MASQ: Bringing Web3 & Privacy Into The Browser Space

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(00:03) [Music] oh here it [Music] is [Music] [Music] shh [Applause] all right we are I think yeah people have been waiting for this one so we uh yeah we're um you you've been very active in in Twitter or X or whatever it's called now and uh and the socials and you've been your community is doing great at mask so I'm really excited to see today session Alex what do you think uh I am also very excited I know everybody else is the the chat we had
(01:07) earlier with the dpin group um I think set the perfect foundation for this um so yeah just excited um all right with are we gon to be sharing a presentation or sharing a screen here yes sir yes sir I mean damn the production level is so good with this whole event I got to say how can you not be amped watching those intro videos right yeah that bit me one like the sh and then yeah I don't even know I mean it's funny because like the crowd you can't hear them but it's like they're they're probably wow they're
(01:41) like whoa wow that's so cool you know everyone's Blown Away with this St for those of you who don't know we should all know by now but Mass browser uh is is here to present um integrating handshake of course but also all sorts of amazing Tech all under one Hood so let's Stand By and learn a thing or two all right yeah now thanks for having us I'm really enjoying everything in handic con so far I got to catch a few sessions yesterday um I caught part of the session before which was the stateless
(02:13) Daye um you know the the Daye implementations by rvic who I feel is like automatically a super fan of mask but I'm a super fan of his work because I've seen so much that he's been building uh and Nathan Woodburn like both those guys are just so they just impressed me so much um then o gez like Alex like Mike I mean all the people like you guys literally have one of the best communities I've seen in crypto this is my eth year in crypto this is literally one of the best you know open um just welcoming um incredible community so you
(02:47) know I'm just grateful to be here I'm stoked that you guys uh invited us to do a session and just to Showcase how mask is really offering a window into the amazing stuff that handshake has built on the protocol layer um it's basically you know I'll talk about it today but you know it's cool to build amazing stuff but if no one can dive in and see it use it feel it touch it um you really can't you know it doesn't go far so um yeah today we'll talk about bringing web 3 and privacy
(03:18) into the Privacy into the browser space I'm going to show a demo today too this is our latest greatest version nine of 0.9 of the Mask browser super super excited to show that because loads of people people been waiting everyone in our community is just waiting waiting with baited breath waiting to see it come out so I'm going to Showcase that uh for those who want to jump into some um immediate Alpha we have our brand new website live just for handshake just for handon 2024 go to mask browser.
(03:49) com you'll see our new refreshed amazing brand new shiny inviting friendly personalized uh personified I should say website uh which is going to be the Forefront of our product this where everyone's going to find out about handshake in the browser it's where everyone's going to find out about mask so as we know today handy con 2024 the theme is red resilience Evolution diversification it's really timely to speak about these things you know because in the world of blockchain now um I want to slide ahead World in
(04:24) blockchain and decentralized Tech now is growing is growing so rapidly into the mainstream uh these are important ideas and things that we need to Rally around uh but let's let's all for a second there's a question for the crowd just to think about what do you guys guys and girls what do you feel inside when we drop these big names Amazon Google Apple Microsoft meta I can I can hear through the through the Silence of the crowd I can't Oh Daddy what do you guys and girls feel nowadays when you hear these names do
(05:03) you feel good about using their products and platforms do you feel comfortable when you think about how your most personal connections and information flows through these companies I got to admit many people we chat to these days through mask through Tech through web 3 these companies do not elude positivity feelings around them as much if at all now you know um a lot of people have said this is the stuff that they feel uh when they or this is the stuff they think about when they hear these big names that I've show
(05:35) that I'm showing on the screen ads strict invasive predatory but here's the thing we also hear lots and lots of the users who use these platforms say this word convenient We Love convenience humans Love convenience we pay for convenience and at the moment a lot of us are paying through the loss of privacy through our information we spread through online that's what we're paying with and these companies are monetizing that and that's you know there's a business model for that it's many many years old now but
(06:14) today's reality in the digital realm is there's lots of decentralized tools we can use and protocols I can shake that offer ways around this for resilience but they're not the most convenient for people to use let's be honest it's a big part of our theme today is how do we make it more convenient so what if there was a way we could make it convenient that's where the browser comes in so what mask we're trying to do what our solution and what we're doing actually I shouldn't say trying anymore
