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(00:03) [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] sh all right I think that's everybody's favorite ad here it's definitely mine get your bit main miners yeah again thanks bit M for make you know they're a key sponsor Co co-host of the event and Margie's awesome I think Andrew got to meet her I think uh and uh recently right so yeah B is great all right so yeah JJ the myth is here somebody saying
(01:07) yeah so we uh he got it working now so it's better you know it worked out we have this Q&A session anyways but um I think we first would love to hear about warp a few people were excited to hear about it um and then we can go into the normal Q&A with with Andrew and JJ um we can use a Q&A session section I would recommend to use that uh people with questions so that we can maybe upvote them and and make sure but um I think everybody knows you guys from previous handy cons but JJ is a co-founder of the
(01:44) handshake protocol and Andrew is also co-founder of handshake protocol and uh and uh you're also working on warp which is this decentralized exchange which people are very excited to hear about so um do you want to just jump into that JJ first and then then we'll yeah yeah so warp sort of started out of the need for um I mean as many of you have noticed is handshake is an actually decentralized project and as a consequence of that it didn't get listed on very many centralized exchanges um and most of the
(02:25) actual decentralized exchange volume is happening on like ethereum and Lana so uh if we want to get on a decentralized exchange there there's a few options right handshake is not an evm chain so it can't you know it can't easily be listed on like Unis swap for example um and that but what you can do with utxo chains is you can wrap the utxos right this is like what wrapped Bitcoin is the problem with wrapped Bitcoin is it's completely centralized it's basically just a multisig that everyone sends money into and then they
(03:04) give token they give you tokens on the other side um and then theoretically you can redeem those tokens for Bitcoin so that's that's the Avenue in which you would get utxos onto an evm chain but how to do this in a decentralized way this is this is the trick and this is sort of what we were thinking about when we were creating Warp so warp is more than just a decentralized exchange what it is is a decentralized wrapping service that was sort of the first part of the puzzle that we started working on and what we realize very quickly is that
(03:47) because of the way this decentralized wrapping service works it can't easily be bootstrapped as like an amm pool like a a Unis swap pool what you need for this in order for our construction to work is an order book like an actual onchain order book that does real order matching there there's a lot of decentralized exchanges in the evbm and salonic ecosystems that you might see that look like they're an order book but they're not actually an order book They're laring it's it's a gigantic lar
(04:22) they're not actually they're not actually using a matching engine Underneath It All it's an amm um so if you have an actual order book you don't need to spin up these pools these amm pools where you need to put you know maybe a h 100,000 maybe a million dollars of liquidity in to actually bootstrap the pool if you have an order book you can just bootstrap it willy-nilly you can just create a trading pair and that's sort of what we needed for the utxl wrapping Construction in order to work so there's multiple pieces
(05:00) of this puzzle in order to get handshake um in order to create wrapped handshake in a decentralized way we needed to create our decentralized wrapping surface uh and in order for it to actually be listed on a DEX on ethereum or something like ethereum like osmosis um we needed our own decks too so we built both those things and that's what we're currently working on so we hope that in the very near future um handshake will be listed on decentralized exchanges and that's essentially what warp is and there's
(05:44) many other pieces to the puzzle so this you know this utx WP this utx wrapping service that we created for warp um it doesn't handshake is a key part of that but it doesn't just support handshake it also supports Bitcoin Bitcoin cas cash Dogecoin Litecoin anything that's Bitcoin like it can support and it's so it works similar it's similar in nature to tbtc if anyone's familiar with that um but it's a bit different because it's tbtc to my understanding actually relies on on onchain price oracles which is a
(06:24) point of centralization right anyone can manipulate the price Oracle you know whoever controls keys can just sign off and say that the exchange rate is whatever um so what doesn't require that so this is an is an actual decentralized way to create wrapped handshake and get it in to the evm and defi ecosystem and that's basically what um me and many other people have been working on uh for like a year year and a half we gave a talk at SBC at Stanford uh explaining a lot of this well at least explaining the deck part we sort
