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(00:03) [Music] all [Music] [Applause] right [Music] shh [Applause] all right hello hello testing one two3 someone in the chat want to show us quick signs of Life all right cool cool I see the Emojis flying around that's all I really need um all right everybody thank you thank you very much for joining us handy con day one is going fantastic I'm going to go ahead and that right now I'm super excited to introduce uh Andrew Lee I think he goes by a lot of different names um over the years
(01:06) he's definitely has a long list of accomplishments that we can all we can all uh uh look into a little bit I'm not going to try to list them all right now um super excited about this project he's going to be presenting and um I'm going to give them the floor here please use the QA part of the chat so we can get the questions organized um and we'll try to get to all of them either now or shortly Hereafter all right thank you very thank you guys I'm gonna hand it off all right thank you
(01:31) Alex um so yeah hi everybody I'm here to uh present a few things um let me just open this slide here we go so the joean Empire it's a legally recognized nation state um and so it kind of just goes into uh an explanation about why we are doing this so basically Benson regulation limits technological innovation um you know I don't know how many of you are familiar with the uh Uber situation a while back when um there were like warrants for the CEO's arrest uh because Uber was illegal um you know ripples had
(02:14) their fair share of issues with the government um AI is facing that today all the social media platforms they're always getting called in by different governments for all sorts of reasons um you know so the so structure of like society's law uh I don't know how many people have kind of like thought about this but basically the way it's structur is that um people are kind of in Nations and they're subject to the laws of these nations and there's many nations in the world obviously and all
(02:49) of these nations are not subject to each other's laws but they do have treaties with each other and all of this kind of makes up the kind of uh Global Le system let's call it or the rule of law of the family of Nations um and I I just wanted to share like this little adage which kind of uh um is kind of like a compass for me this is how I uh like I guess move forward whenever I do something um so you know somebody actually shared this with me and it's like super interesting so when some dogs are faced with offense that uh
(03:25) separates them between um a bone and themselves uh you know they sit there and they like GW and Claw at this fence and you know they don't really get anywhere they feel like they're getting closer they feel like they're taking the direct path but they're just kind of in the same place but there's other dogs who kind of walk along the fence and it actually seems like they're walking away from the bone but they're actually uh able to find the end of this fence and there there's no uh resistance between
(03:55) them and the bone after that they're just home free and I also wanted to just share this quote real quick from uh John Gilmore he's uh one of the founders of the yeah actually he's done so much um but yeah he's one of the founders of the efff and he said the net interpret censorship as damage and routes around it and I think that's kind of um you know the general idea of what everybody uh you know who's involved in decentralized Technologies is actually involved in they're they're trying to
(04:29) actually create routes around blocks so to speak um and so I just wanted to share a little bit about myself um you know I've been an IRC user since uh 1996 um for better or worse uh you know I've also uh ran a VPN company until you know 2019 that was a few years ago or actually several at this point um you know I've been a major donor to many uh uh open source and kind of like activism groups um a long time ago I built a mobile app for an exchange um yeah it's just like I I just kind of L this stuff but the important
(05:10) thing for this presentation here is um I was early involved in handshake and also um I inherited the crown of Jan from his Imperial highness isau who is actually the final descendant of King gon of the Josan Empire and so a little bit about Josan in case um anyone was wondering uh Neo Joon was actually founded in 1392 by is and um one notable uh thing that I think a lot of people may already know is that the fourth king of Joe son sedong actually invented the Korean alphabet which uh interestingly can be learned in a matter of a few minutes um
(05:55) in order to kind of make it easier for people who didn't have as many opportunities and time to actually learn to read and write um the in the system that was kind of like very difficult to read and wri in back then um and so I just wanted to also share a note on International treaties um these are kind of agreements that you know like have internationally uh since the beginning of time been things that people have always you know been like under the impression that the would be kept you know and so um you know something I want
(06:33) to share here from Joe son's treaty with the US uh it says here in article one there shall be Perpetual peace and friendship between the president of the United States and the king of Chosen and the citizens and subjects of the respective governments um you know in in recognition of that you know we've uh joose son actually we've uh actually like obtained president biden.
