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(00:03) [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] shh [Applause] damn what an ad oh wow cool uh well thank you we all um are back once again um thank you for joining handy con 20124 and um I have with me um a panel of um illustrious women um the women of um hns and um that is the topic of of
(01:09) tonight's um discussion um and we want to go around the room once again and have each lady um introduce themselves um maybe we can start with um changle onchain who has the coolest Name by the way so if you want to tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do and maybe what brought you to um agns uh yeah so so I've just been a crypto Enthusiast for a very long time um I was a very early contributor to Cosmos and was watching on the sidelines of as H&S was being built um because I was just
(01:50) co-working in the same office when when they were building it um because we're we're all pretty much the same circle of Friends building cool things and that same team has subsequently also starting to build another project that's very exciting right now so that's that's a very long story short oh I'm on mute awesome thank you so much um Irene you're up next you're on mute like me can't can't hear you are you oh we heard you before um maybe um yeah log on again so while while she's getting that together how
(02:47) about we move to Margie from bit hello can you hear me yes we can hear you great my name is Margie and uh I'm the marketing manager from vit main um taking care of like markeet marketing activities and also PW ecosystem development and um I deal with you know handshake Litecoin Dogecoin and all that like the development side so that's how I got into hns uh that's how I got to know uh Mike and since then we have hosted a lot of um interesting uh online and offline events so basically I had a lot of fun in a Jess
(03:33) okay awesome thank you so much um let's try that again arene oh no we still can't hear you well we do see that you're on mute again I can see on mute oh no I don't know what it is and uh arene your your mic is um maybe not working not so sure this time we cannot hear you yeah we heard you when you were backstage I don't know what happened yeah I mean yeah oh U BJ are also in mute we just cannot get it together okay this is not a very good representation right now of women but we are gonna get it together
(04:22) don't worry Ari I was having some tech I was having uh technical problems earlier on too it's not you it's air meat yeah there you go and it's also because we multitask we do lots of different things at the same time so we're gonna get it together you know so anyway with regard to this conversation um you know we want to talk about girl power a little bit and you know um kind of uh you know the whole ecosystem of um H&S and even you know the tech World in general and how do you feel um that you know the role
(04:55) that women play um in you know this industry and and what do you think that we to the table um you know that is that is needed in this space any thoughts on that Chango sorry um I was distracted with chat what were you what was the question my question was um in terms of you know women in the Tex space in general um but especially web 3 um what do you think that uh women you know bring to the table um you know with regard to what we have to offer uh can you come back to me I can't think of the answer on the spot
(05:33) because normally normally I'm just like talking about the tech okay um awesome so we could are can we try you one more time arene yeah hello can you how about the S now there you go okay that's great so great to be back with you here okay so um I'm aring and I'm from augre also called augre Adventures so I guess get to know um to handshake since 2020 yeah and um yeah I have a lot of um um love for handshakes and also it's like my I can also call if I if I can call it's like a hobby yeah I I really
(06:18) love it like I love love a lot I just yeah or I can say that I am um a handshake admir like that okay awesome okay well with regard to the question about I think we're all anic admirers for sure um with regard to the question about women um in handshake and women in Tech in general I think that kind of um especially with some of these talks and you know say Twitter spaces that we host and stuff like that and sometimes the guides can get a little um you know amped up and runchy depending on what the subject matter is and often
(06:56) times it's a woman that comes and is the voice of reason and kind of you know brings everything you know you know back down and gets people um you know uh Cal and all that kind of stuff what what do you what do you think about that and also with adding the technical aspects um to it or being able to pretty much convey um it rationally do you think that that is true or no what do you think sorry these questions are very loaded age representation and you know of course it's loaded so to me that is one of the problems so for instance when you
(07:41) talk about women in the tech space um is it a safe space so if you say that those questions are loaded um you know is it a space where we feel comfortable just talking um you know amongst ourselves or in an audience and being able to freely you know say what we what what we think without any you know prejudgment about the fact that we you know are woman or anything you know like that if that is we're talking about women of HSN and what our contributions are um so you know that was one of the questions like in terms
(08:16) of how do we show up how do we show up in the space what is our role so you sound like you have some thoughts um well um I guess like uh in tax Bas there's still relatively low presence of women in the tax Bas and um I've got into the crypto industry as in 2022 and then um I immediately found out that there is a very low representation of women there's um and I think this is kind of an industry for men and that's what I saw in 2022 and then um from like between between 2022 and 2024 I see I have seen a lot of women joining the
