Namelayer- An Introduction

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(00:03) [Music] w all right guys how's it going um today uh we're going to be presenting name La um I'm gonna pass it off to Andrew real quick hey how's it going guys good to see everybody here again um this year um so briefly what what we're um you know like a little bit of background I guess a little bit more about myself um is you know my role in the handshake project generally has been um the person that kind of helped put together the team right um you know the design and the engineering and these and uh and things
(01:07) like that weren't necessarily my doing um I definitely don't take uh credit for any of that um and and so I mean you know when I started thinking about like kind of you know how to um you know what value I could add most to kind of growing the handshake ecosystem um I I started thinking about you know kind of um yeah just you know doing that over again and leveraging lever ing those skills as much as possible um so yeah name layer is is kind of an example of that it's a it's an idea that's been
(01:38) kind of floating um in the community for a few few you know like maybe a few years now um and it's definitely something that you know I'm excited about and U so and and Rob here is is kind of spearheading the project so I'm just going to introduce um name layer and and what uh and kind of like the the problem statement and then let Rob kind of take it from there so yeah I guess the just the agenda here is um is focused around content creators um so so I have a thesis around this which is content creators Elite the world um we'll we'll
(02:14) describe kind of the cold start problem that that related to handshake in the ecosystem and then and then the solution um in name layer so content creators is an aspect uh is is like a trend I guess uh that I've been pretty obsessed about over the last year um and uh and I have this kind of view that content creators will eat the world and this may be you know a lot of you guys might um might see this going around too um so you I mean I think this is pretty it's a big Paradigm Shift um in terms of how people identify themselves
(02:52) um and so you know kind of today where we're at is um and this is so if you meet somebody new either at hanyon or at a bar or an airport um within the first two minutes um people will tend to kind of anchor their identity around another concept and and today a lot of that's done around nation states so if you meet somebody at the airport they might describe hey you know I'm Indian I'm Australian I'm you know from Irish Etc and um and so the the sense of belonging there really comes from res from where
(03:25) they live right um in the past um you know this this this C this could have been related to religion um with religions you know just based on you know how people dressed in the past when religions were the strongest form of identity anchor uh it would be it would be relatively obvious um and uh and that's you know based the source of belonging with that is based on their belief and and before that um you know kind of in in more ancient times um like the identity anchor most people had was around their surname around their blood
(03:59) um and so in each of these cases with nation states or religions or or or your bloodline um the second somebody said hey I'm Irish or I'm American or I'm Christian or or I'm you know Lee or whoever um it meant it construed a lot of other aspects of their character to him which is why you know identities these identity anchors are so useful um you'll start thinking about hey you know um you'll start anchoring like their beliefs or or values around around one of these identity anchors and so what's
(04:33) interesting that's happening now is you know these transitions in identity anchors happens over you know maybe hundreds or thousands of years um what you see with the younger generation oftentimes is that they'll anchor their kind of identity around the content creator that they follow um and you might have you know nephews cousins earlier s siblings kind of uh do this too they'll say like they won't they'll say hey I follow Tate or Rogan or Belmar or Kim kard passion and when they say these things they don't necessarily just
(05:03) mean that they spend time watching them on YouTube or Instagram they mean they actually like share their values um and and interests so um you know with Joe Rogan with somebody that you describes himself affiliated with Joe Rogan or part of the Rogan tribe they might it might mean they're into UFC or like biohacking or ancient Advanced civilizations or or something of that sort and same same with you know Tate Belmore and Kardashian and so yeah this is this is a very big cultural paradigm shift that that that that that's I think
(05:36) it's happening over time and and a subset of these content creators um not all of them but a subset of them um have these paid content creator communities so um you know Andrew Tate has one Luke Belmore has one um even Jordan Peterson has one and and these these paid communities uh are actually growing really fast and and to me they are a substitute the modern-day internet substitute of two institutions that are relatively on the decline which is in terms of like activity in community is the higher education and religious
