'll announce those soon uh the prices are also on the website you can check out slm contest SL website- building- contest I think so uh yeah uh uh great entries uh too bad D web ASAP was not able to participate and but yeah we have
(06:43) good ones uh this time around um sorry Mike you were saying leader board uh no I just saw encrypted with saying uh to just see the list but I think there's a few different things um there's three different things that are contests right now one is the handshake making contest so making a website using a handshake name and there's some prizes from various groups for the top one Nathan Woodburn's initiative and I think nol has some prizes from hatx and uh we'll chip in from handy con but I think we want
(07:23) Nathan to review those but I think encrypted is a suggesting can they everyone just see all the entries or at least notable entries there's the meme contest and there is the uh engage I guess we call it engagement um the engagement uh farming or the uh the active PE participants of the last three days so that's the three things but yeah I think maybe we could maybe not right now encrypt it but but yeah maybe we could just meent have notable mentions or as many that could submitted that are as long as there's
(07:59) some what valuable websites to share win maybe we just list them on the page or in the posters Etc as best we can absolutely yeah and if you want to find the memes is hns memes thanks HS broker you can search at on Twitter or X I still call it Twitter um okay do you want to do the contest winners of the leaderboards an yeah sure right for day one we have non mnsn sorry if I'm not pronouncing it right so maybe we explain what this is first uh this is using air meets features right to to measure who's the
(08:42) most active and it gives them points correct and I'm surprised Tim did not make day one yeah there's we we don't we use a system um that air me does to calculate these it's not done by us but these are the top three from day one yeah so uh there is no bias it's all Air me okay day one congratulations to Anan M mnsn Alexandre yeah encrypted all right for day two shout out to still an on an on again yeah second place goes to Tim and third place yes encrypted yeah awesome your drinks bro all right day three drum
(09:44) roll the winners are wow Miguel you made itel wow make top engage congrulations Alex great so we're seeing who's the active people here at this handy con really cool and Anon Anon who will also remain Anon yeah lots of anons some there's Anan talking to anons yeah um Anan also won the um the I think which contest there there was another one yeah well we will also post uh the other cont contest like the gold shell one uh yeah there was various little prizes from some of the sessions and uh you know people won the bit main miners
(10:40) at the pre-events in Thailand I think a couple people here won those awesome all right so let's keep keep going an what what's next are the memes I think that's going to come later or do we have it yeah just later though I I still need to recheck the winners I I have the top five right now but I need to recheck those okay oh yeah ay Labs had some swag and then uh gold shell had some Miners and some and then FX wall had some domains and uh uh bitman had already done a want miners at the pre-event but yeah and do you want to
(11:19) say this so thank you all right so thank you so much handshake Community for being steadfast strong and continue building even you know the bare Market despite the bare Market Let's uh keep our fingers crossed that it's going to be really the bull market this time I'm G to buy me myself more H&S I hope that you guys won really good news during The Happening thank you NL also for the support um hopefully we can put something together to uh build more exposure for not just you know the active members but also those who are
(12:05) working on stealth mode yeah don't be uh don't hesitate yeah don't hesitate to reach out um I apologize if I cannot really respond to you like right away but yeah we're here we're here we're listening we're ready to help not really financially but as much exposure as we can right yeah we try yeah I mean I guess our skill as you may see is we like to do the help with events and content and and marketing as much as we can uh and you know we all like we some people ask how can you help I think all
(12:40) of us have our advantage our skills as as people as businesses um so uh however you believe best can contribute to the community there was a lot of hints to you know footnote sounds like it' be cool if that could get kind of restarted The Nomad Social Network I don't know if an remembers that one I remember that one when it was out but yeah four years like Paul says four years and uh it was so still a lot to do but is hyon yeah I mean 2025. handy.
(13:13) XYZ I don't know is it resolving yet oh maybe not we don't think we made it yet but Pro most likely yes I mean it seems like we have to do I I'd love your feedback I think we have a survey right do we have the link can we put the link to the survey yeah let's make sure we get the survey thanks that's kind of a reminder um yeah if you can that's a link tracker but if you could fill out this survey the sooner the better so we don't forget we would really appreciate that um and uh the Miguel's asking to do
(13:46) to be a part of hyon uh so yeah we should think of a better way and we were chatting we're trying to think of an easier way to coordinate and um I I guess we have to think think of the best way we try to be as open and approachable as possible um and do you have a suggestion of how can people get involved in hyon um well number one we have to start talking again early brainstorm earlier I think you had a good idea I was somewhere in one of the telegram chats smaller groups you said we should have like a post handic con like
(14:24) meeting Town Hall something like that yeah so maybe it's like an open one even a Twitter space oh who cares if random people hear it or maybe it could even be on Twitter space or it could be on private somewhere but I think maybe we have one in a week or two where we uh we all reflect on what we've learned Inspirations actions but hopefully it's not just listening and going and forgetting it or not taking action I think just like any kind of conference or any kind of thing in life yeah learning is one thing of course
(14:52) inspiration is also another but it's about taking action you know I I I think we have to just do what we can as uh like I said earlier we have to take action it's a decentralized uh Community a decentralized effort so there's no centralized company that we have to rely on um and also mik from what I have observed if you are proactive in the community it it doesn't mean that you have to build something or maybe like take some action right away but you know the the founders are also listening on
(15:27) the sidelines I mean like they're of um big uh supporters like X they're on the side watching listening yeah name base of course uh it doesn't mean they're not you know like uh watching or they're they're not listening to the discussions but you know like we need to be consistently proactive yeah hns they're always there so uh we just have to participate as much as we can because we don't know like you know we don't know your idea would be the next big thing next big app so yeah uh if you can join the spaces
(16:10) join the centralizers next town hall and um and yeah let's contribute uh just hang in there like we are we are doing now yeah um well Joseph thanks for that feedback the survey would be the easiest way so we don't lose this suggestion or thought um we do try to do we monthly handshake do masterminds on Twitter spaces um but I mean to do a quarterly handic con I think Ann would have a heart attack right an to do this every quarter yes that isre without you guys I mean like without you yeah maybe I already had my
(16:57) third stroke on the third yeah it was pretty int last few hours has been intense so but yeah agree we didn't need more community events I mean we we also want to decentralize it we're not we're not a centralized group or company so others can do events and communities the hackathon aren is stepping up Andrew's been supporting we're going to go and we'll be going to Vietnam for the hackathon that's in about a month and a half so there's there's a this that's what's the benefit
(17:27) of decentralized there's no permission any we didn't ask uh anybody if we could do handcom when we started it um so you you can also create events or or Etc so anyways I think we can wrap up for now um we're g to go into the lounge mode I will hang out for a bit although I'm physically exhausted but I'd love to chat to some of you um a bit and you can hang out I think we're just going to leave it open for a few hours is so if you really want to hang out a long time you can hang out in the in the table
(18:03) mode of the by the way by the way Mike a big shout out to H&S broker H&S broker true big contribution for you know the the other non people to participate this year also uh namebase just came through with a last minute spons sponsorship uh just in just today um so I really we really appreciate that and we we should maybe think of some way to to recognize them but uh thanks SASE uh for stepping in to support um we uh appreciate that and uh thank you everyone um for you all the support and uh yeah let's just keep
(18:48) on building and making until they can't ignore us right that's the power of decentralized it we you know we can't be stopped unless we stop right um so we just got to keep pushing until they don't ignore us so thank you all and uh I'll see you in the lounge for a bit uh and I'll have my breakfast all right thanks [Music] everybody