Bridging Web 2 And Web 3: What Does Web 2.5 Look Like?

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(00:03) [Music] hello [Music] everybody hello everybody my name is Todd Ryan I'm going to be hosting this this session I'm with a couple gentlemen that I do a a show with every Wednesday at 3 p.m. Pacific anyway so this is just an half hour Chad folkening and Paul sing we do a show called AI domains in web 3 and we always talk about you know basically Web Two that's where we all come from and then web three where we're all going so talk about bridging it but that is what our session is about today first I was going to uh introduce the
(00:50) guys but Paul you had a good idea from earlier to say here's here's our introduction to handshake so why don't you start introduce yourself and then how you got involved with handshake what's going on gentlemen and everyone in the crowd great to be here thanks to everyone uh that put this thing together it's amazing you know that from a community-driven um um you know perspective that we've we've all come together there's no one behind no company behind it that's promoting it so first of all just props
(01:23) to everyone that's put this together um yeah I got into handshake U you know I think it was a great s the first session was great between uh Jihan and Mike when they were discussing Clubhouse because you know at the end of the day when covid was happening that's where we spend a lot of the time it's dwindle down U I'd say a lot now but yeah in the initial days we had um Johnny wo taan uh Mark Johnson these are the three people that would you know come into these domain rooms and start talking about
(01:52) handshake and it took me a long time to understand you know it it's I still don't fully understand it that's the reason I like to hang out with people like Chad U you know from techsavvy background learn learn from U learn the the technical aspects of it and then you know from Utah learn the business aspects of things from you but that's kind of the thing you know you learn from these people and there's no company that's teaching us this so what do we rely on now I rely on Mike's videos when
(02:20) Mike releases a video I go in there and you know educate myself there's n there's so many Community um just people in the community that we learn from so yeah that was my intro that was my introduction to the space was the three gentlemen taon Johnny Woo and um and and mark and yeah learn a lot from them and so yeah good what's up Chad what's up guys enjoying the day another another handy con for number four so we Notch those years off it's gonna interesting so that is the the good point about the uh clubhouse versus
(02:57) whatever so anyways thanks to the sponsor too guys appreciate it so yeah let's get down to it 2.5 I think right that's our title yeah I was going to mention to yeah first Paul when you talk about Mike's Michael's videos and stuff you know it the sky include videos he was mentioning it earlier you know that there's no Foundation he just started making videos in 2020 and listen I was watching one the other day to like he you know basically I know you know you and I lean on chat a lot technical
(03:30) but I was going to say there's some guys who aren't so technical business savvy Michael for example and he you know just some great content but no I loved everything earlier I saw that too and that Jihan is motivating he was he was motivating me at the very beginning I'm thinking that's what I do but Chad hey uh about when did you first U invest you know get some handshake names yourself and then we'll start the session uh two months too late uh we were not on the Genesis block uh and I wish I could go back and
(04:01) get some the original drop uh that's when we could have got some of our other ones um you know we were do a domain space for 28 years so I started next month 28 years ago in the DNS base and I did go to the white house before I can't existed so um some of the VCS that were investing in handshake at the 10 cents were asking us to give us kind of a their intake or their input of what this you know handshake protocol could be and I can and stuff like that so we learned about it through a couple DC's asking us
(04:31) to do a Consulting project with them uh but we didn't invest so we knew it was there and then I think about two months after launch um talking with another friend of mine that's kind of the web 3 space too like hey this is you know a good story um good narrative we like the narrative and really at that time I can was just a bunch of idiots I think getting ready salt.