(06:43) because we're over four years in the making what we're what we're building is user resilience through a privacy OS browser experience and I'm excited to talk about that technology today because it's firmly based in our vision that is shared by handshake and that strong partnership was almost inevitable that we cross paths in this way because we're bringing forth an evolution and user resilience using a diversified approach to a decentralized internet so I'm sure you guys and girls saw what I did there
(07:13) right I used all the red themes um it's hard to deny though that these days the in the digital world the window into that is the web browser whether that's a tablet a laptop a phone a desktop computer um everyone experiences online and digital um experiences and and products through a browser for the most part and if you look at the browser market share worldwide Chrome has an enormous majority market share and that might be fine I mean they've given us a lot of cool stuff and they like to Rebrand and rename anything but you know
(07:48) we have chromium which was open sourced and that's how a lot of browsers and cool things are evolved and built and and uh and experimented with so that's that's actually inside our Mass browser as we are built on a chromium Fork so it is very well adopted very well security monitored and we Downstream get all the great privacy and security updates but in reality browsers have fundamentally remained the same since the days of Netscape and Internet Explorer in terms of user experience so because of that
(08:20) the ways that people explore and experiment and enrich their online experiences they got to use customized plugins extensions and other add-ons and they're frequently the go-to solutions for people who want a more sophisticated or modern or enriching or web 3 web four experience so this creates quite a gap for users to bridge from Web Two to web three and even to web four like Chad mentioned the other day in his session which I really enjoyed you know with him Paul and Todd talking about the concept of web four with with L gatee Keepers
(08:51) you know uh through handshake but many mainstream browsers are behind in this they're when it comes to safely integrating things just just like handshake to domain resolution um web three connections to onchain data and decentralized data retrieval from stuff like ipfs they're all quite far behind um so we want to stand in the front with mass browser put this in front of the users and bring these things to life in ways that most other browsers are just trying to explore now um some browser companies are simply leaving their uses
(09:22) behind you know to their own Solutions so what we've been building and curating is a native web3 experience in a browser that can become your everyday driver we want that browser experience to be modular we're long-standing projects like handshake that are truly D driven by decentralization and a freedom-based culture they can seamlessly enter the screen of millions of users with all the conveniences you guys already guys and girls already enjoy from other browsers so this curate experience draws from our
(09:55) vision at mask whether you are just a few examples whether you are a user and R who's blocked from using Twitter or your journalist who is living in some other country trying to uh publish and report on the ground uh through to Global media sites but you're oppressed by the infrastructure there or you live in a country where you're simply unbanked you know um the authorities are blocking at crypto and digital asset access to platforms because they don't like this this user resilience in the financial area mass
(10:27) provides user resilience in these aspects because we're offering our basically our Flagship feature of borderless browser so what you're seeing on the screen that's just a still but that's what our iterations are moving to with the browser um you'll see a desktop F which is our privacy OS and you've got on the right hand side a panel which could eventually be ported and it will be made at some point into an extension which can live in other browsers and let you connect to that and so the network
(10:57) is built by the users um running their mask and they're sharing their bandwidth safely and securely across the world so of course at mask we delivered this in what we call the web 3 privacy Os or the Privacy OS uh where privacy is by default that's our that's our slogan in terms of this privacy ethos and protecting your information users can operate anywhere in the world and anywhere on the Privacy spectrum that they want because some people are very privacy Centric they like to protect everything they like to have very you
(11:33) know strict layers of access for things they want to set up and then you've got people towards the other side who they don't really worry too much they like to dabble a little bit maybe they turn on a VPN when they want to watch Netflix in a different country or access a site whatever there's a whole range but all those users can gain resilience to the Big Data silos out there that I named right at the beginning um through using mask so why is browser privacy important and why is preserving digital personal
