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(00:03) [Music] everybody my screen [Music] possible here we go can I share my screen is that possible yes you should be able to now the videos we just play a little promo videos for each session first and then you can share present audience all right if you want to pract test practice that but yeah SJ I'm excited I got to meet him we've met twice now in Thailand and in India and you were a really great host when I was visiting in India and showed me around we had a great day uh yeah I really everybody likes your your
(00:49) sessions and previous handy cons so uh it's going to be a pleasure um to hear from you I I'll let you take take away the stage and if you need anything I'll I'll be behind the scenes but you have 40 minute talk so I'm excited for this experience all right uh so we've got something exciting we've built something interesting but before that I'll just quickly take you through what we are up to uh I don't want to spend too much time on that and then we'll go to that thing that we've
(01:17) built um let me right welcome to handic con red so what have we been up to in the last one year and what are we planning to do for the next one year so I'll just quickly take you through this so that we can have some fun towards the end of it so last year we started out with uh you know vernacular uh tlds and stuff like that but we quickly learned that uh two things uh uh we had not taken into consideration in terms of our Market approach one people don't like to pay for stuff on the internet so while yes
(01:58) in the decentralized space a lot of us are very uh kicked about having our own identity and things like that the larger world does not really understand the importance of it and so they don't really see the difference between using a Google ID to sign in everywhere and why should I pay to actually have a separate name and this is of course uh more prevalent as you go down the social economic ladder uh and vernaculars people who don't really speak much of English tend to belong to that I mean of course exceptions are there but tend to
(02:29) belong to that particular social economic ladder so we decided to redo our marketing approach and instead of taking a Bottoms Up approach we decided to take a top down approach after all we all want to catch up with the Jones so if the rich people the educated people the smart people the people with social currency have something then we feel that it will trickle down into the rest of society so we thought okay let's go to the top 100 colleges and from that perspective the happening was good we managed to pick up a ton of tlds that
(03:04) cater to all of these top 100 colleges in our country and uh we've already got 1500 customers uh We've onboarded a couple of IV League colleges and when I mean 1500 customers I mean 1500 customers not number of domains sold We've Got U you know many of them have taken two three domains but we've got 1500 customers these are the numbers at least in India the top 100 colleges have 2.
(03:32) 5 million users or students currently at any given point of time if you were to look at the last six years of alumni that's another 15 million so that's 17.5 million users right now that can be targeted 2.5 continues to get added every year so that's the kind of numbers we have so we thought okay that's a good number of people to start with and if these people can get on to different handshake based ecosystems um I can't see the screen so I'd rather kind of I think I'll go like this okay so
(04:10) that's 17 and a half million people so that's a decent number to start with now it's not enough to have all of these people we need to actually build something I remember a few people uh in quite a few handshake groups and even on social media discussing that no point just selling slds we need to give these people something to do with those SLS and that was also the feedback we got when we went to these colleges while all of these kids especially IV leag kids were quite keen on getting these names
(04:39) because they felt that it allows them to kind of signal their Alma matter they all of them almost without fails said what can I do with it and at that point I did not have an answer for them and I said you know things are being built and stuff like that but I think outside the crypto web3 ecosystem the idea of investing money no matter how small it is even $10 and actually waiting for something to happen six months down the line does not gel well with them they want to be able to do stuff right away so we thought okay 17
(05:13) and a half college kids what can we give them right away immediately so we decid started looking at business use cases and um I'm sure quite a few of you would be aware of paro's law which basically says um 20% of effort basically lines up for 80% of results it's pretty much true for businesses also the top 20 percentile of customers are responsible for 80% of revenues no matter which business you look at so we thought what is the first business we could disrupt with handshake and uh the true value of
(05:50) handshake more than identity is the ability to create communities uh never before has there been a technology that allows us to Target a community very specifically literally to the point where we can say not even one user as spam so we thought let's look at jobs say monster.com I mean theyve rebranded now but monster.
(06:16) com So 20% the top 20 percentile of the talent is responsible for the maximum number of high-profile jobs that are landed on the portal what if we had a jobs portal where we say only people with these IV leak handshake names can sign in if you don't have the name you don't get to sign in how do you get the IV League handshake name you need the email ID of that college it's just like how Facebook started if you didn't have a harvard.
