Day 3 – Welcome Session

HandyCon 2024 | Day 3 - Welcome Session - YouTube

(00:03) [Music] [Music] hello everyone uh thanks for joining today my name is VA um the people here at the handshake Community call me VJ and we want to welcome everybody to day three of Handy con 2024 um it's been an amazing couple of days with some great panels great talks great demos um and we've gotten to hear from um some great people both Andrew Le uh by the way and some of our handshake uh faves like uh Paul and Paul Paul Webb and Paul sing um sanjan Irene uh Chango all of the alexes um Eskimo Nathan
(01:09) Woodburn Margie from bitm and also all of the mics um we've also gotten to learn about and discuss uh the importance of unchain identity um hear about FX wallet uh crypto and proof of work um we've gotten here I'm not sure I'm pronouncing this right but um Joong the first legally recognize Nation to use handshake as a domain we've also discussed the legalities and trademarks and uh safe uh uh Safeguard protections as it pertains to ownership and um handshake uh domains uh we've learned
(01:47) about and gotten demos and gotten onboarded to platforms to include um solar Labs ma The Mask browser player AI spatial domains um and also gotten updates on all things new to Shak station and so much more um the best thing about all of this is that if you missed any of it it's all available on replays for your viewing pleasure um and what else oh with all of that said actually we want to well I speaking on behalf of the community I'm sure we want to send a special thank you to um the staff here at um handy con um 2024 Mike
(02:30) um an Stephanie and the whole team um at Handycam who um who have done such a great job an awesome job with um all of this and we want to thank them all for their hard work and we also want to State uh thank the sponsors um with whom out um without um none of this could be possible so we want to thank of course uh bitme we want to thank UMX as well as uh usap de centralizers and easy domains for um their support and sponsorship of uh handic con 2024 and um with that said I think that uh we have a presentation and then we'll
(03:15) move into the uh first session of the day um which is about dweb um camp Hey guys so we have here for uh today's agenda we have the uh uh actually there's like a presentation from D webcamp um from Eric bear presented by Eric all right next up is the flamingo handshake auction 26 imagine that we're on the 26 auction got some single emojis in there very uh premium names lined up also a couple of state names watch out for that uh if you haven't downloaded the auction booklet we'll share the link
(04:00) in the chats also we have Cheno Taylor aren Mike as hosts for the auction um after that we have the much awaited sessions from namebase uh hsid also warp the much awaited warp uh decentralized exchange and um also as our um of tradition we have the Founders Q&A right um um I believe Andrew Lee will be um answering our questions uh and yeah thank you so much for being here we wouldn't uh you know like have this so much fun without you guys so um prepare your questions for later thank you VJ for also um co-hosting with us yeah and
(04:55) also shout out to uh mix machine and the audience all righty I guess we can start uh uh let's do the next session all right let's move on to uh the yeah the next session see you [Music] guys