(07:06) of touched on the utxo wrapping part um which will be used for handshake but yeah that's quick summary of what warp is awesome thanks thanks for that JJ okay so these pins I don't know what's oh there we go but this is exciting yeah you can see some comments in the chats um people are excited and yeah I think like you said we need this cuz the telegram group somebody's joking in a telegram about our telegram group because every day or not every day but often somebody joins a telegram group about listing on
(07:42) centralized exchanges uh you know or uh you know all these centralized uh kind of solutions and then they they say like who can we talk to to get listed on a exchange our exchange you know we we kind of enjoy yeah I mean yeah but I mean that's the problem with creating an actually decentralized project right is just nobody wants to list you the exact same thing happened to grin which launched around the same time as handshake right they they had a lot of problems getting listed part of that might have been because they were a
(08:16) privacy coin and you know exchanges centralized exchanges especially these days are sort of averse to privacy coins um handshake didn't have that problem but they they also had um they were also very decentralized launch and you know centralized exchanges they basically want someone to talk to they want to be in constant communication with some kind of team they want you to sign documents and it's like you know we don't control this project this is not this does not belong to any one person no one person
(08:49) can sign that document so as a result you know centralized exchanges sort of ignore you you know that's not the case for like things that were grandfathered in right like Bitcoin or ethereum like things from the early days but yeah nowadays it's you know it's all very um you want to get on a centralized exchange you have to be a centralized coin and handshake is not a centralized coin so as a result we have to look to decentralized Solutions and and that's what warp is great thanks so much um there's some great yeah and then
(09:24) Andrew just shared the link to your just the warp speech the YouTube link there in the comment um so Andrew how how do you feel lately about about things about you know about the way things are in the community or in general oh yeah I'm very I'm very excited about warp um and uh and launching that um pretty soon um and uh yeah I'm also excited about a lot of things that are that are coming on a lot of a lot of new projects very excited about what Aon presented about hns so much what Andrew made with dweb
(10:02) chat and uh you know name layer and then the hackathon that aren's organizing I think you know things are things are clicking and uh yeah overall feels good um I also kind of feel like there's a possibility I mean you know JJ and I have been crypto for quite a while um and you know maybe we've seen you know three or four of these Cycles um and uh there is there is this feeling that like in the back of my mind that this could be like the last big big cycle um and so um you know I mean some of some of this is like cultural
(10:34) observations um others is you know like this meme around the super cycle and things like that the you know the other parts of it is like hey you know now Wall Street and black rock of all of all organizations are embracing things like Bitcoin um and and uh and so you so you you start to think you know well well you know who else um where where where are the future buyers right you know if like there's just ETF type instruments I mean these are obviously not crypto natives or crypto decentralization enthusiasts that are buying these ETFs
(11:06) um I mean basically we got to 401K Boomers right um and uh and so um yeah I mean like you for me um I do feel like hey this could be the last cycle and I definitely want to make the most of the cycle um leave no no Sterns and turn um and and and you know kind of do everything we can to you know promote um decentralized projects great so there is some q&as coming in on a Q&A tab uh I don't know if you can see it or I could I could kind of read and people help up vote too but there's just a few for now um first
(11:44) is encrypted who says the best way to launch an uncensorable website using H&S now um wait sorry what is the question it says like launch a decentralized website now with anic uh I mean hand handshake primary focus is for uncensorable naming um an actual uncensorable website would probably require some kind of Layer Two on top of handshake and there there's some ideas we've we've um we've kicked around there um but nothing's materialized yet but there there are ways to do it uh to create like a truly decentralized
(12:33) website uh it might be I mean it might be a little bit if you wanted to be truly decentralized it might be a little bit more primitive than websites you're used to but you could you could probably with a lay or two do something akin to you know like a Twitter feed or something like that um and I don't know the there there's like ideas we've been sort of like kicking around there for uh like a few years um but nothing's really materialized that materialized around that um it is something uh I would like to look into