(07:00) com and we're folding that and protecting that uh you know in respect of this article one treaty um so you know that being said you know although the US promised Perpetual friendship and protection to Josan uh former President Taft and former president Roosevelt actually secretly conspired with um the count Prince and future Prime Minister of Japan Katra to arrange the invasion and takeover of Josan by Japan this was you know in the early 1900s um that being said the king of Josan he never signed any um annexation
(07:38) treaties uh you know but that being said of course you know as most people know who follow history Japan still belligerently occupied josean until uh 1945 and you know it was it was a terrible time you know people lost their names you know which I know many of you value a lot um you know but also their language and there were so many many unfortunate deaths and just it was a terrible time um but you know after nearly a half century of enslavement Jan actually was on the verge of becoming a you know after it was kind of freed
(08:14) liberated let's say uh it was on the verge of becoming a democratic free state um you know led by really this uh this hero named King guu but um you know the US unfortunately decided to invade and um you know the same amount of people that were killed you know in 30 something years under Japanese enslavement you know were killed in just three years under the US's uh military dictatorship and you know long story short this kind of effectively ended up splitting the uh physical land into two so that's how you
(08:53) have the Republic of Korea and Democratic People's Republic of Korea um you know I don't know know about the dprk but the Republic of Korea wasn't actually initially spawned by the people you know um but anyway so in 1965 the treaty on basic relations was signed between uh Republic of Korea and the Empire of Japan which actually null and voided any um annexation treaties anything between Joon and Japan so uh you know joseon was you know legally a nation still um and so talking about Nation statehood the Monte Vio
(09:33) convention which is something that's usually cited by people who uh are interested in you know sovereignty and nation states and you know just international law generally um you know it kind of states that there's like four requirements for a nation and it's uh you know it's written here but Define territory population government and the ability to kind of talk to other governments as well um just to clear the uh uh Mont videoo convention isn't actually ratified by all you know nearly 200 countries in this world it's
(10:08) probably only like less than 30 but it's still a pretty good um you know I guess subjective test of you know if something even qualifies to be a nation and so on that note the josean Empire you know the five domains or territory as defined by the majority of Nations and NATO are land see airspace and cyberspace um you know I I don't think there's any Nation out there who wouldn't consider their cyberspace territory their territory um and so thus since cyberspace is territory and again like I said NATO and most countries consider it
(10:48) to be as well we do have territory in cyber space and so you know to Define our territory of Josan it's simply the sum of all um cyberspace territory and now we have defined territory as per the Monte Vio convention um so you know that being said again the most important as kind of noted in you know anyone who's uh interested in sovereignties um statements um the most important test for uh whether a nation is actually a legal nation is um you know recognition by another recognized nation and so in uh we you know Jose's
(11:30) been pursuing that for quite some time and in April 2022 we were actually able to secure a conditional agreement with Antiga for conditional recognition but um in 2023 of last year um Ambassador Perry was actually able to uh secure us a full diplomatic treaty with Antiga U you know L to rest really any um question as to whether Joe son's a legal nation or not um you know I just kind of put a note here stating because you know there might be some you know naysayers out there who may try to state that Joan
(12:09) isn't a nation but you know they shouldn't forget that um they're not the ones who Define international law international law is defined by the organs of international law and only nation states have that responsibility and privilege um so anyway josean Empire has 10 permanent and Perpetual treaties uh you know they they have the same language as the US treaty I shared earlier um well except for the Antiga one that's actually very different because you know it's not you know 100 years old so so Joe son um it's uh you know this
(12:46) basically what it provides is even laws against cryptography reach only so far as a nation's border and the arms of its violence that's a statement by Eric Hughes in a Cypher Punk's Manifesto um other nations laws have no meaning in joean so Joe son's laws of course um are designed to uh be right here smack to have in the middle if you see in this uh kind of like drawing I guess um you know if you have Anarchy if there's no law uh you know you can't really progress because you don't know if somebody's
(13:19) going to jump out and kill you um but if you have too many laws you know you can't make progress because you can't even like take a step without bringing a law so you have to be in the middle somewhere like you know with minimal laws to you know maximize the freedoms for individuals and for society um and that's what joean does so joean it has a business ecosystem um that uh you know is regulated by the SEC of Josan and basically every company in Josan uh has shares that are represented as you know
(13:56) tokens on blockchain in addition uh joseon has a Dennis ship which uh basically lets people um own and operate uh kind of like unique um single instantiated corporations that uh you know no one can transfer to other people and there can be no other shareholders of uh so it's really just like a personal Corporation kind of and uh through that Corporation then people can participate under Joon law um this is you know in to people you know registering a business or diling a business in some other country that they
(14:35) don't live in and that country is now subject I mean that company is now subject to that country's laws um same it's basically the same thing we're taking advantage of something that's become customary law so Jon is a bridge for the world of law and the digital world of Freedom um you know you can like kyc with the Jose ID on on various exchanges right here is highlighted La token uh there's companies who have um you know we call it quote unquote gone public in Joon um and of course just to make clear
(15:09) I have no allocation of coins I'm not getting anything out of this I'm just trying to make sure it happens uh because our intention is to make everyone a king of their domain um you know that's that's our plan you know we kind of put this checklist thing just CU it's funny but anyway so what does it mean for Joan to own Joon on the handshake identity blockchain okay some some people might be uh you know uh not in agreement with some of the statements I'm going to make but you know I'm I'm a kind of like a a
(15:45) Hardline absolutist about a lot of things so I'm just going to talk freely and I apologize in advance um so the state of the internet today you know I can and uh you know all the various stakeholders involved they've they've just put too many Moes around them there's too many people making too much money with their tentacles all over the place it's not going anywhere um additionally ipv4 is exhausted leading to Moes and centralization and the worldwide web of yesterday is just it's forgotten like