(12:05) value really key for our future well we share a lot of personal information online our browsing habits are often tracked and we use a lot of platforms we use a lot of sign-ins and accounts that we do business with as a customer as a business um and a lot of that's very open and upfront right you know we're going to sign up for an account with an email address we're going to put in personal details and become a customer that personal shared that's mostly visible and up front you're aware of it the user knows where
(12:35) a lot of our data and value of the data and personal value of you as a human is being extracted as on the invisible layer in the form of cookies trackers ad clicks and even geolocation data being picked up from websites you just have open in the background and all these things leak your personal value online in the form of your digital info so that's how big G and these CL and these Giants are getting rich okay they're monetizing each of us and these are processed through ad platforms and sold and you know there's value in that
(13:13) but you know none of that not a lot of that value often trickles back to us as the users and that's why web 3 is a powerful concept and a powerful movement is because yes read write own part of that own is you're owning your value or keeping your value that normally leak out to these large companies who monetize it and they're obviously growing bigger by the year I mean it's it's amazing watching what's happening so on that basis alone mask browser minimizes your personal data leakage by
(13:46) blocking trackers ad clicks destroys your cookies uh for you your browser history is removed by default if you uh you know close your browser and that's all on a design model delivering privacy by default so in the sense you get security when you need it through our encrypted mesh Network the mass network powered by peers on the protocol layer and also you get Superior privacy browsing when you want it with just a few clicks so what I'm going to show you now is a demo of our software Mass browser running if there's a few things you
(14:24) haven't seen before and you're a user that's cuz you're here on the front seats for the alpha so uh maybe Mike and Alex you can let me know is that showing up okay on the screen or give me a bunch of Love on the Emojis hope everyone can see awesome okay so we're running live you can see I am here in Hobbit toown in New Zealand down under and I'm browsing on my normal internet right now and we've added a few things here some of it can't be seen uh some of it can but uh one thing I wanted to show is I
(15:09) think it's in actually we'll start with this this is our new website which I'll just use a public resolver I was hoping for the last version of the other software here to show it but I saved it it didn't work it's all right everyone should go to our new website please try out what you're about to see um we're going to release that version ASAP but please look at what we've put out on the new website and give us feedback because some of the people listening and watching you're
(15:47) just hearing about mask through handshake and yes we're integrating a lot of that amazing Tech but um at the same time you know we want you to try this out because we we live and Thrive and build this on user Fe feedback so that's where we're showcasing everything we've got handshake as a partner here and lots of cool stuff but let's make the magic happen right I'm going to connect I want I want some privacy right now with what I'm doing in this browser so I want to connect to the mass
(16:18) network and I want to consume I want to be protected here across my internet so it's going to go through I've only clicked three times it's going to go through do some steps all the cool stuff's under the hood we talked about it in our DP pin D uh web panel users don't always care that much really what's going on they just want to see it work so what was that 10 seconds we're connected to mask across the mask Network it's hopping a little bit I'm now in Germany and I can go and surf websites
(16:54) like I'm in Germany so I'm getting privacy I want it now this can apply to H&S domains if you hop to an H&S domain you might want to see uh visit something and maybe you don't want your ISP to know what you're doing and I've already hopped to the Netherlands so I'm in a different site altogether so we you know we have that as our mesh Network we have that as jump mode by default you're hopping at different places as long as that website can be served you'll get it privately
(17:25) through mask and people might be wondering okay well how does this work well to keep it very simple and not to um you know nerd out too much because I do get carried away maybe someone should give me like a signal if I do get too carried away with technical stuff um our privacy OS the way it works is our unique Network protocol that runs the mass network it looks like normal traffic so when I'm browsing the MK Network here of mask website um everything looks like normal data it's encrypted with tcpip it's a standard
(18:04) packet that's 60 to 70% of all traffic that goes through all the Big Data Centers of the world to Route things and each user on the network that's running mask and serving the network from this browser turning on their serving as a node they cannot see any other uh they cannot see all the other users in the network and they can only pass data to the four people before users around them so these are the Hops and everything's encrypted using the same encryption method that most of the internet's based
