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(00:03) [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] shh all right loving those hype videos they get better every year I feel it's great so yeah um migs how you doing great to see you I'm doing great I'm amped up I'm caffeinated excited swagged up just excited to be here drinking my tea yeah it's uh what is it I think it's like what 1:30 for you 1:30 in the afternoon yeah perfect just uh 3:30 am
(01:09) here so we are Global we are Global all right so we have a panel today we just kind of got the panelists ready backstage um but U migs you're gonna be helping out a little bit more this year I it's great to see you stepping up uh you know I think you're going to help with some of the sessions this this year right do you want to share what you've been up to to this uh this since last year it's really quickly yeah uh always uh trying to follow your lead Mike try to be as helpful as possible uh the last
(01:39) year has been has been exciting uh you know I've been developing a little bit little bit of merch just to you know get people some some gear but besides that I've been I've been traveling quite a bit I went to namescon I met up with some people in person quite a few as of late and uh just trying to get as involved and as personal as possible helping people make connections in this in this Bast space we got I love it I love it all right so maybe we bring up our pan our panelists um sorry I'm getting a little the rug master so an
(02:09) say okay great we got a great lineup today awesome so I think uh you know the first couple sessions of hyon we're all kind of refreshing our skills okay yeah if everybody could turn on their cams and and microphones no what's up buddy hey Paul hey great I know it's really for you thanks for making it Taiwan all right so the sessions is post The Happening which was the code word no you made that is it your you're you're you're the creator of the name right that's pretty cool I like a lot of us
(02:52) like that name so we're gonna share what's been going on and uh let's um migs you're you're you're moderating right uh I am I am moderating so if you have been now and let you take it away yeah uh if you've been up to date with handshake lately then you're definitely aware of the H happening I would say uh as it was what very well put by Santiago the best time to get into handshake was 2020 and the second best time to get into handshake was just just now uh with the happening so so it's kind of a
(03:22) Resurgence I think it's a fresh perspective for a lot of people which has been which has been awesome uh definitely appreciate NL pioneering pioneering the name giving us something to Rally around as a community I think people really ran with it um and that's something that uh that we appreciate um so I'm going to do quick introductions enough of me uh we have we have Paul web uh we have pay we have null three different time zones three different gigar brains here to uh to shed a little bit of light on this experience and um
(03:49) and I'm looking forward to learning just as much as everyone else here um I'll start I'll start with Paul that's all right um what am I doing oh well uh I guess we well actually I apologize let's start with nol um if we n if you wanted to give us just a little bit of insight as to what what led you uh to to write that article a few months ago to get it started with the happening and what um kind of maybe your perspective on now that most of it has happened how you feel how you feel about the whole
(04:18) experience oh boy well I I feel like I could take up 30 minutes right there but I'll try to be as concise as possible everyone if you don't know me I'm the founder of hatts the custodian of andt I do a little bit of Biz development and marketing for handshake over the years including helping coin The Happening the word um you know the community had been discussing for I would say for several years on the need for like a soft or hard fork for handshake seeing that um all the names that were reserved on the
(04:51) outset were going to become available on February 3rd 2024 and we didn't necessarily want the I can tlds like to be able to get in our our hands we want to keep them reserved for ver assign and so on so as I saw this progress more over the summer so like June July 2023 on GitHub um you know like the developers are being very technical and everybody was uh leaving their comments um it became pretty obvious to me that uh the S Fork should have a name we shouldn't just name it you know like soft fork or
(05:27) handshakes for soft Fork I feel like you know we could do better and so that the happening name hit me pretty quickly I felt like it encompassed uh what I envisioned what was possible with this moment for handshake and um it was a playoff having uh which is what proof of work chains like Bitcoin and handshake uh experience every so often where the mining rewards are reduced but um as far as what I thought about it I would say that um I I think it went pretty well um the soft four commenced without too many hitches I believe there's like one
(06:04) mining pool that took some time to make some updates but besides that the blockchain continue to work as expected and this was the most activity the chain has ever experienced in the past four years in such a short period of time right last month's activity it was through the through the roof and um I believe around at least 13 million H&S uh coin was burned uh which equated to you know around a half a million dollars 15% of the circulating Supply um I think that was like 80 something million H&S
(06:39) was locked up in a given period of time so if you think about it like that 15% of the circulating Supply is actually in use I would say that's uh showing that the chain is alive and well and the community is alive and well yeah uh we we saw a ton of action going on we saw price action with the token we saw action with the names people were posting all their their crazy setups that they were setting up at home in order to in order to keep track of things I was at dinner with uh Paul sing and I know he was checking out
(07:09) India uh live while we were in an Indian restaurant so um it was a it was a big big event for the community um do uh did did you pick up any I think you picked up a name no do you want to tell us a little bit about that yeah I mean my my main goal was just to raise awareness and attract newcomers so I was sending out emails and Publishing articles just trying to raise awareness of how to pre happening social in Fort Worth Texas with some some of the Dallas Fort Worth community but I did bid on some names and of
