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(00:03) [Music] w hello all once again um we're back for the next SE I can't talk today the next SE session for for handic cot uh 224 after the um Flamingo handshake auction which was very exciting right um and we are here with Aaron oxborrow the CTO um of namebase to tell us about all of the new exciting updates happening in um the name based uh world over there you know for some of us that is our
(01:08) platform of uh choice and definitely um one of the uh probably most uh important platforms um as it uh pertains to um the whole handshake universe so we always need to know what's happening and what's new over there and with that said we are going to let Aaron take it away all right thank you um forgive me I'm not not trying to do video today but um I have uh some slides I suppose uh of recent recent stuff we've done at name base and stuff we're working on and I'm just going to go down
(01:56) the list talk about them um if you have questions you can send them in the chat or Q&A um so uh gateway gateway rescue operation Gateway rescue has been a saga I think it's two years two years in the making I don't remember exactly when they disappeared but um we uh around the beginning of the year we got uh all the user data from dateway and so we were able to um email everybody about their domains um we we had we've extended them all to the end of the year and uh you can claim them for free on name
(02:48) cheep uh if you play them on another registar it will be uh the normal renewal price and it will extend the domain when you claim for free on name cheap it does not extend the domain uh so that's Gateway rescue um a uh popular subject I'm sure name name based renewals has been a a big uh a long Hefty project is a lot involved uh it was really easy to just renew the domains uh but once we um started looking at what what it would look like to have hundreds or thousands of domains are expiring and control uh controlling
(03:38) them and be willing to like manage your uh how much that costs uh it gets complex but um so we have this new renewals dashboard you can le 30 60 90 days into the future it um calculates how much H&S you need um so ruls are 10 ahns for 2 years um and a lot of people I don't think anybody is really complain too much about the price it's it's 15 cents 15 cents a year uh but some people have suggested that like if the price of H&S goes way up then it'll be more expensive we we will we will adjust it so um It won't
(04:31) always be 15 cents but uh we were initially going to charge in like a dollar amount um but it just became really difficult to forecast how much H&S you would need to renew your your entire portfolio like as as HS like fluctuated you would like from one day to the next you would have not have enough in your in your um account so uh yeah doing it with a static price uh is the easiest to wrap our heads around um so in addition to the dashboard you also did an email uh a weekly email that's like a summary of If you have domains that are
(05:21) going to be renewing or expiring uh you get a receipt for every renewal um yeah that's pretty much it um I also see a lot of people talking about the transfer excuse me the transfer um uh I just want to like clear up some stuff so we we uh spent a lot of time on the transfer queue um last year and um the way it works is that if you go to transfer um a domain you should you should effectively be at the top of the queue um it's it's all weighted so if you if you reg are transferring like tens of thousands we we had uh super link was
(06:17) transferring millions of domains over the last year and so they were constantly filling up the queue but uh the way it works is is um this the little guys basically get put up front so um transfers should go as fast uh if you're if you're doing a small amount or a medium amount um they should go as fast as they possibly can um yeah um and then if you we don't have a bolt transfer interface but there's like at least three third part uh scripts you can use to do that I think there's like a Google there's like
(07:05) a Chrome extension uh I mean I I think self custody is great and uh I think you know if you want to take take Trust of your domains I'm not going to slow slow that down so uh the more onchain activity we have the better in my opinion all right so um here's another little feature um which is a who is for the name base registry and also an API um you finally fix the the Little Swagger thing uh so you can look up the status of any domain in the namebase registry you can also look at all the domains that are registered in the in
(07:53) the registry through the API so um like if you're doing uh like an S A leaderboard or you can you can look that up now real easy um so we have leaderboard we we added uh leaderboard for name based registry the total on the right is the total um alltime registrations when it first was live it was active current active registrations and now it's all time um and we added the same thing for hns ID um so we also uh recently launched staking for hns ID it's public staking you stake um can enter your name here and it it
(08:49) basically takes you to um name base uh and you goes through the process there it's similar to the registry um you cannot uh stake uh stake from Bob you have to State on name base uh so um we have uh oops we have uh some cool new names added um and I'm I'm excited to see some of the um people are talking about doing some interesting things like uh doing a nft uh like a permissioned mint um because it's because it's like uh an open contract there's a lot you can do
(09:54) um uh also uh we're going to work with the um owner of Noster to add uh enable um Noster uh naming for uh Noster it's called like nip 2 I think it's hard to forget is it nip two NP no nip five uh so they uh they allow domains uh as usernames U um and they have uh like a well-known scheme uh for verifying domains and they also have I think the DNS steam I forget but uh so we'll be able to enable um I think it would be like jack.
