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(00:03) [Music] [Applause] [Music] shh [Applause] all right testing one two three y'all hear me out there sweet all right well I am uh I am not Eskimo but uh but I'm helping I'm helping out a little bit I don't know how much of an introduction the man the myth the legend really needs uh he brought us vrow he brought us H&S chat he bring us some of brings us some of the best zingers in handshake he uh made a hell of a prediction on the price
(01:08) after that the have the having um and he brought us Shake station uh which is which is for those of you that don't know um effectively a very another platform that you can uh you can buy sell uh handshake names you can bid on handshake names um you can uh you could it was a there was a tool to claim uh your name as well um I don't know I don't know how how relevant that is po post uh post happening maybe Jordan can tell us um and and this tool came out just shortly after the last uh the last handy con
(01:41) which I think um so I posted a couple videos back in the day I was very excited I posted the first listing it got bought up I don't know where that emoji is but I hope you found a new a new good home um and uh and we're just going to do a quick demo here I think it's I think it's a good opportunity to to show to show sh Shak station out a little bit um give people a chance to talk to Jordan uh Eskimo and um and yeah hopefully hopefully use it more it's a great uh it's a great tool and it has a
(02:08) lot to offer uh please throw QA in the in the chat um as you're thinking whatever comes up it'll be it'll be useful uh for us to kind of stay organized towards the end we only got 20 minutes so I'm G to share my screen which I guess I should be able to do um cool so I'm already logged in to shake station uh first thing you're going to notice this is not name base we got we got dark mode for sure uh I think it looks pretty sweet uh the design the logo is very cool this isn't um this
(02:41) isn't eskimo's first first logo by the way I do recommend hopping into his Discord if you get a chance um you could do a lot of the same functionality you might be familiar with um in name base you can you're going to have a portfolio right that's going to be that's going to be your names they could be for sale they could be not for sale um then uh then you can receive offers you can make offers uh transfers bids auctions Marketplace I feel like this crowd is pretty familiar with the with those
(03:09) features um you could also hold a huge bag of handshake like I do right here 392 um what do uh what do we want to know well Johnny Johnny's back uh on this on Shake station you may remember him from name base um and he's giving you just a quick demo on how to how to place a bid which I think is is useful definitely check that out uh if you get a second and here's a summary of what Shake station offers right the all jokes aside you know I know that um handshakes a small a smaller world but competition
(03:41) is is helpful and um and that's what we're um make sure is everyone just want to make sure everyone is everyone seeing the screen and everything okay cool um Jordan come off me something because I can't I can't see it and present um all right so what what does Shake station offer right um it's it's offering first of all just an alternative which I think is exciting um it's it has a minimalistic design it didn't take me long to use it and I am uh pretty much 0% maybe 1% technical uh
(04:12) we got dark mode I think that matters more uh more than some people will give it credit for right off the bat um free slds right so second level domains um it let's see uh deposit methods so um via you can deposit through an sld right which is like an identifier inside of Shake station um or through a wallet address right so you can send send some funds over you can send them from you can send them from Bob wallet you can send them from namebase I've sent things from namebase straight over to shake station um hip two support right so for
(04:44) transfers and withdrawals um I'm not going to go too into detail because because I'm not not that aware of of every detail regarding hip two I'll have to learn that's one of the things I have noted um you can bid on you can bid on any available names right so uh for so again we're not here to just something to make a note of right during the during the uh happening some names were restricted on on name base that was the decision that they made um and uh they weren't restricted on Shake station so
(05:09) if you wanted to have access to it this was a good alternative again just more competition um the uh the claim fees um one are are 1% the renewal fees are are less right rather than than 10 handshake it's it's literally one 1% of that which which could be important if you're managing a lot of domain names and um and uh and this this uh you know resonates with you and you don't want to have them in self- custody this is a good place to renew them um TLD transfers uh are free which is the same
(05:39) thing we do uh in name base right just gifting them to each other we can do that um and uh withdrawals withdrawal frees are H&S with fees internally are also free um let's see uh onchain transactions are a little bit less right so this as I understand is probably the uh the bid transaction if I'm not wrong um we can have Jordan correct me a second and the seller fee is is less right so again if you if you have a batch of tlds you're flipping tlds and you're trying to keep as much as much
(06:07) value as you can right um then then you're going to be charged Less on Shake station that's going to come with a trade-off of a realistically a smaller audience but um but the reality is that you can save 9% and uh on some of these names like we're going to see tomorrow during the auction that can be quite a bit um that's a that's a little bit of a summary I mean in terms of what it looks like again it's it's it's a lot like what you may be familiar with if you haven't played around with it um
(06:33) let's how does bidding look um so you can see uh you know this name is uh you understand this name doesn't uh still is not in circulation you can place a bid you can place a blind very similar functionality to what we're what we're already used to I think that's enough of a visual I'm going to go ahead and uh and stop stop presenting um do we have any questions right off the bat there's a link um does will Shak send out notifications when H&S names are up for Renewal also Shak station
(07:11) Auto renew names um I we're going to have to find out from uh from The Source himself here in just a second there is um there is something I will note that that there there can be a benefit to using a smaller platform that I experienced firsthand which was I had a question I had I had somebody to contact I had an answer and and Jordan even went ahead and made changes you know from one day to the next sometimes one hour to the next so um is this uh is are we going to be getting uh email notifications when names are up for