(07:42) course lost quite a few auctions hope hopefully pay and Paul had a little bit more success than me but I think the vicory auction really reminded me of my time bidding in 2020 I I'd say the vicory auctions work beautifully um because it makes you intentional with the names that you desire the most so like Wells even you know Wells cannot win them all they can win some of them or a lot of what they want but they can't win every single thing because you have every single name because you have to lock up your coin for what feels like
(08:14) forever right and those that want the name the most often is the one who ends up with the name that's that's my personal belief so I did win dot Texas I was pretty uh pleased about that and um you know many of these names were premium that we're going after but not only that I I feel like there's an extra responsibility with them I don't know if if y'all like winning any names this past month it's it's not just a nice premium name but I feel like there's something extra to it and I would say
(08:43) while the web two component who that name was reserved for you know paved the way up till now I I would say it's up to us to realize the full potential of these decentralized tlds definitely I would say that uh it it was heavier this time around I had a lot of uh reminders of the first the first uh first couple months in handshake but but you could sense that that it was heavier the stakes were higher the competition was fiercer um we had we had another we had Shak station enter you know enter the rotation as a
(09:12) way um to get names so um all right uh well uh with that Paul do you want to tell us a little bit about your experience with with the happening uh either what you observed or or how you participated uh in general I know you're very active unit yeah um I was not active with the happening at all because uh my bags are not that big I spit um a lot of the HS I had from a grant on getting other names before the happening because I figured most people would want to Stack up their H&S so they would be willing to let go
(09:49) of names for a lot less so they can bid on new names so that was my strategy because yeah uh I've seen some big some big sales India sold for the equivalent of like almost $668,000 which is amazing so I wouldn't be able to compete with that uh I chose to spend this time uh just heads down working on uh beachfront trying to get that out the door um but it was pretty cool to see that a four yearold protocol is still commanding this much attention this much Focus real world money going into uh staking your place into like the
(10:37) internet of tomorrow that's that's uh pretty pretty damn good AG great uh not just the not just the four years of the protocol but I think we saw a lot of recycling I think we saw a lot of people coming back asking about renewals and custody and and you know what am I going to do with my tokens and my names do I still have them you know what's what's going on so we we saw a Resurgence I saw awesome faces come back which I think was was great one face that has never um never left us throughout this entire process
(11:06) would be pay uh py what was uh what was your experience with um with the happening what uh what did You observe what did you do what what can you tell us yeah um for people who don't know me um my name is pay I I'm from Taiwan and currently uh living in Japan uh I'm an investor so I I I love Bitcoin and also other similar protocol my favorite is handshake obious um because it's so unique other than Bitcoin like like this proof of workchain so uh I think happening uh also my my my domain brand uh I have
(11:50) a domain brand do domain and um and we uh I'm going to do more um marketing on it because um we know I think it's also because uh after this happening event I think uh to me it's clear that um happen uh the advantage of handshake is proof of work and also DNS utility but um proof of work is about how secure this this blockchain but people don't really care about it um I think it's really important but uh for now I I don't think people will like value that that much so I think the biggest uh differentiator of handshake
(12:43) should be uh DNS utility so uh I I have to um see like we are going to see uh DNS login and DNS um as uh wallet address I think that is only hsh can do this so uh this uh and this happening event I I leverage my um my my token so I I got some good names for Community use I by names of other blockchains so I think it is very important to help those other blockchain can anchor on handshake and also uh in the past two years I I I bought a lot of um Taiwanese company and also Japanese also blockchains
(13:47) names um to give them but uh in my um but I I found that if I just give that to them they're they don't found how to use it so it goes back to what the utility so I'm really looking forward to what Paul is doing his uh website and also other stuff so after that I maybe I'll make my gift more valuable right I I I have all the names to give to the company I know brand here in Taiwan and Japan so uh I'm I'm waiting for that moment too that I'm saying so one thing happening is good is
(14:36) I got the biggest exchange name in Taiwan because it was reserved I can get it I got all other smaller uh exchange names already but I I I need the biggest one yeah congratulations going back to what n said it's a responsibility sometimes to get some of these some of these Nam names um so I think I think you're a great uh great custodian for for helping them reach their their owners and The Happening was a good opportunity to to get some also what Paul said I think I noticed that too is that there was so much going on with the
(15:11) auctions that maybe the secondary Market was being slept on and it was an opportunity to to check some stuff out there and maybe for some people to to get rid of some names they didn't want and and re recycle into new ones and I think that with renewals coming up that's a theme we're going to see that happening was kind of a preview to that we're going to have to start making tradeoffs as owners of these names do we really want to hold them do we want to let them you know go back to the protocol which is uh which I think is
