Sino Amazons/Sinosignias – An AI-Web3 Marriage

HandyCon 2024 | Day 2 - Sino Amazons/Sinosignias | An AI-Web3 Marriage - YouTube

(00:03) [Music] all right we seeing some action here okay I'll shut up it told me to sh [Music] [Music] hey [Applause] all right uh hello again everyone hard to know is that a mining video or like a Nike PumpUp video either way I think mission accomplished um all right I'm super excited I'm gonna introduce show up so yeah those are those are coming here um looks like we got oh we're we're growing numbers growing so we got a few people in um all right folks well I'm I'm excited to introduce John I think I
(01:07) I could probably talk in the meantime about um niga Cosmos and what we what we're trying to achieve which is that we started as a business focusing on uh Nigeria to start with at Ground Zero um we're moving out from that into the wider uh you could call it Global sou so if you look at the you know the map of Nigeria there Inc X right that's Nigeria so we're moving out from that so that's a that's a concept of Niger Cosmos and uh we're moving out from that to the global South and we've got a
(01:54) combination focus on doing a lot of uh at cost uh um activities to promote the global South and Nigeria and then we have to sometimes do some Far profit ones as well in order to make a little bit of money to keep ourselves going so if you look at the bottom right you will see the the red area which is the global South right um and then the x is on Nigeria which is where we're starting from and if we could go to the next slide please so yeah we started with um niga Cosmos which was uh a web three domain for a
(02:44) country right uh we started with Nigeria um and that was A New Concept for us uh we have to thank Tom B at andira for that because like he helped us make it happen and I was our first exposure to web three domains and to the handshake ecosystem so we were kind of young then we've learned an awful lot then since then we're moving on right let's have the next slide yeah so right the next thing we did which was also groundbreaking and was all over the media was we decided to incorporate ourselves in a blockchain everywhere and nowhere
(03:36) and we did that by releasing handshake domains as sharers in the business which is something nobody ever did before um so you can go and buy shares in MA Cosmos right by just buying the handshake domains cuz we're really really looking at ways we can do things differently you can move on so yeah we're thinking about a lot of new things right about the way things have been over the last couple years a lot of people have got really ripped off uh a lot of wallets a lot of exploits problems different ripoffs pump p and dumps rug pulls a
(04:32) whole load of stuff going on um and there's a lot of new things happening now with the prices of of O of tokenizing going down really really fast as we can see on some of these things in the ethereum uh ecosystem and that's not it's kind of good in a way but it's also kind of bad in a way because it means that fishing attack are going to be an awful lot easier a lot of other stuff's going to be not a lot a lot easier to you know hacks different things going to be easier yeah it's not good it's good way
(05:15) sometimes it's not good what do you think Ms M you still there hey okay next here we go I think they they wanted uh I was removed to to alleviate the clutter but um I've been reading about this this morning this is I mean it's like you said it's a double-edged sword huge for adoption but there's a reason that blockchains are designed the way that they are uh group of work and and other and cost Associated so um we'll have to see how it plays out but right now it seems to be a lot of enthusiasm from the M yeah I
(05:49) agree I agree enthusiasm but let's see what way works right yeah so let's go on to our nearest next product right which is an idea that I had um and thing behind it is that what we have is we have a double component product right so we've got these really brilliant artwork which has gone through tons and tons of processes to get the quality really high and it's based on a Sisterhood of female pirate warriors who operated off the East Asian Seas between 1100 and 1700 uh ad but teamed with that we have
(06:43) a handshake domain right which is a symbol a single symbol there you got it up in the corner right uh it looks a little bit like Chinese or East Asian it's got those kind of brush strokes but it's not actually a word it's a puny code domain right on the handshake blockchain and it's just like one symbol and it is there is a narrative there very deep narrative uh hooking the images to the domains and it's their each one H each uh um signo Amazon has one and it's their Tim Bond and they've got it
(07:31) tattooed on their body so you these two parts to the same product and they operate on two completely different blockchains all right on to the next slide please stay Watching Next slide right so these are two other examples right of uh uh of uh the soo Amazon with soos signas right and this nft component right is like top quality right it's been through like about 20 different processes right and we can actually recover if it ever gets stolen and broken into on any kind of evm system system we can actually recover it on
(08:33) handshake it's really really cool can we get next slide please so there on the top this is just underlining the quality of this product look up on the top you again this the last the final stage that we go through in making these images and can see big long line of your attempts to make uh to to to make the product work right and then you've got underneath you've got a life cycle of a domain which is like you know takes 10 days so this is like very very mature product you want to come in here mix yeah um I I think I'm following you
(09:22) so far it seems what I wanted to know was that domain is a top level domain each one is okay yes it is Single Character okay and so this is like a like an anchoring Association mechanism for the artwork right if I'm understanding correctly that you can trace across across any across any series of chains yes you're right you're right okay perfectly then then I'm following along all right so far absolutely let's go on to the next slide so here you're you you actually got ahead of me there because this is
(10:02) where I'm showing you right and here I'm you actually using Bob wallet um and I'm actually showing you how this happens right so you go into the managing domains right you go into the part where uh you add a text record right then you after you've minted the the artwork you put in the um the the hash for the mint into uh the the record on uh on the handshake domain right and then that's just going to get minted in the next block right there's absolutely no need for any kind of uh um smart contract any