(07:42) Renewal and uh does Shak station Auto renew them Jordan can you let us know okay so renewal wise um everything is set to Auto renew um obviously we wouldn't really have to worry about that for two years which is still I guess another year way and for most people just getting into I think I'm I'm losing his audio a little bit definitely not gonna be 10 handshake uh it'll probably be like1 a bit oh you can't hear me there's just a delay I'll go on you there's a delay I'll go on okay um yeah so it'll be
(08:25) it'll just be uh like the 0.1 handshake for renewals and that that's a good point um you come off when you transfer a name out of a name Bas renew it that is part of that is part of the process so you get you get a freshly renewed name that goes to wherever it's going whether that's Bob wallet or to shake station so uh if you're moving names on to onto there or if you're winning them in options you do have quite a while before expiration would realistically be a concern um but uh but I think that
(09:01) renewals in general are are going to be important for the whole for the whole space and so and so it will need to be need to be addressed I think emails make sense um for something like this yeah can definitely do it just haven't had a need for it yet because renewals are so far [Music] away got it um anything I didn't I didn't cover that you want to highlight before we start start Hing you with more questions um no I think I mean covered the bulk of it yeah all right um something something that I that came to mind for me and
(09:37) maybe maybe it'll make sense you know to some others is that you you have rolled out a few different pieces of Technology than Embrace handshake and now you have like this kind of what seems like a very good home for a lot of it are there plans to um expand it uh make make other iterations or or maybe add add features into it something along those lines maybe like a H&S you know you log in and hns chat is a uh a feature or a function of Shak station or vice versa yeah I mean anything's possible um I'm I'm
(10:08) always doing something so yeah I mean if people have recommendations I always take it into consideration most of the time I'll do it so awesome and and that's something I've taken full uh full advantage of like uh I always say this to people you know I don't I don't work in the blockchain space on my day-to-day and people ask me you know why I'm so obsessed with it I go listen I go to to conferences virtual ones and person ones or I hop on Twitter and I have the opportunity to talk to
(10:34) the people that are actually building the technology I'm using um in this case it's it's a oneman show um even uh name Bas might be like a 10 10man show but like this is uh this is something that's really cool and if you're ever curious you shouldn't be waiting until handy con to get in touch um this is uh that I think I did the bulk of my learning this summer and it was just uh through through DMs um Jordan's very gracious with his uh with his time so just something I'm throwing out there looks
(10:57) like we have another QA open this up can you make a more streamlined method for us to bul transfer names from namebase to Shak station that is uh more user friendly um I feel like a lot of people would benefit from this around this time it's a hell of a question uh so I wanted to make something like super user friendly like I have um you know I have like the local in browser Tool uh certi for like generating SSL Cs and I've wanted to like make something that could then connect to name base and transfer all your names the problem is
(11:28) how hard it is to get your um like your two Factor secret um depending on what like um you know password manager or whatever you're using like if you're using aie it's like you have to like spin it up into like developer mode and do in JavaScript console to like get that key out but if you're using like one password you can simply just copy and paste the secret so like it really depends uh on how techsavvy you are um but I do have something on GitHub you can go uh github.
(11:58) com esimo NB transfer it's a little bit more advanced though and unless name Bas makes changes there's no way that I can make it any more user friendly understood understood and and I think this question sparked something um I again I am not I'm not that that technical um there's the tools you know name base um and the team at name base were super helpful in onboarding me to handshake um and and Jordan's been super helpful um with Shake station but I I shied away from self- custody I shied away from Bob wallet I shied away from
(12:29) taking this kind of more seriously I always figured if they're worth something in the future maybe I'll care more but like I think that that is a mistake I have gone back on that I'm still lazy I still need to be on top of my renewals but really um you know if you have names somewhere and you don't regardless of where it is and you don't feel like you you understand all aspects of it this is a this is a time and an opportunity to try to um to try to you know while while things are relatively
(12:52) quiet to try to master what custody is if it's one name at a time or if you have to learn you know if it's bulk um this is the time to do it not when not when the rush really hits or when the clock is taken against your renes that's that's when things are going to get tough um just a just a user user opinion no one asked for there um all right fantastic uh do we do we have any question um any any other questions while we have while we have some time I think that we could open it up about about Shak station but also also maybe
(13:21) um oh just kidding we have one minute so whoever wants to whoever wants to um round us out this would be the chance okay I'm reading this yeah um also uh user I mean again I've used it relatively user friendly I've used it on mobile um if you are bidding you know if you're if you're big on auctions um I would I would uh AB test the two platforms or the three if you're including Bob wallet on on uh on that I think that the timing of bids getting into blocks and the efficiency um has there are discrepancies we learned that
(13:53) during the happening so um I encourage everybody to test it out and uh and to and to join uh join Discord um or if you need if you need a link for that you can always contact me on on X Twitter whatever the link to the Discord is right at the bottom of the homepage uh as long as like a Twitter too oh you mean you thought of that one too interesting okay you don't say all right good uh fantastic uh I am going to wrap this session up I'm also wrapping up my version of day two handy con uh it's been very fun stick around
(14:30) we'll see everybody tomorrow thank you very much Jordan for the time everything you do for the community um remember to Hype up your devs guys they're they're help and paved away for the rest of us all [Music] right