(13:10) eventually um probably once once warp is more matured and we actually have H&S on defi yeah so I mean basically it's stand like JJ says there's yeah there's just like traditional web there's domain names and there's hosting I think those are two core pieces normally a user has with a website right a domain name and a hosting so yeah handshakes the domain name but you there are different decentralized hosting solutions that you could look into so like aash has kind of become a popular one in Cosmos akt um
(13:47) there's they have decentralized storage we Saia I'm not sure what the latest but we used to use Skynet a lot that's I think why D even went down with with with the Skylinks um and others but yeah handshake is a name solution not not a hosting for now yeah yeah I mean I think the project kind of like the idea that JJ alluded to a little bit um I actually just recently found out like kokon um the makers of Bob um actually did release some early version of that I mean I don't think it's the I don't think had all the ideas
(14:20) that maybe JJ JJ may be alluding to I posted it in the chat here the um footnote and no man desktop but um yeah I actually like played around with a little bit it seems to kind of work um I I I'm not sure exactly what's left to be to to like polished or anything um but you know any developers here or anybody um looking into kind of exploring what JJ's talking about might be worth looking into those two projects yeah yeah yeah yeah I remember that one yeah I haven't I haven't looked at kon's on
(14:55) footnote implementation but but yeah um yeah they probably they probably have the the the basic idea there of of what I'm talking about but yeah it would be it would basically just be like uh like decentralized Twitter essentially like you would have a Twitter feed um that's totally doable with an L2 on top of handshake yeah and also more decentralized in design than like forecaster or or Noster like I mean I think some of these like Noster kind of uses like a feder Federated model I think um the model that um that this
(15:29) footnote protocol um tried to do is like like even more decentralizing that okay great there's yeah so there's some more uh questions with some votes um do we know about Ian and competitors so yeah I think recently the 2026 Ian was announced um and things like this so I don't know if you have thoughts about this or opinions or you know some people thinking to get hns on I can uh there's a few people saying they even try to crowdfund that to make resolving uh handshake names on hns I I don't know if you have opinions on
(16:13) these no I don't know I guess that would be cool um but no I don't really have too many news I mean one thing one thing I have observed is that you know basically there's like I don't I mean it is a little odd like um on all these other chains there there are like kind of naming Services right like you know like let's say like doou or any any of the ud names or things like that and and I do Wonder like what's there to prevent um like people from selling the same names on the same chain you know so like
(16:44) if there's like ifx is being sold on ethereum like what's preventing another company or another service from also selling dox names on there and there isn't any right so um at some point um like you know I mean there is some I mean if people keep buying these things for um um these names for different Services I do wonder if if if there if there will be like so much chaos um on these chains that they start thinking well we need a root Zone to figure out you know yeah exactly these names um and uh and so um part of part of you know I
(17:18) mean I think part of the mo like you know part of the motivation for like name um the name layer project that that um we previously presented is to kind of like build the tools to make it really easy um to for um for um people to kind of like you know spin up new name like you know selling slds on different chains um and just kind of see what happens um and and and see if you know see if like all these collisions um lead to people you know requesting like hey we need a root Zone here um and then they'll they'll look at I can see what
(17:49) see what you know kind of what the scam that is um and realize they can't buy like dox and things like that on I can easily and then um and then um and then and then come back and like like oh we need a decentralize re and so I I mean I think at some point that whole like whole that'll all play out at some point and um so it' be kind of interesting to see when that happens and how that happens I mean the the other reason they did a root Zone um is just because their name resolution isn't actually
(18:20) decentralized like there's no way to do SV resolution on ethere like if anyone can point me in the direction of an SP TV node that actually syncs ethereum like syncs ethereum block headers follows the validator set and can actually you know call A View function inside a contract inside in approvable way I would be I would be amazed by that like maybe there is some way to do that that I'm not aware of but I mean if you're resolving a name on ethereum let's say you're resolving a stoppable
(18:56) domain on ethereum or you're resolving I don't know if salana has one like do Soul or something like like let's say you're resolving that how is everyone going to resolve that they're going to they're first going to do an um a TLS handshake well first they're going to they're going to look up doio on IAM and the reason they do that is because they want to know where INF fur.
