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(00:03) [Music] [Applause] [Music] shh [Applause] alrighty uh welcome welcome welcome so we're back um on day three with our first session of the day and we have with us here um special guest Eric Barrett from damp um D Web Camp I'm sorry and um we I I got I got to hear a little bit about it um yesterday and it's seems like um a very um exciting time great time be had by all and looks like um an opportunity to probably
(01:08) network with some people that you probably would not have the opportunity to ever meet in your life unless you were at some place like that so um excited to hear um more about it and to a little bit more about um Eric he is a self-proclaimed Floridian uh life science nerd who spent a decade working in holistic self-directed self-organized education and half a decade in open source Tech and with that said we're going to let Eric take it away and tell you a little bit more about himself as well as dwam thank you so much for that buoyant
(01:49) introduction Veta um I'm still gonna let my system recover from all the intensity of that Vivid um what do you call it uh commercial that was very exciting um and yeah I'm here to share about dweb Camp it is a really beautiful yearly gathering in the Redwood Forest few hours North of San Francisco of some of the coolest people building a principled web three basically we got a we got a set of uh dweb principles that we we try to pull in Technologies and people that are oriented around um you can find them at
(02:31) dweb camp.org and learn about it and see photos of people in the Redwoods hanging out and um it's a really beautiful wonderful time we have people that come from so the D and D Web Camp uh stands for decentralized and distributed Technologies and we have infrastructure at all levels of the stack that come from both of those worlds and it's you know how the internet was was like web 1.
(03:04) 0 was made by a bunch of folks who were in relationship with each other they were mostly in Silicon Valley and they knew each other and they hung out and they collaborated and they challenged each other's ideas and they argued and some of them fought and a lot of them were really friends um and we have the internet today because there were a bunch of dreamers and makers that that played together and uh dweb Camp is is kind of like the water hole or the the yearly the ritual Gathering of of the people that are building that kind
(03:35) of web three space um that we don't really have such a like we don't have we don't have the San Francisco sort of San Francisco but really the people that are building these kind of Technologies are all over the world um so D web Camp's the the opportunity for everyone to come together share about what they're making see each other stuff do a bunch of learning but more importantly spend time together eat play games go swimming in a river hug a tree hang out make music dance it's it's just a
(04:06) really wonderful time it's August 7th to 11th this summer um it's hosted by the internet archive it's kidfriendly which is one of the things that I think is most important about it there's like Bohemian Grove but we don't make human sacrifices I don't know what Bohemian Grove is um uh and we don't make human sacrifices so there's uh and there's also a really important important aspect of DK is that we have a lot of projects that are focusing on meeting real needs especially at at the margin so people
(04:39) who are people who are really underserved or marginalized uh or communities by current centralized technological infrastructure uh we bring together people that are that are that are meeting those needs and Building Things specifically to meet those needs so we have a fellowship program that's really excellent that that brings in people that are representatives of communities and that are using technology for some really important circumstances and uh while it's a really wonderful beautiful party of an experience there's also a a
(05:16) serious bent to it which is that we live in a world where things are breaking really hard environmentally politically um uh culturally like there's a genocide that's happening right now and not that there's not often genocides happening but there's one that's that's pretty pretty prominently in our faces right now and there are people living in places where their governments are shutting the internet off and they can't really communicate with each other and they can't organize vital services so
(05:48) we're we're we work to bring together the people that are working on those kinds of problems and to serve those kind of communities to come together and jam on how do we make stuff that works at the edge is so I have a friend named Ben tyrea with a project called AO uh it's a it's a it's a mauy um like oral storytelling uh and Storage storage project and he says that the mry have a saying which is that if it works for Mar it works for everybody which is to say that when we build things to work at the
(06:20) edges at the margins then we can be confident that they'll work for everyone else so yeah that's that's the basic that's the basic Spiel if anyone's got any questions please put them into the chat um there's food there there are redwood trees uh the weather's usually pretty lovely there's a bunch of fun people there'll be some juggling a talent show we've got a really good theme worked out for this year we haven't announced it yet oh and if anyone here is interested
