WordPress Demo + Firewallet Updates

HandyCon 2024 | Day 2 - Wordpress Demo + Firewallet Updates - YouTube

(00:03) [Music] good night good night hello hello hello all right uh namay was very exciting name.org if you're not already on there but now we are moving on with Nathan Nathan's going to give us a demo my oven going to stop in a second uh Nathan's going to give us a going to show us uh some uh some WordPress action I'm very excited Nathan's been a uh he's really ramped up his contributions of the last you know I would say like six to eight months it's been it's been amazing um having him be so active in the community
(00:44) so I'm gonna let him take it away and yeah I did get hungry and uh and I also I also love the the outdoor setting where you go there it go yeah um I'm not going to actually talk about WordPress much cuz think I've sent a couple of information already but there's uh plenty of YouTube tutorials about that however where my mouse disappear to there I am going to show you a bit about fir wallet and then if I have time about H&S links let's share my screen Okay cool so uh I'll just show you how to quickly
(01:23) install file wallet I haven't packaged it because I don't know kind bothered so easiest way is to just get clone the hdps um get repository I might just paste in the chat you can have a look okay so once that has why is my internet always slow when I want to actually use it let me just try that again there we go okay so we have fir wallet I'm just going to go and switch to the dev version because there are a couple things I've updated that I haven't pushed to the main so to get this working first we'll just if we have
(02:09) a some look somewhere there should be a EnV file so let me just do copy uh example. EnV and we're going to copy it to just EnV let's just open that in vs code so you can all see we've gotv so hsd API that you will get from either Bob wet or if you have a hsd node so I'm just using Bob bullet because I figure most of you will be using that where's my API ke you API key you can all try to hack me so if we paste that in there it's done so we just go Python 3 main if you're on a Linux computer you can do
(03:00) Python 3 server.py which will have a bit more performance but it doesn't work on Windows and look at that boom I'm already logged in because it's already saved it but if you go you can just log in with your Bob bullet credentials it has all the Bob bullets already already there because it's just piggy waging a bob wet or if you have hsd you'll have those so this wallet is entirely on the web so you can um access this from any web browser that you have uh connected on the same network uh I have a VPN so let me just
(03:49) check so tail scale IP you can see I have a um tail SC VPN it will connect my my laptop to my phone that way I can then access my phone let me just show that to you there we go there's my phone and if I went and copied that IP address there is and we can reload and it's all working if we got to hot and let me just type in my wallet I will be right back after typing my password because I don't want you all to see that there we go and that's on enough for my phone so you can have this little uh python
(04:45) script running on a server and you can connect over VPN or on your local PC at home I can then manage say example Nathan 106 domain I can renew it one click look at that renewed you can look at the N TX there we go see renewed just like that my phone renewed my domain um also I can edit DNS so I wanted to say add a txt to it I can add Nathan Woodburn or a NS record ns1 do austr Australia I know how to spell Australia look at that and oh it's in the middle of renewing after it finishes renewing you can do that it also works with
(05:49) auctions we see I think H is ready for auction at the moment Bing opens in 36 blocks so keep an eye out for H I'm just going to switch back to my PC so you can all see a bit better so if we went so bidding opens I can go to the auction tab once it opens I can send a bid I to do it now it should give me oh it'll try to give me a confirmation and then if I try to do it it'll give an error it's not not actually able to be bid yet to wait 36 blocks it also has a bids tab where you can reval all your transactions mean all
(06:32) your um all your bids just one click got two hns locked up I don't know why uh you can also send and receive hns um unfortunately my a block bought 25 so I can't use um at aliasing I think yeah no it can't oh might be able to probably not um but you can send it to say let me just check I go and receive just use this rece that receed that I can send HS to that 100 HS send and you can do this on mobile as well which is super useful one of the other quite useful features is the resend unconfirmed
(07:36) transactions if you have internet like mine it constantly dies so if you send a transaction and your internet dies before you can actually send it Bob wallet will think it's sent but it hasn't sent so if you go resend it'll just remind the uh miners that you still want your transaction to be sent that's super useful um also so go plugins so plugins um are one of the main reasons that I actually wrote fir wallet so you can I go to BS code plugins you can write your own plugins quite easily I have a template
(08:22) plugin super easy to write um I can well I will be public quite a few plugins one of the ones included is automations so if I go to the plugin you'll see that they're all disabled please don't verify unless you actually know they're safe because as you can have a look automations it has full access to your wallet so if if for example I was a malicious actor I could write a plugin that would just transfer all your domains to my wallet so make sure you check them beforehand I go to verify that'll
(09:09) all all be done so if we go to the dashboard there we go status of automation is checking for actions that wasn't there before so what it's doing is it will automatically renew all my domains and it'll also reveal and redeem my bids that sound is getting quite bright so that's fire wallet in a nutshell um what time is it 10:15 what time did my session end I can't remember I think I have time for HS links so one of the other things I've been working on is p link uh you might notice this page works when all the rest
(09:52) of my pages are down it's on a different server one of the reasons I couldn't demo uh the uh what was the WordPress sites it's because that server is down hns links is a quite simple website buildup so you just go to create or edit your site I don't know what sites actually have let me just go to domains which one of these that one will do so let me just go to which domain do I have let's do confuse free concept so quite easy to set up you go to where to go over here you'll just go add name confused or prec
(10:36) concepts add the name and you verify with a DNS record just grab that DNS record and you'll go to either name base or in this case borrow set the txt record or at with content and save do save Maybe I'm telling you whenever I try to record my internet super slow why is that not working tx2 well ideally that would work but it's not working at the moment so I'll just use one of my existing domains so for example if I wanted to create HS links for nathan.