(19:25) is so once they get the a record for infura doio then they can do a LS handshake with INF fur's RPC server uh and then they ask infura to call a view function for them and then in fura in fura server returns to them the data the problem with this is INF fuus server can lie right all of these public RPC servers can lie um they get hacked all the time there's no actual resolution that's happening there you're asking a centralized server this what are the resource records for this name and then a centralized RPC server
(20:06) returns it to you and you have to resolve through I can first so even if there was some provable way they could return it to you you're still resolving through I can because you have to resolve INF fura you know or Alchemy or whatever RPC server you're hitting like that's going to go through I can first then you're going to you're going to validate this CT with the TLs handshake so there's the SSL CT racket that you have to get through so there's multiple layers of centralization all
(20:39) for what for the server to lie to you that's all it does so at the end of the day all of these other naming Sur Services still need a root Zone and handshake is the only provable one it's the only one where you can actually do SPV resolution no other no other naming service can do this anyway that was my rant oh we some people said they came here to hear it yeah it's definitely reassuring we um looking at the top voted Paul web says do you have warp on handshake you know I've been trying to buy warp on G um and and like the offers
(21:19) coming back are kind of absurd I think it's because they know we're trying to get it um you you guys know if you guys have it or know anybody El it I mean I'm willing to pay way more than what what whatever they paid for it or what we are um I you know just just you know not like six seven figures or whatever that they're asking them got it okay noted yeah yeah it's very it's very unfortunate ironically we do have it on ens so there's that all right well uh yeah if anybody can help
(21:51) you know find it or make a better deal yeah yeah but we will eventually get it I don't if you guys know who has it you yeah please reach out okay Steve uh is asking wa moo I have no idea what that is oh so that's say the moo is a um an open source reimplementation of Bitcoin that I maintain um I wrote it a few years ago um but development kind of slowed down when I started working on warp um yes there are still plans to do that um like I I don't think it's Unthinkable that it could eventually support like
(22:30) multiple utxl coins but yeah handshake would definitely be the first part of it uh there's a few other things I want to do to it before I sort of want to make sure that the implementation is like Rock Solid before I fork it into hns and then there's like sort of questions around like should it be its own project or should it be like another branch on makeo it's just sort of hard to maintain things once you start supporting um multiple chains so it's just like uh yeah I would I would like to to focus on
(23:02) making sure that the code is just sort of rock solid and maintainable before I actually Fork it to support handshake and because you know it should be doable too because handshake the the original um uh the original handshake code was essentially a fork of bcoin and make is essentially a reimplementation of bcoin in C so I just sort of got to do it all over again except this time and see um so yeah I I will get around to it but um I can't say when okay hey and how long how long did it take you to reimplement or re write
(23:43) make like because that was like super fast because I watched you do I think yeah well I I mean it's faster the second time because I know what I'm doing but um it was uh I think it took me like one month to actually get it working to get it sinking and then it took another another month before it was a little bit more polished before I felt like releasing um I mean people probably check the commit history to see um yeah I think it was like a month or two yeah I mean there's like whole teams that
(24:12) have like struggled to reimplement bitcoin over over year like multi-year time frames and and yeah can but part of what everybody here has Al also understand is part of his superpower comes with like he he focuses on one thing at a time yeah like the that mon was like yeah that was just eat no that was that was complete lack of sleep that was like 36 hour sessions of be not sleeping or eating it was very unhealthy I don't recommend it um but yeah that that that whole thing started because it actually that
(24:47) whole project started actually because of handshake um because before we when we were still working on handshake before launch I sort of wanted to make sure crypto which is the crypto library that handshake uses the hsd hsd uses I wanted to make sure that was Rock Solid um so I wrote a crypto Library called lioran which was written in SE and I had been working on crypto code long enough in like JavaScript that I felt comfortable at that point that I could actually um like Implement ECC in C um you know all all the hashing functions
(25:27) necessary F I mean those ones are easy but like actually doing EC and C is like very tricky um but I felt I had leveled up to the point where I could actually write it and then after handshake launched uh and we have this nice little crypto library in C it I felt like I was at the point where it's like well why don't I just write a note in C because all a lot of the hard parts are done now right the crypto library is done that's written in C I can just link to it and um I started writing a Bitcoin node because it's it's
(26:04) frankly easier than writing a handshake node because handshake is basically Bitcoin plus all this other stuff um and then I have the urry written in C2 so it's like you can link to that so it's like it's almost there like the building blocks are there to the point where you know you could get like a really fast um really good implementation handshake and see um yeah and it's it's a lot nicer than having it in in JavaScript because you can just distribute like a single binary you could compile it with Cosmopolitan