(11:02) kind of bridge anything like that nothing that can be hacked through there it's it's on the handshake blockchain that this particular domain owns that piece of art and they're locked together permanently right so and it can't be they're in two different because you know handshake um uh wallets and other kinds of wallets right they're not in the same place really really cool in terms of security and it's it's just a fun piece of stuff as well we have the next slide yeah so there we got this Nathan did this one uh
(11:51) it's a example of one that was done on opy right so you that's an actual result of one that's done so there you got the image that's like a really high definition image right been through about uh nine or 10 processes to get that far um really high quality product um that one was minted on optimism right went through the same process and this down in the bottom is the sinos signia which is a handshake to main right and they're both together you got it let's go to the next one and there is the proof of the
(12:42) pudding you can go to naami hi Stefan yeah you can go to naami and you can actually check by putting in either the puny code or the character into naami you can check and you will actually see at the bottom the same text record which represents the hash that is the image as in the high definition which is the signo Amazon you have any questions there if we uh if we have questions kyway is probably the best place to throw them in um for for me no I'm I think it's I think it's fantastic um is there a
(13:33) reason uh why we're go so two I I do have actually two questions maybe for clarification one is the art is great the processes are to to make the quality of the art exceptional which which is which it accomplishes but that but that is a that's a feature of that's an artistic feature um right that doesn't have that doesn't have anything it doesn't have to be that type that type of artwork it could be something maybe simpler than than a photo like this right you're right you're perfectly
(14:01) right and I think that that's a key aspect of where we need to think as a community on handshake which is where I'm going with these ideas right which is how can we actually use handshake domains as a token in addition to them being domains I'm broaden out the perception of it without necessarily CU you know I've had a lot of people tell me no the handshake blockchain can't do this can't do that can't do something else you can't do it technically right because of different and they get some people get a little
(14:47) bit upset we've we've got a line there which we have a one end we have a token that's on the handshake do uh blockchain that isn't a coin linked to that we have a domain and then beyond the domain we have the public and what they want to use them for so sometimes we need to go backwards and start with the token that's on the blockchain and reach outwards rather than actually starting with the use case and reaching inwards and that's the way I've been thinking with these that's the
(15:36) way that I've been thinking about um Punic code most of these characters I didn't start with a character I started with manipulating Punic code and say what does this actually produce something and put it into the system and yes it is something and it's not even an option that started yet and that's how I got all of these characters that's also how the approach that I had when I decided to Mint niga Cosmos as a business on the blockchain rather than making it Sovereign so I I think you're thinking really in the
(16:20) right way that there are other way other things that we can do moving things around looking at the way that we can package things we without actually changing the blockchain itself is that what you're thinking about or it it is it draws parallel my mind's been going in that direction lately um not to be confused with uh not to be confused with this Cosmos but earlier this week I I inscribed the handshake white paper onto the cosmos Hub blockchain um which is a uh and that's a PDF right it's not
(16:53) artwork um and and there so so that was something to think about a question I wanted to ask um we have about three minutes left was why why exclusively puny code does it have to be symbols can we use words not really but it's like the easiest way to get volume on a single character because like you know I can't afford to be doing n.
(17:16) A.1 right so um and it fits it fits the dynamic of the narrative and a whole lot of other things because you know they're supposed to be stasan characters an East Asian uh uh Warriors so any reason why I can't associate multiple pieces of artwork to one tldd uh that's a discussion for sinos signus too which you you'll have to bear with me on that one can we can we move to the next uh slide right so yeah that's the last one really which is saying that you know uh these are also examples of other uh
(18:05) characters that we've got and and there's a whole load of other um there's like this is a run of 1,000 uh which is a basic run and we're going to be airdropping about 110 of these for free and they took like about a year and four mon wants to do between getting all the uh all the domains and doing all the artwork so they're high quality product um so as soon as this is finished with and it's put on YouTube or wherever I'm going to add places where you can go and uh on move to get the
(18:56) airdrops uh so yeah can look out for those yeah mes I know I know you're gonna want one though I know air drop you heard that right of course I want one not just one no you can't get more than one no yeah I mean one for me one for one for squeaky back there but uh no that this is H super exciting I think this is I think this this line of thinking is a is one I would challenge everybody who's a fan of handshake to consider there are different ways we can forward is one thing backwards is another and sometimes
(19:30) backwards is forwards and this is this is a different way of thinking about the blockchain the handshake is and using it so I thank you so much for the time John this is fantastic for having me you've been really cool today thank you best place best place to connect on X Twitter whatever yeah not there much but thanks so okay all right um yeah quick reminder handshakes decentralized we got Twitter we got X we got ORD um everything everything's on there uh telegram so you please add everyone on everything um we have a question here I
(20:08) feel like we're going to get kicked off um no worries if you miss something um Eskimo we're going to have recordings as always and yeah Jordan I'm gonna steal all those guitars man watch out Jordan he's got uh he's got a vicious guard dog so you gota gota be careful a major collection of guitars I know multi-talented he speaks code in multi um all right all right everyone we're wrapping we're wrapping it up a lot more events coming um hope you're sticking around for us for some of those
(20:42) John and we'll be seeing everyone of the next sessions yeah thank you migs thank you so [Music] much