(11:21) Woodburn I'll will sign in with that this will then sign in and you can add your website content so here's a example of how it would look like this is pry filled with example site until you actually set your stuff so for example I wanted to make a site I just stop in Nathan Woodburn say my email contact making that'll Twitter can't remember any of those stuff so let's just check website and I just I save that that's what my site would look like if I go to preview is that all nice I can add a icon to the top so for
(12:13) example somewhere I should have a profile picture and if I save that there we go now you might notice tlsa is empty you have to click publish which will generate your um TSA certificate oh why is my internet so slow but there we go so you will just add these two these um DNS records and your site will look like this if you went to murn for domain and you can after you publish it if you add it you just need to press save don't press publish again and uh yeah so that will just super simple website builder just update super easy just like
(13:07) that as domains super easy to do how do I stop sharing there we go cool no uh esimo I'm on a new internet from you know uni super slow about as slow as are Starbucks hip 2 is supported in fire wallet um however my uni Wi-Fi blocks Port 25 which is needed for a DNS resolution so it doesn't work on my internet at the moment is there any other questions for either of those two projects um yes so the uh yeah P2 is supported for the links uh the Links Page is just links.
(14:04) hsau for the fire wallet there is usually website at fir wallet. au but my server is down so yeah I will check the link to the GitHub here um the records for for uh the Links Page not online because that's on the name server part however you need to have your regular blockchain settings correct you need to have a DS setting to have htps so if um you're on name base you need to switch the little toggle that says DS SEC if you're on Shake station I think it's automatic Bob wallet you need to have a compatible Denis server
(15:00) I would recommend either virro or domains. hsau um any of those should work but uh the actual records are not on chain but one of the interesting Parts if I go to fir wallet and plugins vro so if I go like this I can actually I need to set it in there I need to set a vir API key in myv file but I could type in oh wait I'm not sharing my screen let me share my screen so I can see what I'm showing you so in firew wallet there is a plugin that comes by default called virro functions so if you go to your virro and
(15:52) get the API from your settings in your profile of V or any any clone that works you can um set that in the EnV file where' it go over here I think I have a template showing how it's set nope I will actually put that in but after that you can then type in say you know example domain 107 or whatever and press submit and it would set it would add the domain to virro and it would also set all the DNS so that you don't need to worry about it h was there any other questions hey hey how's it going all right pretty
(16:37) good so uh yeah I mean you're definitely uh one of our popular developers in the community and we all appreciate what you do Nathan so um yeah so I think Alex says he can help with some CSS Tailwind is that what I read in there but uh but yeah share this on I include I saw somebody else saying in the chats um and other places so what you know how did you find out about handshake and everything I that before but uh API for link page um no but yes I will put one up check as a DM so remind me and I will add a API that makes it
(17:22) super easy one of the things I was planning on doing is adding a plugin to fire wallet so that you just click add and it will set it all up as well but uh not at the moment awesome all right so yes I learned about well first goad go found out about it at uh from name chap so if you go to the name chap you can see the um let me see it's still there I think it is if you go to domain searching there's a little tab that shows handshake and has a little information blur so I just looked at that and Googled and then I found name Bas and
(18:10) had a chat with a lot of you peoples great good to know good to know I remember that I remember when they went live okay um we got a lot a little bit extra time if there's is there some more um more questions or we can go into networking again and uh take a little break before our next session people can also use the lounge there's been a few using the lounge in their sessions but there is a lounge session I think you've been hanging out in there a lot right Nathan um yeah hanging had a little look
(18:44) at and um yesterday I was going to today but couldn't miss out on uh name layer I think it was yeah name layer was epic yeah Nam layer. org that's exciting to see come together so we will roll into that uh into the lounge mode there's there's still a couple more sessions uh of course we got more today and tomorrow as well so see you in the next session I think it's uh NE or tips talking about some interesting Concepts education entertainment and empowerment and uh a little bit so thank you all for being
(19:22) here thank you Nathan for sharing yep stay tuned and if you have any problems just keep me up on whatever social and I should be able to [Music] help