(09:04) space um uh and I've discovered that they are more on the marketing side and PR side like me um so I guess um I think women in blockchain and crypto space we do more like people related jobs uh like hosting events communicating with people and do marketing stuff um but also at the same time I feel like we could learn more about the tag side of the pro of like you know web 3 crypto blockchain that will help us um be more competitive and be more respected in this industry that's that's what I thought great points and the fact the
(09:54) fact that the fact that there are five women here on this panel this year in 2024 um and this panel existing is a good early signal for hake taking off exactly because like the last three conferences there was no such there was no such panel and it was all about you know like the tech everything so this one of those indicators I agree 100% with with Margie said and um changle and actually um I would say being woman in HSN I actually I feel very welcome um I feel welcome and I feel in included so um it with regard to this community specifically um
(10:42) I do think that um they we do a good job of of letting everyone you know kind of uh hold space and have an a voice and an opinion and I feel like um it's not just um it's I think that you know that the opinions are valued I don't think that it's just for show or whatever I I actually genuinely feel like people um actually care about you know what I might have to say so in this community in particular I feel you know supported and I feel that if women um I happen to you know be more um I'm a little geeky a
(11:20) little technical but not in um to the point that um you know I can build something from scratch and and and and make it work without you know meaning doing all the coding now I can put together or piece together some stuff that somebody else coded but in terms of me actually you know being able to do a toz the coding and all that that might be difficult but I feel like um if I have an idea and um I you know came up with something that there are people here men that I could talk to that would take me seriously and say hey um you
(11:54) know that's a great idea or it's not a great idea because of this this and this and this but if it's something you want to do we can work through it I do feel like we get that kind of support here um um Everybody across the board um so that's a great thing about um um this community I would say and but with regard to some of the things that you all are doing um as women in HSN and women in Tech in general um why don't we talk a little bit more about that so uh Margie if you could tell us a little bit
(12:27) more about um bitman and it specifically and how it is engaged with and how you know working with um HSN that would be great uh yeah so bit main um we're the world's largest manufacturer of crypto mining service basically we produce Miners and um we have hns minor from uh very early on and uh we really support um hns all minor is called hs3 U by the way so um we have been supporting hns and we believe in hns uh from a long time ago and then we really want to help grow the ecosystem and um I think last year we had the first offline
(13:18) activity in chai with uh Mike we invited a lot of people and we enjoyed the food and enjoy the discussion um and we did some raffles that was really fun and um and also uh we did the videos together U me and Mike uh that was the first time we did uh this kind of you know promotion do a video every week before the event I think that was really fun we just talk and um I think uh getting back to your question about the women's presence I think that's what we are really good at and uh uh to talk to people like uh communication so so um
(14:00) but you know back to the topic like I really we really want to grow &s we want to see more people know about edns so yeah that's the direction that we're working towards too yeah I'm definitely I'm going to be in Tha um for the few months so Mike we should do some more in-person events and and uh on board some tie devs okay well with that said would you like to talk a little bit more about what you're working on um Chango um uh if I'm gonna completely honest I just launching some like deep on
(14:53) Salon Anonymous but I'm doing that but at the so so I've just like gone down the deep end like we went from like H&S R curve to like just like boom and yeah some of those are actually like pumping pretty hard so it's been pretty good uh yeah and so there's an upcoming hackathon in like a handshake hackathon in Vietnam that uh you know dweb Foundation is going to sponsor a bounty for and I think that what what would be great is if the is if we got people to build um inscriptions on the handshake
(15:31) blockchain or uh build like layer two subl domains on the handshake blockchain as like the layer one so that that would be really really cool to see um and handshake already has Covenant so wouldn't be hard to imagine to that it could be the functionality could be extended in order to enable you know the DG like yeah I mean I mean this look look we saw the Byzantine generals problem five years ago um that was the really hard part and you know brought proof of stake to the blockchain and now we're launching dog meme coins on it that's
(16:10) what that's our product Market fit okay we thought we were gonna change the world hey um well hey I'd love to get some Alpha on those dog coins that you're launching and and get in on some of that get get in while the getting good um so with that said I have a question for you um earlier today when we talked about scaling handshake um and we talked about ens for example and how there's a huge Community around ens and a lot of that has to do with the crypto community and it being so closely tied
(16:47) to eth as well as say um you know the nfts and the popularity of that and how you know that has grown and now maybe dwindled over the last year or so but how you know it kind of skyrocketed and all that and with regard to you talking about uh releasing and building or doing a couple of as you say some shitcoins or whatever what do you think would be the possibility or it could it be would it be a good idea to do a project like that on the H on HSN an HSN token or linking it to some sort of ID or some sort of nft um do you think that
(17:26) that is possible and if it is possible in terms of you know what do you think in terms of helping to build a community is that something is that an idea is that something that you think it's doable yeah yeah absolutely so so we know now that a lot of the um like the fundamentals for crypto projects is like it it's largely driven by uh the TV like the protocol owned liquidity on a certain blockchain and they want to look at transaction volumes um and so I I I think it's a mistake to look at the handing blockchain as if like the