(15:34) important to note right when your name expires U which isn't what happened here but what will be happening it'll be going back for auctions and these auctions will get heated um and they may they may be in um you know in tight tight times because a lot of a lot of the initial names were were won at similar times um just a couple quick stats here um there there were about 73,9 to names that became available at the block height of 21,2 40 um and and the and the happening is still you know I I kind of made a mistake
(16:05) earlier this week I think during a d web chat where I said The Happening happened to an extent but I think uh there's still some there's still some heated auctions going on right now I'm not sure if all of these were were released at the time but designs signature Miracles consulate um these are these are going these are going right now they're getting heated um and so so I think that's a it's still it's still an exciting time uh going back to what said yeah I I would add to that Ms not
(16:33) only are there still some names still available but to me the like The Happening not being over it's more than that there to me there is no end to the happening but rather it was a a beginning of something new and that's that's at least how I think of it to me like this was a spark and um and and what I see the flame is still kindling right now and so I I believe that we take appropriate actions with what Paul is going to be sharing with us later today what you know what everyone else um is going to be sharing what they've
(17:07) been building uh silently um you know recently months years um I believe you know that this spark that we have in front of us pres presents us with like a small flame that can turn into a campfire soon and then perhaps even a wildfire if we continue to all do what we can yeah uh definitely uh agreed agreed there was also a lot of a lot of names that could go any direction I think two two character uh were were very popular those were a big opportunity and they don't really have a home right uh it's a it's a um their initials it could be
(17:44) anything so so I'm excited to see the projects that this is going to sprout uh into kind of like Alex said there in the chat um fantastic does uh does anyone do does anyone know who India is do has that information been made public or we're just all admiring the number I guess that's that's kind of part of the fun right probably one of these Anonymous people in the chat yeah think they're hanging out amongst us I think I think we'll find out in due time right when the time's right we'll find out agree
(18:19) some some Anonymous person just smiled in the chat see love it part of what makes it so fun um all right uh fantastic well I don't I don't have the all of the up-to-date um stats but I do um we do have them we have them listed um I'm trying to find the link I'll try to share it with us before before the end of it but um with that with that said we also saw a lot of um you know the names are important the names are crucial but so is the token I mean there all of these bids they had to go somewhere these tokens had to go
(18:57) somewhere and for those that don't know uh winning bid does get burned right causing deflationary pressure on um on the handshake token we saw a little bit of that I think it's kind of reverted back to where where it was before um but that's going to continue continue to happen of those two billion plus original tokens as as we see them continue to get burned that's going to have price impact and decision-making impact on how people behave in the space um both in terms of customing names and
(19:24) then bidding on future on future names um somebody had mentioned I think uh the other kind of when it comes to the Token it's it's hard to get a hold of for some folks and we saw people get really creative when it comes to bids you know using blinds strategically things like that it doesn't have to be super specific to the happening but um with all the action that we saw were there are any strategies that stood out to us that we think you know um from from this experience that may may kind of change
(19:52) the future of of bidding and auctions on handshake anybody have thoughts um I was uh looking at some auctions that I participated in like back in 20120 um I looked at do beachfront and I bid like six or seven times like several hundred H&S because someone kept bidding higher than me and so then I was like oh no now I gotta put 500 in now I got to put 900 in and then I looked at um an auction I did later in the year and I bid like one true bid and I won that one too and so it's I think it's just that experience there are
(20:37) going to be people who participated in the happening for the first time they're like I don't know what a victory is and uh and and most likely losing on auctions that they had enough H&S for but they were just doing things in a way they understand so when in the future there's other auctions for more interesting names or like more valuable names uh I think we will see more uh veterans uh Chim in to try and snatch up these names whereas there will always be new people and then they're just going
(21:13) oh man my blind was like 80,000 but my actual was two this guy only did five you kind of get what you deserve at that point right yeah so uh maybe there would be post where people go go through like hey here's what not to do here's how to use this system but um yeah I that's my takeway you can't reveal all your secrets right no there there's so many different strategies and in fact even during the happening I feel like I deployed a few different ones really depends on how much do you want that
(21:53) name and then also understand like what do you what do you value that name like what what is that value to you so like going into the auction usually I have you know my predetermined prices but then also I kind of see how the auction unfolds I know that pay won quite a few um you know incredible names especially of other blockchain name spaces I love for you to be able to share more on on that pay but as far as myself like those premium names I had to get like I I try to give it my all obviously within reason right with do Texas I everybody
(22:28) in the world well at least in the handshake Community knew that I was going to be bidding on that so I wanted to obscure it a little bit in case somebody wanted to try to undercut me or or whatnot but there there was another name where I I wanted I I'll go ahead and give it to you I wanted do high hi for for years and I like reached out to the actual domain owners trying to acquire the traditional I can domain for a few years like negotiating with them and I just wasn't able to get that deal done but guess what I had what I value