(26:40) have a binary that runs on everything there's a lot of really cool things you can do when you write C code got it um yeah Alex from name base I put a quick question but then Aaron Aaron had a more longer one more complete question about some of the clarifications and I'm trying to find that comment in the chat history I had had it before but [Music] um he was talking about chain link is he using chain link did you see that earlier I chain link price oracles eron if you get put in a Q&A that's uh he says Noob here we go I
(27:19) found it he says uh do you do partial signature on H&S then the evm confirms via chain link complete signature then issues you d whn no no it's nothing like that um it's still being worked on the protocol is still being worked on um it's it's a little bit like I said it's if you want if you want the more most similar thing like the most similar thing is probably like tbtc but it's not maybe like tbtc actually that's probably not a good comparison I take that back like tbcc is is still being worked I I think once
(28:00) you see the the the protocol once it's finished I think like it's pretty clever we do a lot of little tricks in there to um to issue tokens that represent handshake that's actually on the handshake blockchain um okay yeah another question about it I think I know the answer but I think it's PL s tokens for warp I'm not sure that I understand that question plan to swap other tokens yeah yeah I think I think maybe Miguel thinks it's only for H&S two other tokens maybe um I mean is this
(28:41) a question about like the uh wrapping thing or yeah maybe Miguel if you're there if you could clarify a little bit more on that question he said yes to okay yeah yeah I'll just yeah I'll just answer that question how I interpreted it uh I mean yes like that that's what that's what um this decentralized version of wrapped H&S would be is you would get you would get tokens that represent actual deliverable um handshake on the handshake blockchain so what you can do is you can have them on evm chains and
(29:17) you could trade them on dexes specifically orderbook dexes specifically any any Decks that allows you to spin up I don't want to say pools because it's not easy to spin up pools because you need a lot of liquidity but an order book X that allows you to create trading pairs easily like this is a way to get handshake into uh the ethereum ecosystem ethereum D5 basically um yeah and you would issued erc20 tokens that represent handshake and are directly redeemable for handshake on the handshake blockchain in
(29:55) a decentralized way nice okay that um the last question I can see that did what do you guys what do you guys think of hns on ipfs or Fleek pinata Etc um I I don't really have any strong opinions on this I don't know if Andrew does me either uh um this question I'll look I mean he has stoppable doings but stoppable means they're not not nothing to do with handshake there's no yeah no those are not those are not transable to handshake um and those are those I I mean I I don't know if I would actually classify
(30:48) those as domains because as I mentioned before what what they are is they're actually part of Ian system because in order to resolve them you have to you have to resolve an IPC server or sorry an RPC server through Ian first so any any stoppable domain is actually it's it's on Ian system because you can't resolve it without Ian and you can't resolve it without um root certificate authorities so it doesn't solve any of the same problems as handshake and it's just it's yeah it's it's part of the um
(31:23) the Legacy system I heard they're rebranding it to not say domains but they're calling my wallet oh Sor you cut out a little bit Mike I couldn't they're trying to Rebrand it or I saw something about they're calling them not domains now but like wall re wallet names or something I I forgot I mean maybe that's I mean that's probably more accurate right oh I have a little battery here I mean we're kind of at the time we're a little bit even a little bit over time by a few minutes
(31:58) um but it's the last session we'll just have closing remarks after um and some you know like announcing some winners of different competitions and things uh but now there's more questions coming in but yeah you're low battery um no I'm I'm good now I got a charger oh okay great so pay um from Mains and T Taiwan says will handshake resolver handle collisions after 2026 which supposedly issuing more new tlds or such I mean I that's tricky right because it's like some of those names might already
(32:43) be taken on handshake and I think I mean I think the initial idea of this project was handshake was going to pre reserve the the top name holders on Ian system and um it was just going to be that one snapshot but you know if I can is issuing all these new domains that that's kind of that's kind of a hard problem to solve because I mean what do you what what does the community do in that case do they say do they say oh well in order to resolve these collisions we're gonna we're going to pick Ian and then we're just gonna um
(33:21) you know we're just going to ignore the names on handshake in the resolver and it's like I think that's very very bad to set so um yeah I I mean it's not up to me but if it if it were up to me I I would I would say no I think we should prefer the handshake names that are already on chain because it's just a very bad precedent to prefer I can system to handshake I would agree with that all right um I don't know if Andrew have his comment or no no I I I agree with that maybe this is a good last question
(34:07) um encrypted asks co-founders handshake what do you believe primary focus of the project should be now Andrew do you want to take that one oh yeah okay for me it would be um Integrations and adoption um and so you know integrating to as many kind systems and things like that as possible um and then um and so so that could mean um you know kind of like browser Integrations or Integrations with like different apps or Services um and and then um on the adoption side you know I think there could be two different angles one is