(06:43) edu email ID you didn't get onto Facebook so similarly here if you don't have those email IDs you don't get a smart name and if you don't have a smart name you don't get to log into this site so the moment a site like this happens a Google or a meta or anyone who's interested in hiring knows that even if I close my eyes and touch any random profile it is going to belong to the top two percentile of that particular country's intellectual Capital everybody is a top talent here not even one fake profile it immediately
(07:13) disrupts the entire hiring business because you've now created value by using handshake because handshake can now Target people very specifically this is jobs you sign in only with the smart names of your IV colleges top intellectual capital of India we are doing this in India it can be replicated in any other country and this can apply to any pretty much any business um these people would be the most datable they would be the most marriageable they have the best jobs so they have they are hnis who have money to invest they have the
(07:49) best cars they will probably end up buying the best houses and so on so forth so you could actually use handshake to pretty much disrupt the entire business ecosystem by targeting the top uh percentile of people there um and of course once they come on board over time you can work your way down the value chain and take it to the vernacular space take it to other communities and so on so forth so this is pretty much our business model and we've been speaking to some investors and we have some interest from them now
(08:21) that we've gotten a uh a proper business path forward and not just something that is you know good for the human race kind of a talk so now it it's beginning to get traction of a very different kind in here we doing this in South Asia um but this can be done in any country so I encourage people uh to look at this option uh because this is a solid business plan um that actually has been vetted by professionals and they're interested something else we are also doing we are also partnering with a community called yazidis um they were uh
(08:58) in the Middle East and uh there was this massive genocide about few years back and they completely scattered all over the world so we reached out to them and said why not create a digital identity system on yazidi and bring all of these people who are in different parts of the world into one ecosystem and then maybe you can use these as access control methods so that they can then access various services in that ecosystem um they really like that idea because there was nothing that could actually tie them all together since that whole community
(09:29) had been scattered so that's something we are working with but while we are doing it with yazidis this could apply to I don't know Tibetans Taiwanese Palestinians or anywhere in the world where people are uh uh oppressed um handshake could actually be become a method of empowering these people and creating communities around them okay so I didn't want to waste too much time and I thought I'll come all right guys so we decided to make uh you know since AI is here we thought let's make a handshake chatbot so this
(10:06) uses chat GPT at a core level and then we've worked on it we built layers on it to make it compatible for handshake and uh this chatbot even though it's a very simple looking thing can do some seriously powerful stuff um apart from answering basic questions about handshake uh you know so the idea was to turn this into into this single repository so people don't have to go here and they're looking for information on chatbot you can just come here and everything about handshake with respect to what is handshake what is aamin what
(10:42) is name base from these basic questions to even complicated questions for instance if you want to have a full listening node on AWS you just need to ask this dude and uh so there are detailed instructions uh if you want additional instructions on uh give me detailed in instructions on how to uh Implement a full hsd node the ram is a little slow clearly we need to work on that it is still a work in progress the bot does hallucinate from time to time okay so you can go here and you can get it uh you can promp engineer to
(11:38) actually go to the point where it actually starts giving you a stepbystep guide um I don't want to go into that right now I just want to show you some of the other features as well let's say I wish to create a handshake resolver like fingertip give me the code with detailed instructions okay I don't know why this is not giving me the code it was giving me the code a while back it seems to be not acting up but it was working a while back anyway I will ask my team to look into it but in the meanwhile we can other
(12:30) things with it we've also integrated it with hns search so not only does it work as an AI bot it can also work as a search engine so say if you want to search what is handshake it will straight away search uh hnf search. through the bot so it also works as a search engine I seem to be facing a connection problem damn what terrible timing anyway the point is uh you can just uh put a slash search and you can ask whatever you want and it will go to hns search.
(13:11) and it will fetch you those results uh we will probably have it up and running in about an hour's time I don't know why it's not working it was working about half an hour back when I tested another interesting feature is uh we kind of open sourced it a bit uh so if you wish to add information so anyone from the handshake Community we should just to add additional information you can add stuff like uh U like who is quick is the rockar dev in handshake I seem to have lost connection with it so anyway doesn't matter we'll
(13:58) just go with what we have so so basically you can add additional information by just putting an ADD and then you add a source to it you can search for something by doing a SL search and then putting in the search query or you can just straight away type text and ask it to give you information and while I'm unable to unfortunately showcase it here it will pretty much give you information on anything on handshake and anything to the point as in even um unlike the earlier demoed versions you can actually ask for it to
(14:26) give you the code like if you want to make your own version of fingertip it will give you that code if you say I want to be taken to the hsd node it will take you to that hsd node link on GitHub pretty much anything anything and everything in handshake can just happen on this so that's pretty much it okay um I think people uh uh folks uh I think the reason is uh why this is happening is I think a lot of you are probably trying to uh access it right now uh we've just given it like 1 GB of RAM it doesn't have much RAM so I would
(15:04) request all of you to stop doing that so that I can give this demo and once I'm done with the demo I will increase the RAM and then you guys can have fun with it but right now my request uh if you could just shut that window and not explore the bot right now um that will allow me to kind of uh do that yeah I'll just wait 30 seconds for all of you to shut your windows by the way if someone can come up with a better name I would be very happy right now I have hns bro.
(15:41) world that was something I just quickly cooked up uh with the team but uh frankly the name Looks Like It suffers from erectile dysfunction uh something more funky something a little more juicy with a bit of back spunk that you know then we will get that domain name and we'll change the bot to that um right now it's just hns bro um I'm assuming you guys have all closed it so let me see it loads there are still folks on the bot it [Music] seems H it's not happening anyway doesn't matter so I think all of you were able to take a good look at uh what that bot
(16:25) looks like um let me share the people who have actually created it we've got four new joines to aamin and uh these are the folks that's Rishi kti saket and Dak you can find all of them online just by looking up their smart names uh which is given above so you can just Google those names and you should find all of them that's also a use case that people find interesting you can also find me with my smart name which is sent.
(16:58) bs3 um that's pretty much it um I'm sorry that I couldn't really take you through the bot because of the traffic but we'll get it fixed and uh if you guys have any name suggestions then please do DM me on Twitter um I'll be happy to take that up and uh that's pretty much it um I wish you guys luck and thank you for the [Music] opportunity