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(00:03) [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] sh [Applause] all right yeah that is probably one of my favorite videos ads yes it is that's captivating all right we got some I hope everybody enjoyed a little Lounge we do want to try on more networking I know in previous years it's so action- pack with talks but hopefully people get into Network and meet each other um today I'm excited to introduce Chris AKA Neer tip no and on this year no and on this time no and on this time which is really cool
(01:06) I like I like it of course we respect everyone's decision about Anan or not but you know it's it's really cool I think to see yeah see the person time for everything it's a time for everything this is that Year Mike this is that year this is the year fourth year like we're talking this is the year yeah all right so I'm excited for your session yeah I'll let you take it away education entertainment and uh empowerment Empower that's important let's dive into it all right thank you
(01:36) so everyone it is such a pleasure to be here um my name is Chris I'm the senior strategy director for nameer tips um some of you all have may have encountered me online via social media through the Discord and there's a lot of Mystique and all of this other stuff but um I'm it's a privilege to be here with you all today um I've been taking in handy con uh since the first day and I have to say that I'm really impressed by many of the things that I've seen right um but to kind of roll it back a little
(02:07) bit and give you all just a little bit of information about Namer tips um Namer tips is a advocacy and um empowerment brand that was founded here in New York City um for those of you all who don't know I actually am an asset manager for IP management and development company here in NYC so what that means in short is that we just work with uh artists and creat and leveraging their creative works and taking them to the next level and helping them to go ahead and gain a broader Equity over their work and so on
(02:37) and so forth so um why is that important right um that actually opened up the door that's kind of you know what paved the way to this this learning about handshake and just uh the the blockchain de centralization and all those all of those other things uh creating a solution for the artist to express themselves right um so we kind of came in uh through the Discord uh we acquired some names some of which some of you all might consider Grails uh I won't dive into them now I don't want to get everybody into a frenzy um but we have
(03:07) some names and we believe in the project right we believe in handshake we believe in digital identity we think that everything starts with a name right um however as this space has evolved you know it's interwoven with crypto and you know there's there's a lot of things that tend to be discussed speculated about and then there are things that are kind of left in the distance right um right now we're at an inflection point and and I'm G do something because we commissioned an artist here in New York
(03:36) um to put together some unique pairs of shoes and the reason I'm going to show these shoes is because as I move forward in this talk I want us to think tangibly right not speculatively not uh not from the standpoint of conceptually but we need to think tangibly if we're going to ensure that this technology and Technologies in the future truly benefit who the people right um in the a lot of the talks that I've heard today many of the the devs I mean you guys are brilliant I mean the women that have
(04:07) spoken phenomenal however it's that Gap that one Gap that is we haven't heard family we haven't heard children right um we've heard talks of how decentralization can benefit the people but we haven't really dove into how things can resonate as opposed to imitate so that's what this talk is about um but before I do that I want to go ahead and show you you know we had an artist create 10 pairs of these right and these shoes kind of speak to they're more symbolic about the space taking a
(04:41) step in the right direction if you all notice we have the handshake and the name based logo there um so these shoes are not the the logos that are featured are not a matter of who was prioritized but it encapsulates what the past year has been about browsers you see there was talk of Opera and Bitcoin and ens and all of these other things but the most important part is what's on the inside of the shoes if you notice there are chains and there are symbolic icons for people and one is black and white and the other is uh inverted to white
(05:15) and black and the reason that I want to emphasize that is because as we move into this next chapter we really have to consider whether or not the people are going to be empowered or for a lack of better words are they are they going to be uh enslaved so to speak so with the education entertainment and empowerment the focus that I want you all to keep in mind is that there is an opportunity and there's a responsibility right um let me just really get something let me get something out of the way really quick uh
(05:44) a lot of people are talking about Ian's next round of names I want to be clear about something handshake has over 10 million tlds registered to date that is nothing to sneeze at right there's no other t L daming service or protocol that has that many names so by default they will have to play catchup that's the first thing um right now as it stands I can has 1,600 plus tlds that it offers the next round in 2026 is not going to be 1600 plus so I say that to say this there's not really a really big