(06:11) institutions um and so this is the digital um social media Ena version of these um and and so so um yeah I think these um all you know everything related to content creators is pretty disruptive um and and and part of that is related to um the fact that they've kind of inverted the attention um attention capture economics um you know like right now you'll see Mr Beast is outselling Hershey's um Hershey's a brand that's sent spent billions of dollars building up their brand over decades Mr Beast is
(06:47) out outselling them and at with higher profit margins and really the reason behind that is that Mr Beast gets paid to capture attention whereas you know Hershey's has to pay for it right in the form of advertisement so this this is a very highly like very disruptive kind of trend um which is why I think you know systematically content creators will you know go eat the world sorry yeah and so um related to kind of handshake um so handshake has a bit and how this relates to handshake is um you know handshake has this cold start
(07:29) problem um and and it was really like by Design supposed to be addressed by this massive airdrop to open source developers um but currently you know for for for many different reasons that's outside the skope of this project um you the the claims have been relatively low and so um and then you know we all know you know handshake compared to many other naming systems it offers more flexibility and features and things like that and so you know really what name layer is about is it's it's kind it's an
(07:59) attempt to kind of uh you know fix the colart problem by delivering solutions for content creator communities all right so now I'm going to talk about the solution and uh how Nam layer will capitalize so basically name layer uh if you want to bring it to two phrases multi-chain names and social tooling so um we'll allow people to uh stake h slds on multiple popular chains um we'll focus on content created communities and create social tooling for them and the eventual goal is to decentralize as much
(08:40) as possible maybe have a peer-to-peer service and a dow so yeah so the first phase we would like to do is a invite only launch then a public launch and then we'll do decentralization all right so phase one so we're going to focus on launching these tools and Integrations to support the content creator Registries one big example is Luke belmar's Capital Club um if you guys don't know what a Capital Club is it's like one of the biggest entrepreneurship networks currently um they have around 50,000 members and
(09:17) 400,000 on the wait list so focusing on these sort of communities and giving them uh access to handshake subdomains um will allow them to you know go into our community and really expand the project so first off we'll have these offchain registry tools and then we'll enable community members to set up profiles on them so as you guys saw with H&S ID and things like that um they have profiles right so we'll do stuff similar to this um but we're going to focus on this backend tooling for these content
(09:53) creators so for example let's say you are Luke Belmar and you want to issue subdomains to your community how are you going to do that in a simple way right so we're going to fix these Solutions um so for example you're going to have a uh control access panel right you can see all your users and which ones have a domain and which ones do not and there's going to be very easy onboarding process where these people can mint names through your platform so they don't need to go on my platform they don't need to
(10:23) do all that all their accounts and stuff are ready all they have to do is like claim an sld and then boom they're put into the next step to create a social profile from there onwards later on we would like to create like more uh you know extensive features on the social profile so we would have like metadata capability so I don't know if you guys are familiar with po apps but for example there's these badges that can be directly linked to your nft and can tell uh you know the content creator like
(10:54) exactly who you are which events you've entered uh what um you've done in throughout the community it's kind of this data attached to your identity that can be used to you know uh manage the community a lot better and help people Network better as well you can make group chats based on certain pull apps and things of this nature also you could have ticketing via your ID so these are sort of things we're thinking about and we're going to you know get deeper into these Concepts as we go on so in phase two we're going to have
(11:28) open access to state tlds so first of all we had this private access just for these big communities We're working directly and closely with them and then afterwards we're going to open staking to everyone right so um you know they're G to again they're going to be able to issue onchain slds for members so uh on any chain really so like optimism arbitrum blast ethereum Etc um and then yeah we're going to focus on customer authentication via DNS lookup um potentially also via you know nft standards also um and these these names
(12:04) won't necessarily be decentralized so they're going to have revoke features and stuff if people wish also they have options to be decentralized also but I think mainly these big influen will will want revoke features since um it's going to be directly linked to their memberships right so let's say someone stops paying their membership or whatever revoke the ID things like that so after this we would like to decentralize and create a dow governance token and things of that nature so basically we