(16:20) you know it doesn't look anything like it used to um you it looks more like cable TV if anything most users on internet are slaves as they consume their Master Sur services so just some examples I can't say this without providing examples godaddy's Worth 16 bill you know they're just not gonna they're not just going to walk away from that their shareholders won't let them um you know they they'll sue the people running the company if they try to walk away from that um running a private email server is super
(16:51) difficult uh because you get flagged spamed by all the major emo providers um you know and that's just it's just it sucks you know that's just a fact right now um you know private messaging platforms exist since ip4 is exhausted uh you know so basically like it's it's it's very difficult to communicate computer to computer on the internet because like there's no actual like external public interface that exists between most computers that are online they're going through some kind
(17:27) of like router situation where like you know there's some n going on so they don't actually have a real IP online etc etc um you know which made way for lots of these different services to come about um what's handshake handshake to me is a trusted nonhuman third party managing the fair distribution and securing the ownership of unique human readable names tied to cryptographic Keys hard stop by the way um so why is this important uh so for example back in the day um on IRC you know there were a bunch of like
(18:07) you know name thefts and and basically what ended up happening was um people had to create like Services you know to hold your um you know your nickname and your your um uh you know Channel and and everything like that so you know it it kind of brought about centralization in something that actually was purely really under the users users control prior to that you know even though it was on a Federated RSC server the users actually did have control of these things at the time um why can't people share the same name so the names and
(18:44) identity among the early co-founders both Andrew Lee and I share the same name um so you know like it actually has resulted in people sent who when we have mutual contacts people have actually sent emails to him for me and to me for him and so we've had to like forward those to each other um and if you think about it without a unique name it's not even who you are but what you are because people just kind of try to describe you and I mean that could get messed up you know um so what's this mean names and their
(19:19) Associated public Keys identity Keys f miror one time use Keys bash preys metad datas and so on can now be authenticated by the blockchain as the source of immutable truth in an open transparent medium so it's a new primitive you know services and web of trust no longer are no longer needed for identity management that's all things to handshake because now it's simply a primitive that exists um and so this is what I saying some people might be upset but Joe son is never going to seek a Master Slave
(19:52) relationship in anything it does whether it's you know relations with other nations with its people with technology you know so immutable or not you know secondary second chain names there it's absolutely a novel concept but you know Joon believes everyone should be the king of their own domain so you know in the handshake vocabulary that' be the king of their own TLD joean seeks peer-to-peer relations with all nations and people of the world not of that of a Master Slave um so you know peer-to-peer community
(20:29) ation also by the way you know it's just like mixing chains together this stuff has become in incredibly difficult uh you know it's because the exhaustion of IP addresses and and that and just it's it's just unfortunate are not communicating directly with each other but they're communicating with some kind of Provider um but you know there is another way to do this actually IPv6 has been around since the 990s and they actually you know the engineers who designed this actually built it with uh
(21:03) device to device communication which is peer-to-peer um you know as the like that's one of the initial goals um so you know something I wanted to say is that we can't guarantee the future but we can build the pillars on which that future stands on and so you know right now adoption of blockchain technology in use you know in velocity in use is pretty much at an all-time low but the speculation on um it is actually at an all-time high so you know this gives us a unique opportunity to actually put the
(21:38) base layer in place uh you know while there's a lot of excitement and interest in all of this and so you know as a proof of concept of what's capable because of these Primitives you know with IPv6 for example there's no uh there's no bloat you know you can just communicate peer-to-peer and handshake because it's um you know the identity chain it uh you know like removes the need for any kind of central service to manage all of that and so an ecosystem in I mean not the the kind of like the architecture of this um uh like
(22:16) POC is is it's super simple basically you know the the I mean there's no such thing as a client they're all the same they're just peers but one of the peers basically just kind of um you know gets information about another peer that trying to communicate with from the blockchain and you know sends a message to it you know verifies everything and and vice versa it just all happens direct and you know much faster also because there's no Central server to verify anything Etc um so yeah this actually this PC I
(22:48) uploaded it on GitHub so um like anyone can try it out uh you know it's like again it's a POC but you know there's a lot that can come with this I wrote some notes in the um read me but basically um you know like chat rooms can really be the relays or the servers and and all messages can just be direct peer-to-peer and and you know obviously there's going to be some issues with privacy with people watching you know packets going from IP to IP so uh you know onion routing can also be applied to to mitigate that um so you
(23:28) know to be king is to be free we live in a world with you know existing technological systems and existing social systems those are laws so only when all of us are Kings of our own domains both technologically and legally will actually be free and we can actually do this now because joean as a nation can recognize other people as kings of their Nations and technologically you can you know have handshake on the IPv6 internet and be your own entity online without relying on anything else you know Sovereign so to speak um and this is how we can hack
(24:06) our way to Freedom both in Tech and the world uh because basically you know the only way to stop all of this kind of movement is to you know do away with the laws of the past and the present and you know the future as well as do away with the ability to use technology and I think that's going to be really hard so you know I think they're just going to have to join us in the end so yeah um that's the end of the presentation and um I hope it made sense and was you know interesting to everybody that was um
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