(06:25) reason to be concerned about this new round but there is something to be concerned about which is the noise right there's a lot of noise in the blockchain right now there are a lot of people who are saying a lot of things and what keeps this from really being out of control is the fact that it hasn't escaped the bubble the bubble escaping the bubble is going out into the real world and connecting with real people um the people who have handshake tlds and tlds in particular have a very unique opportunity right and they have a very
(06:58) unique responsibility and first one comes with education uh there's this saying that if you build it they will come right um I believe that if you help them to understand they'll truly benefit from it right um there has been a lot of building in the H&S Community um of course it's not nearly as much as what we would like um to you know like it to be however there will be more and I think that that's not it's not an issue because there are some Brilliant Minds and I think the more devs that are
(07:27) connected with outside of the H&S ecosystem once they are introduced to the potential of the project um I think that they'll come in with no problem however the educating portion either for them and the individuals that you look to benefit if it's missing there's going to be this void there right um there are a lot of bright people somebody said in the last space I think it was Nathan space and Nathan is Awesome by the way right um someone said oh you need brain sales for this uh this session um I I
(08:00) got it I got it right so if we're saying this in the spaces that we're in right we understand what's going on we understand how valuable decentralization is how powerful the H&S Tech is we understand that H&S is the web for Pinnacle in many respects right um a lot of people mix it up when they talk about they try to compare slds to tlds there's no comparison right however with uh hns and the ownership of tlds think that it provides a phenomenal opportunity but in in order to capitalize on what that
(08:35) opportunity is and expound upon that value we have to make sure that we don't repeat the same mistakes from previous generations specifically the earlier days of the internet many of you all understand that right now the average person can't tell you what a domain name is right and this is despite them searching websites on their phone and all of this other stuff so there are individuals that are completely in the dark about what digital identity is so if you come in and you you want to talk to them about centralization and
(09:06) decentralization um they're they're lost before you can even catch them so when it comes to education it's really really important to enter you know weave an educational component into what it is that you're building a lot of people have uh I've spoken to away from the space um have asked about that because I want you all to know that I handle IP Management on the back end so I have an opportunity to speak to individuals that are in um they're in decent decision-making positions in their
(09:37) companies and they're looking ahead and in speaking with them about certain things they look for certain cues right cues of progress and the thing is is that if you have something that you're offering and they have a consumer base or a customer base or an audience they want to ensure that whatever it is that they Embrace does not break that connection with their audience right so the way that that connection can be broken is if they introduce something their to Their audience that they don't understand and that the audience doesn't
(10:07) understand and where there's confusion there's a loss of profit there's a loss of opportunity and a whole host of other things coming into this next chapter I want to encourage you all to do something I want to encourage you all to embrace providing the explanation and extra emphasis on a digestible explanation as to what handshake is right how it works right um and some people would sit there and say where's the money in that where's the money in education I've had that conversation too
(10:37) and the reality of it is if you want to know where the money and if you don't believe that there's any money in education well talk to the textbook companies talk to the colleges these are people who have been I mean organizations and industries that have been notorious for really generating a lot of Revenue off this thing that a lot of people in web 3 think is just frivolous right and that moves me into the next opportunity and a responsibility which is to entertain right um we live in in a in a content
(11:07) creator Society right now I think that a lot of people in the H&S Community uh are missing out on the opportunity to connect with creatives right um You can create platforms you can create wallets you can create apps however there has to be that element that connects with the people um I made a I had a conversation with someone not too long ago about what would bring people into web 3 and I was explaining to them that it's not as complicated as some individuals make it if you get the right name that endorses
(11:45) a particular thing you'll have people that will flood in and won't understand anything and then you'll have this kind of like reverse issue of having to ensure that they're not just in it because it's popular but they're in it because it provides value right um I think that there are a lot of opportunities for people in a handshake Community to connect with creators to connect with artists to connect with musicians writers a whole host of people who are looking to um to take control of