(10:52) um he has a he has a domain that we can um a a DNS domain that we can uh use as the bridge so anyway uh yeah we're going to do some custom development around this so that um you can use these in Noster um I saw something about I think the 4844 I don't actually is that I thought that that was just came for free um on optimism I don't know that we need to do anything um the the fees are insane though now they're so cheap it's it's ridiculous like uh moving moving stuff on optimism like
(11:49) half the time it's just zero you it's like three Zer it's not even the anyway yeah that's uh really cool um so yeah staing um I'll just uh skep down here like um the next uh big thing for hns ID is bridging to EP or bridging to the name base registry um so this would allow registrars like name cheap and circuit Port bun to sell hns ID uh domains they would just show up in the registry in the name based registry like to like the typical domains so this is a um I've talked about this a lot but it's
(12:42) like a relatively complex thing but once this uh happens then stating on hns will be like the preferred or the the only way to State like you'll State here and then um the registry will pick it up so you will have both both functionality um and then uh later we bring the tlds that are in the registry uh onto onto layer 2 uh so with the fees with the cheap fees that should be a lot easier to do or cheaper to do um I saw something that just registered someone said spaceship uh I know it's the um top requested feature I don't really have um
(13:35) too much insight into what is going on over there um so I don't know if it's under development or not um I do know that uh Thunderbolt is um gearing up or uh and it supports handshake uh tlds and slds now um okay so on to we're halfway done uh on to things that are in progress um so there's no no image for this but uh we we're adding additional filters categories and tags on the marketplace uh so the tags are like uh like namami uh like 3L and uh just um more easy to C actually well whatever
(14:42) there's there's categories and tags I'm not sure if if there's a difference but uh uh and then we're also going to fix up the the puny code which um we're going to uh we're going to have a standard for the we're going to use the standard for puny code so the the old like alt stuff will not show up as will not be rendered so I I think it's important because it makes the the real puny codes uh more valuable all right so this is a a big project for the year um these are just uh design comps shout out to
(15:31) uh not things are not real yet but um we we're going to make um subdomains kind of like a first class uh citizens on name base so uh right now there's like a weird there's like weird like gift things or you could make a subdomain just with DNS um but for domains that are state in the registry uh you'll be able to register them on name base pay with H&S pay renewals uh in H&S and then like manage them in your account set full DNS records um and so name base will will act as both the registry and registar and it
(16:17) can um can move domains uh like from name Chief to name base or move subdomains back and forth into other registers um um so uh I I uh earlier today I posted uh handshake Improvement um what is it proposal right uh which is uh to add profile data to domains wallet addresses to domains using text records uh so the I'm excited about this this is kind of like uh this spe is kind of boring but um I'll just briefly say that it's it's text records um where you set can set
(17:24) like an avatar description or links uh to services you set wallets uh for different cryptocurrencies and then um you'll also have like a spec for um the uh name base log in with name base so um we have kind of a lot of uh precedent for this there's like some loose standards that have been hanging around uh here's um H&S chat Avatar uh uh B like this profile Avatar and um Stefan uh actually was way ahead of his time and had um had done the original H hip 13 uh that was basically the same um a while back but never never got
(18:23) merged uh so the this this there's three parts to this uh um there's um there's profile records that you add to your domain like Avatar bio link or whatever uh there's um so let me let me just talk about those so here's here's a mockup of a a name a subdomain on name base that us is hip 13 it can Define like social records and profile and this stuff is this is not on chain obviously because it's a subdomain it's in DNS uh secured with DNS SEC but a TLD could be U could have these records on
(19:18) chain and um uh so we're going to we're going to make all domains uh support this standard on name base so if you want to use um but you know showing it on name base is not the end goal uh this is just like neat pretty to look at but like you want to build apps around it so like HS chat um and uh uh so we want to revive dinks and um what you'll notice if you look at this here's um edes links launched by our very own Nathan and if you look at the records here it looks very looks very familiar and this is not planned
(20:17) but this is like every one of these like bi links is basically the text records that are in Hip 13 so this domain nathan. Woodburn right now if you go to the site and you set these records but they're on his local database or whatever and and that's how uh that's how all these sites work they're they save your links in a database and they give you a little page and that's how D links work but with this uh new standard um those records are in DNS and they're portable so when you you could set them up on name base
(20:56) for example and then go over to to uh the dink uh site and it would it would they would all be populated already for you like portable your portable identity um so we want to revive D links um using using text records to Define everything and uh uh I'm not sure whether we use like actual um distributed St like distributed storage like ipfs again uh it's kind of been a hassle but um yeah so we'll bring back deink using this more open standard and then um the uh name base page will show these and then uh a big part of this proposal
