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(00:03) [Music] video [Music] first x.x thank youx for supporting the handic this year again Lily you dyed your hair right last year you had that's cool yeah and I also cut it off yeah I notic thank you so much and yeah it's great to have you back just we just finished a women in in H&S session missing you there but it was really fun a little bit over time yeah I I tried to draw but my computer was was shut it down before so I just changed my
(01:07) device and join join this session I'm so sorry for that no problem no problem this is gon to be a good one so uh you're the marketing operations manager at F at FX wallet so you're going to give us uh some demos and insights about about this this wallet solution and and uh I'm I'm really excited I'm really you know happy you're here and sharing so let me know how I can help I think you had there's some prizes at the end I heard I can help you with yeah yeah so so I might need some
(01:46) assistance to pick up the winner yeah I'll be behind stage and then uh when you're ready I I'll just come back in okay thank thank you so much and I'm going to share my screen so please wait a moment okay so hi everyone and this is L from FX wallet and today we are gathered here and exciting times are approaching I'm excited to update to you on what's happening at FX wallet this year so in the spirit of staying ahead of the Curve 2023 is our year of remodeling and upgrading we've improved
(02:36) the hns functionality and put a Fresh coat of a digital paint on the user interface make it CK float and as user friendly as ever and now what rolling shine is our name Market feature while it's not a brand new but it's our unsung hero we are very happy to report that we are keeping it wallet friendly by charging only 0.
(03:10) 5 commission fee for domain sold on the market name Market feature and moreover FX wallet is a completely decentralized managed wallet it's easy to save money and it's wonderful and to better serve the community we have a little surprise for you we are giving away 10 emerging domains imagine the possibilities and join the Swap staks and who knows maybe you will snack one of those digital James it's our way of spreading good share of spreading good share and making making sure you live with a good smile on your face and before we get to the
(03:53) giveaway part we have another surprise for you our partner gold Shell keep count continuing to get dedicate itself to contributing to handshake community and this year the latest product literate iteration introduced a new paradigm of comp computational power and offering a more optimal approach for more broader range of customers interested in hns to engage a finally orchestrate encounter with handshake and to celebrate this they have prepared three HS box for handshake big family members to join and also enjoy what
(04:38) handshake bring to us and this is just a quick update of what's happening this year in FX wallet and also our partner and I think we can get to the giveaways part and we will randomly pick up 10 Wingers and from from the conference and Mike I'm back I'm back I'm back I'm back okay so so I might need you to help me to pick up the winner is that okay sure so how do you how do you want to do it um um actually I want to pick up it randomly but maybe we can we could do you know maybe questions
(05:29) or or uh or some chat responses but or they could DM you on Twitter I think maybe share your Twitter handle so they or is FX wallet is the Twitter yes we have the chat box okay so we can put the link to your Twitter yeah I see um oh yeah Gregory says that you have to be verified to to DM maybe they could maybe is there a tweet you could post that they well or maybe they can just tweet under under the poster I shared yesterday please wait I will share the link to you guys thank you Lily um so where are you based oh what where are you based or you
(06:29) oh currently in Singapore oh cool nice yeah yeah so uh let me let me think maybe we can okay let's see how how many oh I see your Tweet there yes so then maybe they could comment on this sure oh yeah let's do this so the first um first 10 people who retweet our tweet can get this 10 10 domains how about that wow okay sounds like a sounds like a good opportunity yeah I think it's a good opportunity to people who present here people coming men in nft 3D hu but so it's just retweet or should
(07:36) they retweet and common I think okay because I know most of the audience they already liked our T and I appreciate I'm following too okay uh I'm putting a comment now okay okay oh that's you okay I'm learning who people's Twitter's handled okay yeah we how we do it this how we do it didn't let's see let's see right now we have eight coming okay okay let's refresh refresh the TW n the last one who's the last one X just got in there for the win Nathan okay encrypted me benj nft 3D crypto
(08:43) I coming in I think probably refresh I see a lot more retweeted I see Greg with his H&S address in the comment I think some are HID in so you might have to unhide or I don't know think Ela musk is changing this stuff all the time okay show more replies I see the total reply is n people oh one second yeah oh I think I refresh I see 10 now 10 10 oh yeah oh congratulations okay so we have that does it count there's a yeah Greg okay okay so for this 10 winners I will I will D DM you guys and maybe or or you guys I I think it's
(09:50) better to I think it's better you guys just DM me and I will I will uh approve the DM later and ask you your wallet address and I will send you this 10 domains is that okay okay some people just retweeted without commenting I think um uh I I could give up mine to Todd uh that's okay I'm one of them so I'll I'll give mine to Todd uh just a comic you can um um okay so I think we're a little bit ahead of time right let's see here yeah we have five minutes left five minutes left so we have basic so okay so
(10:41) maybe we can do the next one so next we oh there's more there's more okay yeah yeah so our partner go shell they prepared three h HS box to the audience today W and yeah so maybe this we can we can to like ask questions and to to the yeah to serve the HTS Community maybe maybe we can ask some questions just about the community I think so we uh we've done this in the past so the best yeah people are excited about this one um I think in the Q&A section it the first to answer the question correctly right and is here but
(11:30) use the Q&A and submit it there your answer so Lily will ask the question and so how do you want to do it three you want to do all three uh with the question three questions one one each for each answer is that how you want to do it um um because we are we are maybe ahead of time maybe just the top three top three win okay so one question in the first three yeah is that okay for you it's okay for me if it's okay for you sure so I think they're all ready for the question so just be ready in the Q&A tab
(12:11) everybody to put a answer or your well it's a question but answer all right we're excited for this oh so um so before we start I I just want to make sure how how many of you um bought bought uh bought a product from go showell before it it's not the giveaway question guys oh they are all excited answering in the giveaway question yeah I saw one person say it but then it removed it okay so the giveaway question about this this um product is when did HS Box come out like what year the year what year did the HS Box
(13:18) come out yeah okay we're get I don't know if you see the answers Lily do you on the Q&A tab do you see Nathan says 2023 Ruben 2022 uh Nicholas says 2021 okay actually I I I didn't see the right answer there's like a q and a tab on the right side under the chat box there's like a q two bubble chats do you see that oh I see oh I see sorry for that so the ones on the I already see I already see the the right answer oh I already see the three it's 2021 okay so Nick Nicholas is there uh
(14:12) Gregory and Nadine g i if it's three those are the three top three I see is top three okay congratulations okay great congrats so then they'll uh well Ann's always helping a lot but they DM you or how do how do you want to do the prize I mean um I I I hope um I think they can just email me and I already I already know their name so after the team te and I'm so sorry I'm a little bit confused this this morning so they after they DM me about their information and we will send out the the the giveaways the product
(14:56) okay okay nice perfect okay so and an Ann's are she's our amazing event manager behind the scenes so Ann's probably taking those notes and we'll just make sure if anybody has problems or questions let us let us know so thank you so much right on time right at the right at the finish line that was fun Lily I like uh I like your presentation again this year and thanks for hope we can do better to serve this community in this future yeah see you guys thank you so much so we have two more sessions for
(15:28) today for those who want Curious two more uh we're going next to sjin uh from India talking about the crypto ecosystem in po oh excuse me about learning uh handshake and learning and then uh Margie is going to be sharing uh crypto ecosystem at P from from bit M so thank you so much Lily it was really great to have you you guys in the next [Music] session oh