(12:15) over their careers um we talk about with handshake you hear the word sovereignty right um it's it involves being able to be and being able to control without restriction and if you don't know much about the music industry the fume industry and just many things that are art based uh right now there's a battle right there's a battle for artists to take back creative control um for them to go ahead and exercise their rights not have to deal with censorship I'm pretty sure that many of you all have
(12:43) heard about the Tik Tock situation um someone in an earlier space said you know we need to create the next Tik tock on handshake and the first thing that I thought about was how about create something that's better than Tik Tock right um Tik Tok had its time it's going through you know its phase right now however the creators are actively searching for another place to go think about all of the creatives that were on Tik Tok that uh they built Lifestyles they you know they they funded a lot of their things and you know just out of
(13:17) nowhere you have this entire situation that's coming in that's going to up in uh they're going to migrate to different platforms ultimately however if it happened there it can happen someplace else right um so I just want to encourage you all to think about the entertainment element and understand that with that comes the ability to empower people this is the most important part right um empowering people is not just them owning their name um it's them being able to leverage every part of the handshake ecosystem
(13:49) that's everything from the token the names being able to go ahead and create SS and so on and so forth what you all may not know is that uh the name or to team it's only 12 of us right um we're not a really really big group but we are very passionate about what it is that we do um we've done a lot of backend purchasing of handshake slds right um for support purposes because we see that everyone in the community is building and we want to go ahead and make sure that we can assist in every way possible
(14:23) yes we have names staked with name Chap and in Circa um many of which we haven't spoken about and it's for a reason in the handshake Community everybody is together everything that one TLD owner at this phase everything that one TLD owner does affects the next right everything that one TLD holder does affects registrars and Registries it's literally I love the decentralization element of it but we definitely have to embrace the responsibility aspect of it um I'm going to give someone their flowers right now um null you know null
(14:58) is doing a lot of realworld work um no caught my attention and I you know I went back to my team and I shared um no story with them um when he was speaking at the capital right he stepping into the political sector and that's a really really big part of at least wedging yourself into this whole uh season of adoption right um everybody is launching a browser right now everybody's launching a wallet but handshake has another Advantage with the fact that it is relative to bitcoin that right there is a strong marketing point right um I
(15:39) think something else exceptional that happened in the recent year was the Embrace of the ethereum blockchain right um the reason I thought that was important is because on the ethereum blockchain there's a lot of creative things happening right I think Chango was speaking in the space yesterday and she was talking about you know uh the the the the pictures with the dogs and the hats right that is content no matter how anyone may feel about it it's content dare I say it's Feelgood for some people I said in the space earlier
(16:12) that right now real people the mo a majority of real people are distracted with real life so if you're going to bring them in um you can't push the problem right especially if they don't understand it the problem is it's real right um censorship everything that we've covered is real however um a lot of people are a lot of everyday people aren't aware of that and I just think that in the handshake Community there can be a more close-knit effort to ensure that people understand that but not just through a
(16:49) technical land so I'll give you all a good example earlier this year Namer tips did AA we uh licensed a genre called rhythmic speaking right um because we work with the cre ative that owns the trademark to rythmic speaking uh we licensed it and we had we commissioned a project put together called deeper than names it's actually the soundtrack for a motion picture an act the motion picture is put together right you all don't know that this community is close-knit but there are people on this side that are rooting for you all they
(17:23) get it however they also understand that the people have to get it but on this side we're not devs never have we proclaimed to be however we are content people we do connect with individuals uh last year uh at the end of December we wrapped up a focus group we had a focus group for uh the age group of 10 up to 17 and the objective was to introduce them to digital identity and get some raw feedback on how they perceive names and TLD extensions and You' be surprised right um a lot of the young people they