(04:54) org and some other stuff was just getting out of hand so there was nothing else on the marketplace in the industry that was going to even give any kind of Leverage against Ian and it had to be through a decentralized technology stack um and like a protocol like um handshake so that's what that's what lured me into it is as a counterbalance or any kind of balance um against the I can regime or power that um that they wield that's well no I I'd like I was going to say for those who don't real well briefly it was 1998 I can was
(05:27) formed and that was to run the DNS the domain name system and the and the also the the IP addresses but really so to handle these cool names that were pointed to the IP addresses and then security all around to make sure everything's secure all right well in 98 is When U you know they been turned it from a government agency government said you this needs to be a nonprofit we'll keep it here in the US it's here in California this needs to be a nonprofit with governmental U influence or basically entities participating your
(05:58) own bylaws so anyway that was U I bring that up because um later on when they offered some T new G's and some new extensions and now there were 1,600 I want to get to the handshake and The Happening a little bit was so handshake all had all these reserved and everybody was wondering is was it is was I can G to come over and get their hns coins and get the money did they have something for veras sign too I have no idea I remember I think it was I can had a couple million Paul what was that I mean I know everybody I spoke to I I was dedic I was
(06:37) the handshake representative that pitched it on the public forum um a two handshake letting them know that they had $6 million of handshake and it could feed a lot of people so so anyways that was yes okay so so anyways did get so Ian didn't really care and they didn't U I was going to say I don't think that they I like that hand reserved all the I can stuff and I like the whole idea of a handshake meaning that was my whole point of getting into it was have we even got to that yet was a yeah I'm Todd
(07:09) by the way on handshake and a lot of other stuff but I liked it because I thought at some point we're going to have plenty of websites that we build that are not that don't run through I can that are going to be these web three names and I like this platform um but then you know what was pretty cool is the happening and I saw Alex you know trying to get into it with the other guys not say get into it but get into the things hey so what did you guys buy were you buying stuff I picked up another I thought I picked up more than
(07:36) I did because I got a little over 200 handshake names but um and I and then we're going to talk about you know which ones I plan on first building on but you know there's other things got priority right now but um I was going to say um when it comes to U the The Happening and taking advantage of it Paul what was some of your you know strategies because I know you picked up some things but what did you do during the happening what did you pick up and what did you know what did you bid a lot of bids please tell
(08:07) us you know I uh I went in knowing which tlds I wanted to tackle because there were so many I think that maybe a good thing because you know the distribution uh yeah so um turn my video off Yeah it's you're you're good there we go so um yeah that was a strategy you know I I wanted to go in I wanted to get King for sure and um after I got that I was like all right let's go for Queen I think I can do it so I went for queen as well and um the three and then login login the reason I really like that there's two reasons um
(08:55) that was one of the first words that was that tried to be transmitted on the internet and they started with L and I think it just stopped and they had to redo it so that's one of the reasons but the main reason is out of all myin names out of all 400 names receives the most traffic by far and so um there's a lot you know that can be done with this you know every site needs a login and so there's just so much that can be done and haven't really decided what you know which Avenue I'm going to go and that's
(09:31) part of the problem right now do you want to stake your name on um name chep do you want to stake it on imperious once it's staked and rooted which means that you know if someone's registered inld on there you're stuck if someone registers something and they reserve it for 10 years U and you know just keep renewing it for 10 years you can't take your TLD out of there and that's kind of hesitation as to how do I proceed forward how do I develop do I really want to go forward with this daddy comes
(10:07) out tomorrow the largest registar and they provide us this option and now I'm stuck over here in name chep and I'm unable to do business there so that's my hesitation right now in this game um I'm just I'm waiting I'm waiting to see who is going to be the next one you know and I'm really grateful for Richard Kirkendall and just name chep and that's one of the reasons I'm very bullish on him as well is you know you see smarter people the reason you invest in Bitcoin you see smarter people Andre an monopis
(10:36) these guys understood Bitcoin you know a lot earlier and so you just listen to them and um and hopefully you know we're all going down the right path but yeah that's my two cents here hey hey Paul the people are concerned about you in the chat too we appreciate they want to make sure Paul doesn't drive off the road you better use the full the FSD Paul whatever you're doing yeah be careful but hey we do this every week at this time and the guys this all the time usually he's going to Vegas but uh Chad
(11:03) you know that question that was on the thing what is you know what is what does web 2.5 look like I have an answer for that but what do you uh what do you think I know you go out what do you think what's it look like I just wrote that web 4.0 I think handshake is probably a web 4.0 protocol but um to take back to the buying of the happening right the opportunity that was kind of presented up there I'd like to kindy of just readdress that right because I think um about a year ago some some some Founders uh got together in Austin too
(11:36) we talking about a hard Fork soft Fork upgrading so it was nice to see that that progressed on its own and became that um our our strategy too is we have about 30 names picked out um we had our two or three we wanted to win uh and then we had like kind of like Paul mentioned you you're kind of you're kind of bid out there so we put we could have done a better job but we got our our our four um that we wanted because again web 2.