(18:36) on so no other users at all can see what's being passed around and then the final node which if some people understand networking and um tour things like VPN tour things like that the exit node will be in some other country for me right now the exit node's in the UK that exit node is a mask user they also don't know where that dot has come from and the server won't know where the user was from the server just sees the exit node giving them the traffic so in summary all this works privately using concepts of VPN and tour
(19:12) and we're giving users a seamless browsing experience with hardly any setup so right now I'm using all that technology I've I've just spent 10 to 15 seconds just to set it up um and so you know it's very much private I don't know very much how you can make it more private by default but because the user's ISP doesn't know where the traffic's going the mask users themselves don't know where the DOA is from or where it's going next and the end Server doesn't see the real user's
(19:44) IP it's really really putting that privacy by default right in the front of the experience but without the users really knowing so that's the real Bridge of this web2 to web 3 you know privacy feeling privacy OS another mention um important point to mention is that if something these days can be censored or controlled it is increasingly likely that they're going to do that somehow some uh entity or regime or Corporation is likely to do that at some point so we obviously felt as part of this Vision to
(20:19) partner with handshake it was it was necessary and supporting H&S domains is necessary to make things as centralized as possible but we want that in a native way because we do see a future where users can preserve their privacy but also having access to everything they may wish on the clear web you know and that involves a decentralized naming system being resilient that's the key being resilient from the grips of I can and they've you know been mentioned on lots of speaker points because they are
(20:51) really the real gatekeeper that's hiding in plain sight to most of the internet users of the world are billions of people so how are we involving handshake well sticking with the E out of red which is the theme for the conference we're evolving we're building and growing amazing things and that does require us as Builders to adapt and evolve especially in the product space so in the Privacy space in the browser space I should say specifically we got to evolve the experience of people from Web Two to web 3 we've got to make that
(21:27) work um so again web browsers are the window to all the wonders of web 3 and web 4 and Beyond so we have to make it as easy as possible for them to use uh so one big aspect we built into the browser is our web3 dap store now the live version of this which we'll release will have a handshake uh in the DAP store it'll have some of the uh very amazing tools that some of your community have built such as like H&S links and your video meeting over H&S which I know Nathan is is amazing at building a lot
(22:04) of these tools and all the other people they'll appear in here and everyone and anyone and everyone can just explore them can add them to their um their launcher here and you get this experience where you can really live in these spaces and right now I've got a workspace a finance space and a play space in the future mask well I mean very soon actually not I don't want to say in the future because that sounds like it's farther than it is but you know very soon um if not you know Quarter Two which is just around the
(22:38) corner premium users will get ways to have lots of features and if you hold a bunch of mask you become a premium user in the browser you can customize these spaces you can add Extra Spaces and basically live in each area uh that you want based on what your interests are you know if you want to go and do some web three um games you know you can you can hop on your space have all those bookmarks there um browse that stuff and really just enjoy web 3 right at your fingertips um you can notice the speed is a little bit slower only because it's
(23:14) hopping through three Hops and I'm down here in Hobbit Town way at the other side of the Earth in New Zealand I'm having to hop through quite a distance to get to the content but one feature that's coming also very soon is what we call our node hop feature this is where you can customize how many hops you have it's a trade of hop privacy security or yeah security like privacy um layers for Speed and I might only want one hop like a VPN or two hops and get faster delivery of the content where it's just
(23:47) less uh privacy layering from the Hops and what's cool is we we'll also be building native support as native as we can into mask to make that the most seamless experience possible for users so the segment prior to this was stateless Dane that's like the the um I guess the tippy top a goal because that really provides as it says a stateless way to authenticate a domain is is um valid using the blockchain H&S blockchain and delivering that content to the user and therefore users won't have to install anything custom they
(24:27) just install a wonderful looking browser called mask and decides to navigate to all the cool things um and what's amazing is handshake has offered many Pathways for users to access a protocol you know there's lots of tooling being built and especially now with uh The Happening which has just opened up thanks to the world there's a huge diversification not just for the decentralized domain Marketplace but for the builders and visitors of all the websites being built across a us um so there's just you know