(18:00) were really fond of the alternative names and one of the uh polls that we had and this was in person by the way uh one of the polls that we had do. did not even it didn't even rank you'd be surprised what young people were into which made us very excited about emoticons they showed extreme enthusiasm about emoticons and it was in that particular Focus Group that we realize that listen if this is going to work the people in the space whether it's in the H&S space ens whatever if you're going
(18:38) to be in the digital identity space you have to factor in family and children it would be it would be beneficial to I'm not going to say you have to but it would be beneficial to because believe it or not ask the toy industry the toy industry does very well appealing to children and I want to encourage you all to just keep that in mind as you all are moving forward um you all are building great things right but the goal should be to build things that resonate but don't imitate right things are going to
(19:06) pop up every turn of every corner right but that's not something that I feel that the individuals in this community need to chase I don't feel that they can afford to chase it handshake is going to have its time it's coming you hear it coming from me now some of you all may say hey I'm not trying to hear anything you're saying but for those who are listening hand handshakes time is coming right but you have to remain steadfast and you have to understand that your audience is broader than this bubble
(19:36) right handshake is a solution but it's also an opportunity and you guys are so excellent and passionate and focused I'm looking at all the cold across the screen and I'm like you guys put in a lot of time and energy and before I leave I want to give you all some some nuggets some things to move forward with right um these are some of the things that I think that handshake tlds would be ideal for do with this what you may right um and and this is five key things one key thing we already know domains
(20:10) web addresses email uh Thunderbolt the phone call thing very Innovative looking forward to that um but just using tlds for anything that has to do with a means of contact right another thing that handshake tlds would be great for is um you know uh and I have my notes Here virtual property addresses um a lot of people are not giving enough attention to Virtual spaces but I think that'll come in due time especially with the gamify element of things picking up when you think about finding virtual spaces anyone who's used utilized them uh up
(20:48) until this point you'll know that they're coordinate based right you have to put in x39 and Y 56 that's going back to the days of typing in IP addresses uh IP addresses to find websites we're not going backwards we're moving forward handshake tlds are great for that because if we have uh say for instance we have nameer tips if we assign house.
(21:13) nameer tips to our virtual property it can take you to that property but it goes a little bit deeper when you have a structure on that property we're going to say a house with B rooms and bathrooms here we have an opportunity to say you know if we have a living room in the house
(21:31) we can say lr. house. nameer tips and that takes you to that specific location in that virtual space so I want you all to think along those lines another thing would be uh in event tickets and incentive tokens um the event and venue space is very lucrative um however ticket scalping and things of that nature um are very prevalent and then providing custom tailored experiences is key we know that we're in a space where people are really big on nft keys and so on and so forth but if you're going to offer people real value give them keys to an expanded experience
(22:05) and I think that those who are uh interested in that will know exactly what to do with that um the fourth thing product and service identifiers um think new barcodes I think that right now A lot of people are not really paying attention to the fact that there are there's a big uh flow of evolution that's happening in the documentation sector um California not too long ago uh was discussing bringing or I think that they're actually moving on it um bringing uh titles for vehicles onto the blockchain this is a time to really push
(22:42) the security that comes with handshake and uh the naming system and and helping individuals recognize that just bringing something on chain is not enough right um once everybody gets past the hype phase of bringing things on chain that's when we're going to have the security issue right and then we're going to see a lot of these projects that are up today we're going to see them start to Fall by the wayside one after another and only the most secure and most valuable ones and in some cases the most
(23:12) popular ones are going to still be standing and this is where I think handshake is really going to see its success and it's going to see its growth um last but not least I think that handshake TOS will be great for Content channels um a lot of people don't recognize that there's another sh that's happening with content right now um open AI is going through some things with uh the New York Times and you know AI is coming into play and a lot of people are getting really protective of their uh content and like I said you know I'm I
(23:44) you know I work for an IP Management Group so IP protection is really important a lot of you guys might wonder you know uh nameer tips is not put anything out notable right um we've made contributions we sponsored on the front end and the back back end of some things but no substantial products right um and the reason for that is because we have to ensure that any because everything that we do is really content rich and content based we have to ensure that everything that we do protects the interest of the Creator um we don't want