(12:02) 5 is I'm trying to build web 3 systems on a web 20 asset I.E I can and then web you know you know tlds like handshake on a web 3 that's you know not even a dow structure it's protocol structure is a is is really um Cypher Punk web 3 alter 4.0 like we're talking we're talking hits the fan with I can the whole you root Zone that's probably not going to happen that's a good thing um but handshake is really web 4.
(12:32) 0 kind of and so for me we're trying to build Web Two assets and back them into web like handshake so we own like 150 server we back into do server on hand sheet so when the decentralized compute decentralized storage decentralized AI you know these other um distributed uh systems that really are unstoppable um handshake will be that protocol that fits right in to the ecosystem when that when if that market ever becomes that needed and desired structure that's so that's how our buying pattern happens on the on the
(13:08) happening yeah and Chad thanks for saying that about you know when you mentioned web point 4.0 and then going back to say here's why you say that because you're U you're saying handshake really is developed I mean uh developed and set up that way the reason because when I was thinking that answer web 2.
(13:26) 5 well I was thinking listen apparently it's um people in web 3 and and and I got to say I really enjoyed the last session I had to get off there but I had Cheno talking about a she's awesome obviously I've watched her you know on here and thanks uh Mike for inviting me here and an for taking care of this I really appreciate being part of this but Chango was saying about Web Two learning web 3 web 3 learning Web Two in web two that's all just got people we had experience with the internet I'm just a business guy we we
(13:59) feel obligated to learn web 3 this is new technology of course I'm going to use it I'm going to use it like you know I'm I'm going through it and and the point is about it's whether a lot of people that started the younger people I can't help but they're young in web 3 do they want to learn Web Two you don't have to no one has to it's like sometimes you're like I don't want but it's it's like law school there's some new laws but you need to go to the whole
(14:20) thing you know and I love that session about trademark law you know I do a room domain name law but um it's because it is important and you can I will say this to get everybody going and that is um yeah you can't right they want to say Don't call them domain names which I sort of understand that you know now because when that uh Paul mentioned that at this I can event way out here he was saying hey they're trading on our Goodwill and you know what when I think about it yeah I helped build some of
(14:46) that stuff you know I'm sure Tom in the last session knows yeah you know built that domain name and Chad you know and then people using names so I think U I don't care if people call them that but I can see why people say heyy that's not really a domain name but um I was going to mention um this is what it looks like when I forget what I'm saying oh about a Paul in the trademarks um right you can't trademark a TLD well they're telling you these new things aren't tlds all right then we can
(15:16) trade maybe we can trademark them maybe they're not tlds so that's not an excuse so there are going to be people you know we seen it are going to want to start trying to uh they're using and they're going to try to trademark some of these extensions and you know what there's going to be some that are like engraved in stone on something and you are basically the law is is Todd you're muted Todd you're muted hey Todd we can't hear you can't hear Todd either um so yeah I can't I
(15:49) can't hear you I TR I tried to trademark dochain on the handshake protocol so we own dochain on the anake protocol and we did spend the money and try to trade market we f the Unstoppable domains pattern um got rejected somebody else is trying to register it now um on another who knows um and so I don't know I don't I at trademarking Brands and identities I think what's nobody's talking about is the wallet law stable domains and that trademark or that um Identity or that that legal will set a huge huge
(16:24) precedent on handshake values of time stamping a Brin ident identity on chain is more important than a trademark in my opinion um just kind of being in the web 3 space we see Maxis all over there's actually you like the ens guys there's actually an ens Maxis group and then you have people that are in hns that are pretty much Maxis also you know they when I say that I mean they don't have as much respect for I can um that you know I feel that you need to work hand inand with both you have to work hand
(16:59) inand with IAM because um I'll give you one example and I'm and I'm kind of confused about this myself we were supposed to reserve all the tlds there is a TLD right now that is Dei VY it's both on Ian it's also available on handshake so that's my question you know now one of these got through this this is just one example he got through the slip somehow but there needs to be a solution for this and I understand there's no doubt there's no one involved in this or anything like that right now