(06:57) in like coming or maybe even volunteering or something please I don't know what the right thing to reach out to is that I guess join our Discord and then say hey I want to help that would be really really really rad um how do you see handshake fitting into dweb camp this year great question because we're at the handy con um well we have a bunch of folks from handshake that come to D Web Camp so that's a big part of it and I think that handshake might be supporting DB Camp it's some other way we're looking
(07:27) at doing a cool like Night Market thing so it' be cool if handshake could could come and share about it stuff and I'm excited about handshake just because they're the folks that are building something that that can actually work for web 3 Tech so that people can do something and use and it has real utility uh which is really really cool other than that I'd want to talk to the folks at handshake and see what works for them and how it would work for them to come looking for more questions um there are free tickets to volunteers but
(07:53) those are limited but yes yeah and folks who who can't come that way please check that out yeah there are not merch prize contests at D Web Camp it doesn't have so much of that like um competition Vibe yeah seeing 50% oh maybe it was maybe it's 50% off for volunteers yeah but if if you can't afford to come like reach out to us and talk to us about your situation we'll see what we can do but yeah we try to do the best that we can to make sure that it's that it's accessible to people and most of the
(08:29) tickets that that we sell are uh are under the cost that they cost to do and we really rely on sponsorship to make this thing happen yeah best tree hugger that's a prize worthy of worthy of granting and now I'm just kind of stalling for time does anyone have any other questions there's sort of a hackathon type thing we've got a hackers Hall I should maybe talk about the different kind of stuff that happens there that's good so we've got a hackers Hall and people work on stuff we're
(08:54) talking about setting things up for people to have more uh support to be able to make things to play with at the event we'll use some of the dweb Technologies at the event like last like we set up a mesh Network locally last year we had um one track was around AI one track was around P2P Technologies we had a track around governance um we had a track around bodily autonomy we had um I don't know just a bunch of other stuff and then we had defi we got lightning talks we got lots of workshops we have cool laring and stuff like um there's
(09:33) like a really good someone who comes and does a uh what do you call it when you look at the stars like a star stargazing like astronomy event was really nice we have the delou quartet comes and plays these beautiful quartet pieces at different locations like by the river and in this one place called the Redwood cathedral which is just these beautiful old trees in this open area it's really it's a special it's a special thing yeah what does it require to become a sponsor um reach out to me I'll put my
(10:04) email in the thing yeah that's what I'm holding this year yeah it's pretty good I don't know yeah any other questions cool that's it if it's a fit for you come and have fun thank you I think that's my that's my that's my time or do I do I like stall now hello so we're back um how much time do we have technically or or I think she said ending now um well my question was um what are some of the best things that you thought came out of um camps from the past like any thanks and thanks for asking it but
(10:48) it's really hard for me to engage with chat it's so impersonal but I appreciate everyone being really supportive also thank you um well I mean there's some initiatives that came out of it around interoperability between the different projects that I think is really valuable and really important and for me the most important thing is relationship like people come here and they leave like you get to meet people that you've heard about and people that you've worked with or people whose projects you you've
(11:16) engaged with in the past you get to meet these people in person and and people get to meet like internet Elders show up which is pretty cool like like me fun was there last year she'll probably come again this summer and Larry leig and Brewster kale and um oh come on Sir Sir Tim burner Lee was there yeah like so we have these kind of folks but people make real friends there you know and you get to like nerd out on the stuff that you really love with people who love nerding out on that stuff and a super beautiful place it's it's a right
(11:48) yeah well I think that there are very few opportunities to network with people in the way that you said um that is um kind of just relaxed um and organic kind of you know atmosphere so it seems like a great opportunity and um yeah maybe I'll send you an email about volunteering or whatever else and see how I can contribute and I'm sure some of the other members here um will do the same um thank you oh and if I I don't just to make sure I get get this one piece it is it is familyfriendly so we really encourage kids to come we got a
(12:19) really wonderful wonderful kid program and it it just adds a magical vibe to the to the experience to have that okay awesome yeah well thank you so much I think that is our time um we thank you and um I guess we will I think do we take a break now or or what's next we'll see well we're ending this SE session and then we'll go to the schedule let see what's next but I know that we do have the um handshake um well the flamingo auction coming up which should be very exciting and we hope to see you
(12:53) all there as well so until the next session thank you so much Eric and hope to see you I need okay [Music] byebye