(24:16) to go ahead and be a corporate and just releasing things into an into an insecure I mean unsecure ecosystem um and then next thing you know artists and their work um kind of you know fall victim to uh the lack of the maturity for a lack of words and that and that's nothing against anyone in the handshake space that's just in blockchain in general um but I think as the security you know beefs up so to speak and people start to focus more on that I think that you're going to have a lot of creatives
(24:43) that are going to migrate their portfolios into the blockchain space because it just makes more sense to do so um and I I want you all to keep this in mind before this space wraps up um you guys are doing excellent work um it can be a thankless job at times but I want you all to know that you all have people that support you um and now that the the Anon side has kind of set to the side I want I want to invite you all because we have some great projects that are being released in the coming weeks and um the movie particularly in
(25:17) the movie we want to go ahead and Spotlight some of your tlds and your slds so I want you all to reach out uh to me via email at Chris nr. tips and I want you all to submit your best slds your best for slds and tlds and we're going to go ahead and work to get those featured in the first ever blockchain themed movie digital Identity movie it's a first it's a first so I'm I'mma drop the links for the soundtrack you guys take a listen uh follow us on X um I like to say on the record thank you to
(25:52) the team that helps me I know you guys hear my voice but um I've just been chosen to be the the the mouthpiece um and and I thank them and I thank you all Mike and all of the sponsors bit man this is the fourth annual handic con guys don't sleep on the fact it takes a lot to make in events happen so I'm thinking Mike at this pace Andy KH might have to be in person next year yeah I mean we to do it yeah I mean we can we start planning now next year's in person definitely Chris thank you so much I'm saying it on
(26:28) the record if handy con is going to be in person you all have damer tips and support as a sponsor okay so let's all right thank so much thank you so all right we still have a few more minutes I don't know if there's some uh I know I don't if there's some questions or points um actually I guess maybe you can't disclose clients but it's pretty cool that you work with IP in New York I'm sure there's some pretty high-profile clients you're working with and I I think maybe if there's some ways
(26:58) you could Bridge you know I think if we have these everybody always thinks we get some kind of influencer or some kind of like big name promoting it they always listen you know so we work with some professional athletes some very talented individuals right we work with some professional athletes and some organizations that really focus on giving back in my early days before i j joined nameer tis um I was a youth services specialist in the midwest so I was responsible for putting to uh putting together programs for atrisk
(27:27) Youth and so when I came to uh the IP management team uh it tapped into my creative side and so through them I was able to meet a lot of fantastic people a lot of fantastic people that believe it or not are more open-minded than you think more open so D Watson I've seen this person recently joining our sessions and wants more education I think they said in the previous one um M seems like they're interested in more education if you yeah yes so we'll be rolling out uh what we've been working on our major project
(28:03) that we've been working on is the first ever creative blockchainbased Library um we believe that libraries have done some phenomenal things here in the states and we think that they can do some phenomenal things in the blockchain space and so that's where we've been focusing our attention hence me referencing virtual land and so on and so forth so um we'll be rolling that out and I'll do you know it'll probably come from me and then individuals be able to visit the library Reg regly and get
(28:29) those lessons and educational sessions 247 okay it seems like there's a boxing match forming in the chat for in person in the chat yeah crazy stuff yeah I'm looking yeah yeah they're they're having a good time I love I love the personality and the community um you know I just you know we have to remember that there's a time for everything right and um as long as we know when to strike and doing and saying certain things I think that we we'll be just fine the space will grow just fine you know so
(29:04) handshake is where it is 10 million plus tlds registered Mike yeah that's it yeah that's a big deal that's nothing to sneeze at they're talking about the next round of names from I can I'm like listen people they're not GNA roll out any more than 1600 names I can probably be certain true true so you got 10 million possibilities to build something beautiful on each TLD so um we have some great ones so look out for it we have some names take that name cheap and we're going to roll them out yeah love
(29:38) to hear I think yeah we should all support each other and you know it's a great way all right all right Chris I think we're gonna wrap it up and thank you again for sharing and yeah you you've sponsored in previous events uh and everything and your giveaways have been really appreciated we appreciate everything you and neigh CH to do so thank you yeah iate like I appreciate you and and everyone as partake have one okay great thank [Music] you