(18:04) blockchain the the block space should be scarce right and in fact people look at transaction volume as a way to infer adoption and so if we have I mean the the blockchain right now is only used for renewals and um and bidding right so and those things are aren't aren't generating frequent um transactions and so it it kind of like like from the outside looking in people look as look at it as if it's like a ghost chain right it's not like that much that that highly used but if you put inscriptions
(18:41) you know you use the blog space for a bunch of like appending metadata and all these different things and like and if there were some value for these inscriptions then um it would make the block space more valuable it would make the handshake token more valuable um as the you know quote unquote gas token of the Native blockchain so there's like a lot of value to be had for um like turning the blockchain into doing something more than just name I I know it's like I know it's an app chain but like look look at Bitcoin right like
(19:08) ordinals anything that could be done on bitcoin could be done on handshake too so I mean I would I would advocate for that I don't think that I don't think it's a a bad thing for people to bloat um the blockchain the handshake blockchain with a whole bunch of spam transactions like minting ordinals on it you know also like the the inscriptions could be um could be like this you know subl domains on the handic Block right like you could build sld ordinals and append it to like a handic TLD make your
(19:38) TLD more um more valuable if you lower the barrier entry for um for inscribing on the blockchain there's a lot of things you can do I would have for that I want to see that all awesome you know ideas and you know maybe um in terms of creating more utility and building of course we have um always a conversation about marketing versus building and you know it's kind of the chicken or the egg you know conversation and I think that we have pretty much come to the conclusion and consensus that um it needs to happen in
(20:12) Tandem and we need to do both um not necessarily that one supersedes the other especially because people have already been building lots of things that we need to Market that we now need to ship to marketing and coming up with something um that would help uh Propel that so um I'd be interested in having some more conversations about that especially now in the bull market or you know whatever else or for the next bull market being able to um you know participate in that in handshake in some kind of way and and in getting people um
(20:45) excited about it I I think that that could be an awesome project that maybe women of agsn could work on who knows so um now you seize our women's power I mean yeah you can see the women power here of the women's here um in this screen right now they are so really gifted and um talented and also a lot of energy is it awesome well thank you well what about you Arlene what are some of the thing um arene some of the things that you might be working on that you're excited about U with regard to handshake right
(21:24) now um actually um for the nearest thing that um coming H coming really soon in April as I said in my um presentation um my previous uh presentation is a Vietnamese hackaton um that like um tiang go has mentioned before yeah so um um that's hecaton is um uh will be H in the last year and um there will have a lot of uh students and um um talented um people programmer uh will come there and um they will compete to see who's the best and yeah I hope I really hope that it will um make um it it this hackaton will H will create um a great
(22:13) um um programmer communities in um Vietnam and also it can help to develop internet community in Vietnam as well yeah so that's the most exciting things that they coming in April sounds awesome thank you so much um oh well apparently it's late here where I am uh 9:00 and I've been up since 6 o' doing this so apparently I've been saying something other than H NS but hopefully you all know that that is what I mean to be saying I don't even know what I said but I do mean um H&S what I'm talking
(22:48) about it so um I don't know how much time do we have left and should we go to questions because we do have a couple of questions um and you want to can we move to maybe the first question if we're ready to do that okay awesome thank you um what do you ladies believe blockchain technology will help facilitate um greater opportunities for women around the world in what ways I um actually that says um anyone have any thoughts on that so um the salon of game is really great because uh I made this tweet the other day comparing the VC
(23:37) game to the uh the meme coin speculation game but the difference is that the BC game is now closed and you typically have to be an accredited investor in order to get into these deals and they're now being uh the valuation really high like you know plus4 billion doll fully diluted value um and so if you're not one of those people who can speculate in that the big leagues I I guess um then you could invest in the and so I think that the the mean coin game is has been really uh it's it's lower the barrier to entry so
(24:22) much for anyone to enter even like a high school kid um who has like some crypto in their account without even an ID or a bank account can come in and speculate and flip some shitcoins and make you know $10,000 or something off of like a couple cents right like like the irr is actually really good for that game and that's like like the the the wild west of crypto is gone you know we used to have it up until um like up even up until like before the ETFs right so even up until last year um but the regulation
(24:58) regulatory uh environment has been really really bad now and so now the crypto Wild West has kind of migrated over to uh meme coins you know which is I mean it's great to see these these meme coins are so so um and it's so funny so that uh like you just don't take it seriously right and if you and if you do try to take it seriously it's like you know like jokes on you you know because I made I made like a 100x on buttcoin right exactly uh very interesting so um do you have any thoughts uh Margie on that on