(25:02) a lot of that access which is being Diversified you know to to end with the D out of red diversification to get user adoptions is going to be the key and again browsers are the window right you need everyone able to access this technology as easy as possible so we've got a lot more features built in here I mean um we're going to have name cheap not not name cheap name base and various H&S Partners also able to appear in this stap store people can navigate to them straight away and again if I want to
(25:41) just navigate to my normal you know across my normal internet connection it's as easy as two clicks I'm back in New Zealand and my normal location and I can navigate to wherever I want so we want to make this modular um another partner of ours is presearch for example so you know you kind of can layer this privacy stack if you will where you might have you know you're going from a decentralized domain in H&S to I want to do a search well now it's a decentralized search aggregator which is not tracking you uh the IPS are up you
(26:22) know privatized so no one in the path can really know what you are doing as a user and you're getting you know you're getting uh decentralized all the way through then you might want to use your favorite crypto sites or digital assets you've got leading leading name uh wallet providers out of the box um all sorts of stuff here we're going to have a encrypted wallet to- wallet chat that will appear as a as a Dap a native dap and so many things like the amazing thing is we want to diversify this
(27:01) ecosystem as well and so we're constantly talking to Partners and if anyone has an amazing project which you feel is so firmly in the ethos of what handshake represents what mask represents what personal data sovereignty represents please reach out because that dap store is is open to curation by Partners projects community and eventually want to decentralize this where it's it's just a list that people can curate vote on verify all online and maybe even on chain one day soon that that is now also censorship resistant um
(27:41) trustless where you know it's actually a real uh legit site not a fishing link and those types of things so you know that ecosystem is already quite rich but it's it's just the sky the limit the vision is so expansive um that that's that's what it looks like uh so just to get back to my slides I got real excited showing this demo so I mean I haven't even looked at the chat if anyone um wants to ask a few questions I'll have a look here wallet to wall the chat yeah that's something we're trying
(28:13) to build in H&S search hey we'll put that we'll put that in there we're gonna we're g to get this going and I had my let's see get back to my presentation just a few more points that I'll cover today too um but yeah i' I've just can't express how much I've enjoyed working with the handshake Community working with the people I've met you know even even the the community developers it has been such a cool experience and honestly I think some of the people here don't realize how rich
(28:49) and um amazing a community is and you might go to other communities and see uh you all have an amazing amazing community and just seeing something like these handy con events you know how much goes into these but how amazing experiences is amazing um oh someone said does it resolve H&S names right meow uh it does through thirdparty resolvers which was our first phase of implementation we got a bit stuck on the Privacy layer of that so we do want to make sure we can natively integrate it even more but like I said the ultimate
(29:25) goal I mean this and we're very actually amazing amly um granted a a research Grant from open systems shout out to open systems as well with Eric um to do that you guys want to say something jump in awesome I think we more minutes right so maybe we can help with Q&A or I think there is some Q&A in Q&A tab oh there is yeah I got on my little rant there with the want to vot up maybe ones that they like us to focus on because there's quite a few now um but I think Alex is a pretty good one it says uh how is how is it free how
(30:10) do you make money to fun yeah Fair good very good question yeah so the whole network is is is pretty much as pure utility as you can get um at the moment there is no centralized you know monetization for the project or the team per se everything's peer-to-peer so if you're opening your mass browser and you're serving your payments you receive in the mass token for people routing through your your node is from other peers um in the future it will certainly be uh you know like a protocol fee that's that's added to fund development
(30:45) to Foster an ecosystem to Grant to projects to build on us uh but right now it's all it's all open just peer-to-peer only and right now actually everything is free it's on the testnet Mumbai on the polygon ecos system and everyone can use it for free um what you didn't see in the beginning of the software starting up before I um shared live is it it we've got a built-in custom faucet which aird drops every new user tokens test tokens so the minute you open this you can use it you can test drive
(31:18) everything and it's free awesome yeah okay yeah quite a few more um yeah I think when asianist websites I don't know if you have a date um obviously we're all here excited to resolve natively yeah we were we were wanting to dig into that stateless Dane um in the Dane implementations I know there's a browser two that are doing it um what what our goal would be first I I guess our next Milestone next would be to allow it to work over your open browsing so when you're browsing across your normal you're not using the me mesh you