(21:56) or a lot of the idea is that these this standard also will work for regular I can domains so when we build the dlink it's not going to be a handshake specific it's going to be separate from name base and it'll be um the standard is called idns identity DNS and it'll be like idns links or something um so it it means that like I can domains will can adopt it as well and um I'm looking at that as a way to like um grow uh people that are interested in handshake like bringing in um The Wider Market of domainers into this idea of
(22:45) domains as identity and then um they can see that handshake is is also an option um so one of one of the things it talks about in the spec is that uh like blue sky uses domains the at um the Twitter the new Twitter uh forecast or the other new Twitter uh also used uses domains um as their usernames and Thunderbolt uses domains as their usernames um so when you uh and we'll work with Thunderbolt so that they can adopt this standard so when you um there'll be like a retail app right out of the date that can use the standard when you go to log
(23:41) into Thunderbolt if your domain has these records it will populate like your profile image um and your name uh in Thunderbolt um sorry I'm just clicking around anyway so yeah the uh it will not be it's on a handshake specific uh uh standard we want to try and get adoption from all TRS of domains um so the third uh the third or one the other big part of um the standard is uh like sign in with domain um it's it still needs a lot of work but um uh R RF just absolutely tore tore me [Music] anyone I'm just kidding but uh we we
(24:39) kind of we also have the same um we also have the same like loose loose standard um we have uh varo o and we have the name base I don't know if you guys remember this but um base um or handshake login that you can use to uh that use to connect to name or news so we had the a good spec for this and uh I just want to like formalize it and uh make it more of a standard and so what and it's it's a good standard that could be used outside of handshake as well so like this is a um this is just like a dream or scenario
(25:35) where like you this is obviously the Gmail login but like in instead think of this is like logging into um I don't know uh something else figma and uh your your domain is the is your identity so you you can see that they have Kathy Jones I don't know if you can see that have Kathy jones.
(26:05) com is like their personal domain their personal identity through cat Avatar and then they have Kathy j. as like their professional subdomain issued by their employer uh so I would like to um build out kind of this uh infrastructure we I mean it's basically this it's basically this but instead of on name base it'll just be a more generic like um idns site so any app any domain anything that supports DNS um that supports the standard to could use it um and yeah I think that's the um will name base apply for the dot H&S
(27:11) TLD uh good question um Richard wants to and has said on multiple occasions that they'll try and get it um who knows when that happens um um that would be sweet that would be that would open A Whole New World um just that' be like the best possible bridge to DNS um so it would be interesting if we would have to um I suppose um we could discuss this but rather you know rather than just like taking the existing hns subdomains I I think instead we would make all of handshake uh resolvable through hns so all handshake names would
(28:07) be subdomains um just State collectible how to interact with the contracts um so docs. hsid um uh let I mean it's not easy it's not so so just a quick like the subgraph is where you want to go get all the data for existing domains and you can look at existing owners and um it's really amazing um it has this like playground where you can write graphql and get all the data uh uh so it's it's like a dewy for wearing the data um uh a joy a joy to develop with uh so that's like getting the data and then if
(29:11) you want to do something special with registering it's like it's not unique to hns ID you could look at any um like nft mint documentation um you would use like you would probably be using something like um this wag me Library whatever yeah so depending on what you want to do whether you need to actually like interact with the contract directly or if you just want to build a site you can you could start with the graph and um uh start like showing do collectible domains on a different you know if you wanted to have like a a central home for
(29:55) him and um and you can mint to the contract pretty easily like um we could we could probably put together a little the code to do that if you wanted to Mint from uh another site um yeah TLD leaderboard is it's I don't think it's linked anywhere I'm putting it in the chat um the name servers on hsad to resolve um they should work let's see like we have these
(31:01) um subdomains that use um maybe those aren't using our name server um but I'll look into it um uh will name chep insert Port bun cell HS ID slds once we are able to once we have this bridge um I would say right now if you unless you have a the difference between hns ID and name based registry is that hns ID has no uh syndication or marketing so if you just stake on there not a lot of people are going to see it um you know nobody's seeing it in their domain search so unless you have a plan to build something around your TLD and
(32:02) Market it and the TLD is like relevant for I would say uh like nft fans or the nft community um I would just probably go with the regular registry um yeah um I think the state tlds do support DNS SEC um um this yeah I don't I don't want to pull up the thing that I would usually check that with but um I'm pretty sure we added DNS to all the registry domains Sor right um I miss anything else they don't um actually that is our
(33:12) time um Aon thank you so much um for all of that information and all of the amazing updates that you shared um happening on name base and um we are actually going to throw to the um next session uh which I do believe is talking about uh liquidity so um I guess um maybe if you want to put in the chat where people can you know your handles where people can maybe uh reach you if they have more um questions or whatever but thank you so much and um that was all wonderful y thank you [Music] okay