(25:38) blockchain and lowering um the barriers to entry for women um so I think the blockchain industry will help women grow their presence in the tech industry and uh in terms of learning I feel like ever since I got into the crypto industry we are all learning so somehow I don't think the barrier is that High um so as long as you're willing to read and learn and check Twitter what's going on and girl those are that's an or that's a that's a right curve strategy okay right and talk to different kinds
(26:23) of people and I think in the block blockchain industry people are pretty connected because we kind of believe in the same thing and people are very nice and willing to answer your questions all the time which I ask questions a lot so yeah so I I I guess um the blockchain industry kind of like open up more opportunities for women and to to shine in this industry yes okay yeah um I would agree with what you're saying I think that the whole kind of ethos um behind uh you know um blockchain and even you know the web3 community about you know
(27:04) Sovereign ownership and inclusivity and all of that makes it um a little bit easier for women to come in and um as long as you are providing value um to be able to be you know taken seriously and since again like you said it's such a new thing you know for um for most people it's it the the playing field it it's kind of even and also um with regard to breaking away from Legacy systems um where uh Chango mentioned that it's harder to get into that like with some of the DCS and now you having to you know have all of this different
(27:43) criteria that didn't exist before but in this space in the web 3 space um building from the ground up um it pretty much everybody has an opportunity as long as you're uh willing to jump in and get your hands dirty right so um with regard to women I think that you know the playing field is is open and it's almost like um if you build it they will come or whatever um but also just just just being present just being present that's how I ended up you know here and moderating this um panel is just being
(28:16) present just showing up um myself which is uh not necessarily um the case in other areas sometimes uh you show up but you're still invisible um I don't feel that um that is necessarily the case here so I do believe that um women have um a space um with regard to H&S and also um in web 3 in general as long as we keep showing up yeah I think that um both of men and women plays an important role in um blockchain especially inet communities because um women and men bring different Viewpoint and idea and Market inside to
(29:01) the protect that's would be really great awesome well with regard to women and supporting women on Blain what can we do is there how can we help um with some of the things that uh you are doing like uh Chango I I was serious when I said I was interested to know more about you know the next um you know uh thing to Jump On In terms of the whole um you know going um um industry right now okay so yeah ready okay so I'm in when token it's another cat token um like there was MOG which is another cat token
(29:38) but MOG had already pumped but anyway so like cat tokens relative to dog tokens is extremely undervalued if you look if you compare how many people in the world own cats versus dogs cats are the number two um uh like pets in the world so it's like obviously undervalued right now with the market cap is undervalued so so um you know there's Alpha there so there's like popcat there's when um MOG was another one and uh but then there's also like the political tokens which is also really good because um like you
(30:10) know this is the year of the of politics right primary elections in the United States are happening so there's like Dolan Trump versus Gio Bowden um but then there's also like Maga coin but then there's also like Elizabeth wh so like look look it's this is I'm talking about really really left curved stuff okay it's like like actually the more offensive a token is the more attention it has therefore the more pumpamentals it has okay also the number one blue chip meme coin right now is a dog with a
(30:40) hat it's like literally a Sheba enu with like a beanie cap on but then people also put like the beanie cap on like Elon or something and there's another token called Olan musk so so the more you could um uh misspell someone's name the more it's going to pump too just because like the more you are the better you can do at like the mem coin pumps so this is just like yeah like look guys seriously what do you yeah are you like you know working at a N9 to-5 or like you know trying to earn like a wage of 90k a year with benefits
(31:14) or something or are you GNA buy a token with like you know a beanie on a dog and you know it's it's going on the Las Vegas sphere like they they've raised enough funds they've crowdsourced the funds to put an add like just just a dog with a hat on the Las Vegas sphere you know the next one is going to go up in like Time Square right it's just going to be a dog with a hat and then it's gonna pump so hard can you not Financial advice but you know kind of financial Financial advice yeah also there's
(31:45) there's a dog coin okay it's hairless it's a Shea euu but it doesn't have hair okay like how it's like this is this is just like ridiculous but the like like the most entertaining outcome is the most likely and so like if you just like buy into the most ridiculous tokens it can pump do you want to make your I love your energy and your enthusiasm and yeah we need to uh apply some of that um to trying to come up with some things um that we can do to help pump um handshake and and and coming up with those ideas so I think
(32:24) that that is our time um is that our time uh for today I saw something that said one minute left um oh yeah we're overtime ha so thank you all once again for joining us and um talking to the women of um H&S um thank you uh Mike for having us and um Ann um for everything that you do and until next time thank you so much and stay around for the rest of the sessions networking and also don't forget to log on um tomorrow all righty have a great night all righty byebye you [Music] l