(12:37) build up the platform we get a ton of users um from all these content created communities and then afterwards we're going to allow them to participate in voting and like uh give hints and things like that on what to do with the protocol so they're really a part of it and we're going to try to create infrastructure that's as decentralized as possible so at the start it's going to be more centralized for the onboard experience and then afterwards yeah it's going to be you know uh allow people to
(13:05) be more self- custodial a lot easier so how to get involved so um you know we're very early stages in this project um we just planned out all the products and things like that trying to get a team together so if you're interested in joining please reach out um we're looking for developers full stack front front end smart contract anything um we've got a few people in the pipeline already but we're open to anyone um potentially Community manager also would be great so we're going to be
(13:39) doing a small seed investment from the handshake Community um it's going to be at a very good price comparison to you know all these other projects so if you're interested let us know and yeah we can go from there um thank you and check us out on Nam layer. org um we just spun up the website a few days ago and the Twitter Nam layer thank you very much if there's any questions um say them now and we'll get to answering okay so let's have a look here Andrew do you see any questions um no I don't see any
(14:16) questions here um you I think we got about two minutes is what what what the team here is saying but yeah probably enough time to take maybe one or two questions okay someone said when why list um not sure yet we're still very early stages um you can subscribe for updates on the website and we will eventually have some form of weit list for staking so if you want to you know get prepared for that I suggest you put in your email on the website um yeah so I I see two questions will we allow emojis yes and then um how
(14:55) much is a small seed seed investment um probably like 250 or less and how do we get in touch um yeah you can contact me or Rob um on um on Twitter or telegram will you allow emojis too um yeah I don't see why not they're still tlds so that can work also all right any other questions oh here's some more okay all right Andrew you want me to answer that yeah yeah go for it all right um yeah so the portable profiles uh initially they're not going to be like focused on being portable they're going to be for internal
(15:39) communities um because they have the revoke features and things like that right um you know you can use your T your subdomain for other things but it's going to be really focused on these communities so basically you have this profile right and all your metad dat in regards to you know that protocol or that platform form is going to be there so for example you know like when you sign up to something you have your name you have your email maybe you say like have a little resume thing depending on if it's an entrepreneurial type Network
(16:11) all this sort of stuff will be stored on your profile um and eventually as Things become more and more onchain let's say they do ticketing via the domain name and things like that that can show up as a poll up on the profile so for example let's say you're at Capital Club and they have some Meetup in I I don't know a b or something let's say to enter that event you would use your profile right to scan in and that would show up as a badge on your profile for later on and then let's say um Luke Belmar um wants
(16:43) to do another event for but only for people who've attended two events prior he can literally just query that really quickly in the dashboard that we have available and um find that out and invite those people only directly to their profile later on there's a lot of things we want to add but yeah at the start we'll keep it very simple later on is going to be with this metadata staff ticketing and um potentially messaging for their internal systems or Integrations with Discord but um yeah that's way
(17:16) later yeah this and and another question yeah this is really geared towards content creators being being a useful tool for Content creators um and and all the all the names will be rooted on handshake um now if we start doing slds on chain and things like that they could be on other chains um but you know content creator focused first you know using leveraging handshake technology or H&S and then um and then you know like uh if we do slds it could be on other chains you know and if and if handshake has you know onchain slds by then
(17:50) obviously we'd prefer handshake um there's another question from Alex uh Andrew if you want to answer that how do we get in touch regarding seed oh yeah I I I answered that one yeah you can get in touch with me or Robert cool um anything else no I think that's it I think we're over on time too but cool cool thank you so much guys um yeah and uh yeah if you want to talk keep we'll keep in touch and uh thank you for attending and and I hope to see you [Music] soon