(32:00) know the Privacy Network the mass network um we wanted to work on that which which will work pretty easily uh where we're doing a little bit more work which is a sort of a more complicated layer is when mask is turned on and you're doing the multihop routing um the way the resolving works with getting a H&S domain to resolve is a little slightly different in that layer so we're just working at The Kinks on that it's toing a little longer taking a little longer to work uh but there's also lots of ways that we can do it
(32:31) because there's amazing community members who are building you know their own resolution servers um yeah other implementations so yeah it's hopefully in Q2 I don't want to give a date but that's what we're understand uh it was a chat I think worth it so you can earn on this network right so he's asking um what are the tokenomics of being a node yeah fair enough um there's got to be incentives right so you know what what we what we know in basic economic terms is that there's a supply and
(33:07) demand right so in in the way that we have borderless browsing as a concept there'll be a very big amount of of users in the world who are in a relatively unrestricted place where they're freely able to navigate websites and do all that and those are desirable places because content which is desirable in those places will be one to be demanded by people who are in restricted places right so running a node in somewhere like the us or like the UK or whatever you'll probably Garner a lot of traffic because lots of
(33:38) users are requesting content from those places uh so the tokenomics is really if you're running a node uh or running the browser for example you turn on serving you're sharing your bandwidth with whatever requests are are going through your node um and that can depend on the traffic at the time how many users are on uh what users are requesting what but once the network is is more is grows more it'll just have a very Balan sort of deply and demand and people will be running um you can leave it running
(34:10) overnight for example when you're not using much bandwidth and wake up and there's a whole bunch of mass tokens there for just leaving it running while people are browsing um the other side of the tokenomics is for the consumer side right now a lot of people who use privacy tools for example a typical VPN it's not pay as you go right you pay a monthly subscription you might give them your credit card info so they obviously they know everything about you for the most part there are some cool VPN that
(34:38) allow you to pay with Monero and crypto and stuff which is great uh but essentially you pay for a certain amount per month and you can use certain amount maybe they throttle you at a certain point um consuming on mask is pays as as you go so you can use it when you want it when you need it uh you will pay your node Neighbors for serving but if you also serve as well as consume on the network you might have a cost zero or a net gain of using mask where dayto day you're turning it on you use a little bit here a little bit there while you're
(35:11) running at night it's serving and you might wake up and you've spent zero or you might gain some on the main net because you know you're only using what you need so in that sense there's there's quite a novel economy to it um I've seen other ways done with other projects in the niche but yeah we feel like it's going to be very successful yeah so this question se you just answered you can run you can do both at the same time on the same machine Yes actually let me show the screen again um one of the reasons this
(35:41) version was a lot longer in the making for the part of this year is that we had both we wanted to reiterate on that setting so before you had to do a couple things you had to do a speed test and things like that you know for now we're we're we're changing away from that but you can go to the screen you can click both of these and serve and earn at the same time as consuming so I didn't turn on serving because I there's a chance that it will knock me off the stream because it it does a a little change on my router you
(36:14) know to to make it serve um but most of that's automatic if your router's compatible out of the box which a lot will be with this new version you'll just click a few buttons and it'll it'll connect it'll say yep you're got you're going on and if there's traffic through your node you know it'll show you so you can do both um one aspect we want also is a premium user might want to say use the normal internet on their ISP and serve at the same time which we'll call serve only we're going to
(36:49) make that a premium feature um we haven't launched all this information yet because we're right on the cusp of launching the version but we're going to make that a premium feat Fe so if you want to browse the normal web and serve or you know while you're doing it it'll be like you know a premium feature so premium has like some extra cool stuff uh but you can do both or you can do one um the the choice is yours and so it's very customized now a lot of a lot of Solutions in the space you have to run