(22:58) that name to be worth going into it and guess what somebody ended up bidding higher than me and that's that's awesome that means they they you know have some really great plans for the domain um you know and they're really excited to own it as well so yeah a lot lot of great bidding a very exciting time and as ESO mentioned in the chat we have 41 llds coming available here this week which is like incredible credible opportunity at the happening just last month there were zero one ltld so here later this week
(23:30) you can actually own a single letter you know how many letters are in the English alphabet 26 so you have a chance to own a decent chunk of that or at least try to get one yeah I want to add something um I found I have observation this time I found um average the name the biding price is lower than average if if this good quality Nam release in like before it should be bit higher but in all this name with in in one event it makes like everyone uh the the focus is limited so we we like myself I've only focused
(24:14) those bigger names I I don't want to lose so I found all the smaller names is uh the the the price Way High Way lower than I expected M so the strategy should um in this situation your strategy should be different because before that I I had my own strategy like if I want to build on smaller names I want to keep that like under data like smaller price but not too low something like that and for super premium names it's usually like the the final moment sniping s right so it's different strategy but this time I found is you
(24:56) the best strategy should be uh be like you put medium amount on many names and you can get many of those super cheap because um many of this is too cheap in my opinion this well that's that's the thing because you know we're we had so many names unlock at once right then it kind of spreads everyone's attention out so then you're able to get incredible deals yeah that's that's a great point I feel like yeah I feel like a lot of us we Lucky in that regard just to add to the tail end of
(25:33) that U not just the names but also the platforms right were you on were you on name base were you on Shake station were you doing it from your Bob wallet were your funds where you needed them to be at the time that you needed them to be um so I really think that we saw the magic of the vicory auction um play out here and uh and and I think that that's going to be interesting I I see a world where people could become specialized biders right and help help uh help people obtain their names right um so we just got a we got a couple minutes here
(26:00) I'm going to do free-for-all or if somebody wants to throw questions in the chat we do have a QA feature in the chat that would be the best way to do it um but uh What uh kind of stage is open uh anything anything that anyone would like to ask or anything that any of you three would like to add who owns.
(26:17) India that's what I want to know who is this person we we just got started Paul it's just the beginning of Handy Comon for we got we got a lot a lot going on uh so so let's see I uh for the record not not that anyone asked I wasn't I wasn't really participating on the happening in the bidding um so there was no no new emojis coming out so what was I gonna do um now all jokes aside it was uh but I was still having a great time as a spectator great time as a spectator other other big names to to keep in mind
(26:47) that that came out we had NY we had go we had BTC Bitcoin itself Alpha Lottery um mail so these yeah these are these are huge I'm sure that people have have plans uh for these names. web as well how much is it worth you to know I guess maybe Paul you got you got own little vickory auction um there um and then uh I guess those so uh in terms of um does anyone have thoughts on on trademark names do we see I guess let's we can it's kind of a weird one to open up at the end but um any trademark names
(27:24) that we saw move anything that we or anything exciting happening with big names that that maybe we heard about or getting into the right hands too much like if if anyone spent a lot on one good luck that's all I gotta say I'm gonna listen to I'm gonna listen to Tom Barrett and just uh stay away from trademarks and hopefully they'll find themselves in the right hands it it would would have been nice for there uh for there to be a community effort where we collect those trademark names and perhaps have them on a shake station or
(28:01) name base for for those company representatives to reach out I had that idea but um overall hopefully they ended up in those with good intentions um and hopefully they'll end up in the right place is is other blockchain names count as trade trademark names I don't know no but I hope some yeah comp yeah that's a great question you posed right there pay is is what what do people consider to be trademarked or not actually trademarked in which country is a trademarked all these questions become become something but I think difficult
(28:38) if it's short right Street and it's like it can be anything so I thought it's like um yeah it's it's for different country different people they view is different yeah um definitely and in terms of getting things in the right in the right hands I don't know one idea that came out earlier from the D web chat was maybe like um being able to use these platforms like Shak station and name base to to publish names that that are kind of like available like you don't you can't just offer me but you
(29:09) know if you message me we can we can do something to bridge this and get things get things together um we also have uh who is in handshake now thanks to um thanks to stronic so um a lot of exciting stuff I I don't want to go long I want to thank everybody so much for the time both in the chat and both here uh it's a it's a pleasure to hang out and chat with you guys um I look forward to to a lot more handy come going to keep getting caffeinated yeah than thanks y'all I'll just say that I have published a new article
(29:41) today called The Harvest is near available on htx substack uh just posted on X as well but it's just a message for all of us um and the main part is spring is before us and now is the time to take action so really really excited for Handy con this week and what we're going to together awesome thank you so much I'll be sure to [Music] it