(34:47) like more um like you know cryptos and we're we're we're in a bull bull market or bull year this year um in bull market I guess officially started um and uh and so you know integrating more with like other crypto platforms like kind of like what hns id is doing with like optimism or the ethereum ecosystem or and things like that to um you kind of like um uh you know to play to yeah collaborate more with other crypto projects um or it could be something new like a new trend like I you know I talked a lot about the
(35:19) content creator communities yesterday um I see that as kind of like you know a trend that's growing I think there was another gentleman actually that I I I I I've never met before I'm emphasizing content creators as well um a few um a few sessions after mine um and and and I definitely think these content creator communities are like what's growing in in the cultural kind of million right now um they are um and I think it's important that this movement stays decentralized because the previous
(35:52) cultural centers like mainstream media and and television was highly centralized um um and and so um like yeah like my thesis around this is you know these content creators are going to be um kind of the new forms of um new centers of attention and so um you know ensuring that that movement stays decentralized using tools like handshake um I I think is I I think is pretty important so yeah yeah yeah I guess yeah to Summit up you know integration and adoption yeah I mean I think that was always a top priority was just was
(36:29) integration it's just um always pushing for integration but I would like to uh you know now that we talked about it a little bit I I would like to also say that I think like a really um uh a really good L2 on top of handshake you know something like footnote where it's where it's basically decentralized Twitter where I mean it's less of a problem now that Elon bought Twitter like you know not everybody's getting censored and banned because they said okay dude um but it still would be useful to have
(37:09) something like decentralized Twitter because who knows maybe maybe they go after Elon maybe they take Twitter down like you have no idea what they're going to do right um but yeah I I would like to I I think after warp I think that will be um one of my focuses is like working on some kind of L2 for handshake that is some kind of like decentralized Twitter like I know like I know Jack dorsy has been like talking about decentralized Twitter for years now yeah he he doesn't know what he's doing he's gonna it up
(37:43) so and he's just a bad actor he's just an untr trustworthy person I don't I don't I don't trust him to build anything all right um there's do we ask about Joseph uh are you guys in touch with him or is yeah for sure asking for sure yeah um yeah he's also working on warp um and uh yeah even even kind of like the footnote design that that's definitely something that um you know he's been a part of in terms of like kind of like designing and thinking through um and uh yeah he's he had some
(38:21) you know he had good ideas and things like that I mean I think um yeah I mean I'm I'm sure like H chick's kind of part of his mind but uh yeah he's also a little bit like JJ to in the sense that like he likes to do one thing at a time um but uh yeah I don't know you have anything to add to that JJ I mean Joseph yeah he's I don't know we bet heads a lot because he's he's brilliant Joseph is brilliant in terms of ideation but in terms of uh implementation and that's the that's you know what I consider
(38:58) myself to be as an implementer um yeah he's not he doesn't he doesn't take into account uh everything needed to actually Implement a project so it's always interesting working with Joseph because there's a there's always some kind I don't want to call it a conflict but there's always some kind of like thing there when we're like you know just so you be like oh we just do this it'll be super easy you could do this and I'm like no actually that's actually really hard to implement but
(39:28) and a lot of that a lot of that happened like during handshake you know got it all right this is uh kind of a specific question but I think it's the last on the list May uh hns on C from Linux to have nodee on Raspberry Pi I'm not sure if you followed it am I right does it exist uh yeah uh yeah there's uh hnsd that that does SPV resolution that's written in C okay great I got some hearts from that um sure so yeah some people are saying a little bit late they uh want to link to the warp this war. it's not
(40:15) online yet there uh it's I mean it's yeah it's just sort of a placeholder website right now I I think if you want to learn more about warp except at least the first part of it which is like the decks um probably listen to the Stanford talk and I think someone linked it earlier um but that's part one part two is you know decentralized utxo wrapping which will include handshake awesome all right I think we cover every's happy you uh made time to share with us today and you're you know warp sounds great too so I think uh
(40:51) we're 15 minutes over so I think we'll wrap we'll wrap it up unless there's last points you want to men before we close Andrew or JJ um oh oh I just I guess I just like to say I I enjoyed uh ranting about the decentral or sorry the I enjoyed ranting about the centralized naming systems I haven't really gotten that off my chest yet that was that was kind of fun to be able to do that in front of an audience yeah thank you thank you yeah it I think people like it's motivating if people like to hear
(41:31) it yeah annual inspiration yeah and also yeah thank every thank everybody for coming and uh being a part of the community uh it's really cool there's a lot of talent here and uh and Mike Mike and the team an and the team for for organizing about a month and a half there's a lot of us going to Vietnam in person hackathon so we'll mention that in the Clos but um but yeah so thanks um I I'll do some closing remarks in another 10minute session we'll go through some of the competitions we've had over over the uh
(42:08) uh thank sponsors and others so um for now we'll wrap up this this session thanks this is one of everyone's favorit parts of this handy con so thanks again for making it JJ and Andrew yeah thanks for having us great thank [Music] you he