(37:20) something from command line and do all this config and set up crazy stuff or you know run two softwares I mean we took a lot of work to make this all in one couple clicks boom Grandma can do it yep I I I want to bring it up you might see in the chat of course privacy is a concern but there's end I've been studying this there's end points and relay points right so are you a relay are you an endpoint because endpoint's a little bit riskier is that like a higher monetization I think or you could just
(37:48) be a relay I don't want get so technical I don't know if I think you know what I'm talking about but some people in the chat about privacy and uh and security and you know like would you get the like FBI at your door or something or a letter in the mail or something like that yeah very very good point very good point because you know you don't want to open up any more risk you know if if you can help it um so yes there is a higher monetization for people who operate as exit nodes so if someone is an exit node
(38:20) you'll be paid a little more if you are uh delivering that traffic from the server back through the routing to the user and if you're a routing uh user right now you can't choose between being a router only and like what they call in tour relay only uh you can't choose that at the moment but here's the real important aspect that we we have built in thinking about that very thing we have a a setting called content filter content filtering right now it defaults to cloudflare family meaning that you're
(38:53) filtering family friendly content if you want to serve the network yes yes it's absolutely fair you will maybe have concerns about someone visiting a militia site a site that might have malware uh x-rated all sorts of stuff you can choose one of these options to serve filtered content which means it's familyfriendly or safe or it blocks um a known list of of bad sites whatever that is and there's mainstream options here you can add a custom option too what that means is if someone is uh browsing
(39:26) through the network and your node is serving that traffic as the exit node it won't deliver it if it's something that it screens as bad through mainstream providers yeah yeah thanks for clarifying because in the chat there was some discussion about it so yeah people can choose how filtered uh they want their traffic to be yeah 100% so if you say hey look I don't really mind I just want to serve as whatever anyone uh delivers me and and you know maybe someone has run tour noes before and they want to have incentive to do so on
(39:58) mask in a similar concept yeah you can just choose any anyone um but then if you're concerned and you want to make sure it's it's safe you can do that here uh so yeah definitely very important though because you don't we don't want people to have inherent risk that they're not aware of um but at the same time um you do have a higher incentive as well when you're serving content um so yeah that's all built in awesome is mask automatically going to load balance on on the consumer side I'm
(40:28) using a node that node says I don't want to serve certain sites as a consumer I don't notice the difference I'm guessing right it just hop to another provider yeah yeah very good uh question on that too um right now the node The Hop engine or I guess yeah what we call it sort of routing engine built in yeah if if it tries a route and that end node is is saying nope I can't do the site it will auto retry I think up to two or three times so within milliseconds it will try again on another route
(40:58) and then um your node itself also is the one that builds all the routes which is on a technical level different from tour tour you're relying on uh directory nodes which um there's a project out there that got really sort of um pushed around uh because Tor decided to ban all the nodes that they were running for that Network and they do that through the directory service whereas ours as permission list you're only going to have routing that you know from your node presence so if you can't get to
(41:28) something it will try another route and it's going to build that and it will save that route as a reference in just locally in your machine so if you try to go to that site again it'll say oh well this route worked last time I'm G to try it again and you'll start building these connection connections through the mesh so fascinating um sorry to harp on this one but uh the handshake resolution isn't quite there yet when it when it arrives we think it's going to be an app an app I will download on the App Store
(41:59) to enable it is that the did I understand that correctly or uh we'll have it native we'll have it native in here um we want it to be just out of the box I mean we might put it as a toggle I guess we'll see what users feel if you'd like it as a toggle um or maybe you know in the first implementation which is really close you might be able to choose what resolver you want to use because I know there's a few out there like H&S H&S DNS um or yeah H hdns there's a whole bunch of them um we'll probably
(42:28) give a lot of choices to the users which is kind of our theme with things so just to give one example too on on live and I know we're almost at a time but um for example in the settings you can go down and you know Say Hey I want to use duck. go as my as my default search engine I don't know why you'd want to do that as web three people but we've given that option you got other browser extensions you can turn on and off you know steering away from the from the big fox here for lots of reasons they're not
(42:55) very privacy Centric but yeah you have lots of choices so we we would um predict that the options around H&S and handshake will probably be there for users too awesome love it thank you there was one chat maybe if we can sneak it in H&S broker asked I don't know if you're aware but in 2026 I can't will be releasing more tlds so there will be collisions they're going to be releasing collisions with us so would you resolve I guess maybe you're kind of saying it might be a toggle or default but if
(43:27) there is a collision I don't know if you follow what we mean but would you follow the handshake blockchain or the I can new TLD yeah very good question I think that's something that we'd like the community to to you know get feedback on I mean I know here in this in this forum it's obvious that handshake would be preferred but again know you hear it from other speakers how you know you don't want to um for for the right reasons you may not want impersonation if it isn't done in the right way um but
(44:00) I think yeah you're right Mike it probably end up as a toggle where we let a user decide hey which one would I prefer and then we can somehow build that um feature routing in there so it will it would follow what the user wants but yeah you're right there will be collisions in the future so we've got a year or two to to start looking at that yeah putting some last some people are asking for Android there's a few more questions been a lot of good engagement we're a little bit over time now but uh sure is there Android I think
(44:29) it's pure desktop right or or where can people where can people use this yeah so right now we're pure desktop app um once all versions are building well it'll be Windows Mac and Linux we have a snap but we also have an app image for those with different flavors uh with a couple guides to help uh run those we do want to look at porting it to an Android app um what you're seeing on the screen for the technical people this is built in reactjs and deployed in electron and the reason why that's important is
(44:58) reactjs can be ported to react native which is what a lot of pretty much all the apps on Android are built in so we were Horizon planning in that way because we want to try and make it as an Android app very quickly when we're ready so we I mean let's be real how many billions of users are on their phone browsing as opposed to the desktop so if we can use mask as that Gateway and that window for H&S at your fingertips from a phone everyone wins right that's diversification great this is really cool thanks so much
(45:32) yeah I really appreciate um the presentation and your support and the live demo and everything so um yeah everybody should support I've been I've been using it you can also but the token I think you also get like VIP benefits if you have the token or it seems like even now but at least in the future right so you get like preferential traffic or other things by holding the token mask right 100% that we call that the mask premium so if you hold uh we actually this this last B Alpha for the day we're dropping that
(46:02) amount up to now it's been a thousand to um the hold right yeah so we now you know it's about probably a year ago we implemented that limit and that's appreciated a lot and we know a lot of users we don't want them to be um priced out of having cool features so it's we're dropping it to 500 for anyone just to get all the same features I showed you now with perks and stuff and then the the versions from this it's going to be tiered so you might have certain features you want they'll be like if you
(46:30) hold this much you can get these features if you hold this much you get this cool unlock and it's going to be more like user customized uh gamified in a way so people can sort of get what they want and build up their their loyalty benefits so yeah that's that's the other part of the utility we have so really excited for that too I'm sure a lot of the community are really excited for that too but um for those who are new or or maybe used a little bit um the biggest change you'll see is is that the
(46:57) minute you open this browser you can use it um there's no um premium lock on using it as a normal browser on your normal web you can browse off mask on the normal web your normal IP straight out of the box and we know that user adoption will just dramatically multiply because of that so it's pretty cool nice nice all right I think we got a little nwork but uh but yeah so mass browser.
(47:25) com and uh is there anything other any points Alex you have I don't I don't have any uh any points I think that was I'm actually I'm playing around with it so sorry we are G yeah I'm using it too I've had it before but yeah yeah it's gonna be new and improved there's a lot of cool stuff in this new version which took a while new um thing and yeah we've got a little video outro as [Music] well [Music] I made my home in a t bom and now we so happy with 28 years of Free Falling nice awesome that's cool I think people
(48:23) want a part two huh yeah yeah we need part two okay a everybody amazing thank you thank you thank you so much take care sorry going over no we got much today but this was a lot of people were waiting for this session so thanks so much for sharing and your support for handshake nice anytime you guys are amazing I always want to support amazing communities and Builders out there so keep doing what you're doing we love it we're part of it and uh Hey resilience Evolution diversification we're all here
(48:56) for that and that's that's gets going forward man keep it up Cheers Cheers thanks [Music] guys