(17:33) but the way I look at it is they should be rewarded instead of being penalized you know if ien comes out in the next three five 10 years and they start releasing these new tlds I mean we can't I mean on the handshake side we're going to have to do something you know and the way I look at it is instead of penalizing that person that person should be rewarded okay it's great you own that TLD but I can has now released it so you know reward that person for for that TLD but unfortunately if I can is there there's
(18:06) it's very tough to you know to butt heads against that organization is what I'm saying so web 2.5 you have to work hand inand with it that's the way I look at it yeah Paul you if you've ever been to an I can meeting handshake gets more done than I can at a 65 million budget because nothing gets done there they talk about a mission statement for 30 minutes with 15 people around a T and two of them talk on every single panel it's but again but they're the 800 pound gorilla right so it doesn't matter right
(18:38) so they're in that position and they're in that structure and that thing you don't deal with I can I can doesn't really barely even know handshake exists right the only way to do it is with other value propositions other network effects other timing and stuff like like these things take many many years and but but I can doesn't recognize handshake and they don't give a so you don't negotiate anything because they don't care they don't even know you exist it it's it's has to take its own
(19:11) path and follow its own narrative even negotiating it's the fact it's more not not butting heads with that person in my opinion you don't want to bet butt heads with like you said the 800 pound gorilla what you want to play nice with them and that's the reason unfortunately you know I mean I'm not an Unstoppable guy but they've played plays nice with them and you know they've gotten some sort of Attraction and you look at what they just most recently the fact that they're able to go out to a
(19:38) nft community and launch the extension for that we were able to do that why why wasn't we were we were able to do that for every single nft project out there you know and that's my question is because there is no there's not that one person there's not that matte guy that's behind Unstoppable there is no guy behind handshake that's going out there to each community and there's a few of us that do it but we don't spend all our time and effort and devotion into this because you know the reward mechanism
(20:08) you you're not getting paid for this so yeah it's a give and take you know that that's the give and take I see yeah you know I'd like to SP this out you know I think from being there being frustrated with IAM I was also on another panel where for 40 years they've run the root Zone server and it is one of the most fault tolerant uh well-designed computer system existed so in one sense we can thank thank them for the value that they've created is called the internet right so that that's one working group
(20:38) that's like Hey we're we're doing our job we're fall tolerant we're getting our comp we're compressing our energy and compute down and we're doing a job of value creation so in the another sense you got this stuff over here but I think identity is going to be the key right so if identity and people want to start getting identity in the world of AI and deep fakes and all this other um manipulation of profiles I think that's where handshake is built kind of for that and then I think the SSL Market I
(21:07) think Chango somebody was mentioned that out too right that's built into the protocol that's not really talked about to where if handshakes in that SSL market and let's say five years when compute or Quantum or whatever is just crushing systems um because s has been broken and it's there is a possibility that could happen um that where handshake hopefully has that other tool in the toolbox that hasn't been played yet and hasn't been discussed that would then wake people up like an I can as a
(21:39) solution um to a problem number one we sit in these rooms and we we talk to people on the web to space a lot the number one issue what is it these names don't resolve that's why they all well you know my answer to that is it depends if you want to use a resolver you can resolve it you choose not to use a resolver but that's not going to get through the thing is that what they're saying is it doesn't resolve on a mass level you need to do something you know there's friction involved there to
(22:09) resolve these names and that is kind of the issue and that's kind of just a little topic that I feel if maybe even a community based effort you look at what dog with coin did they raised $650,000 to put that dog on the sphere you tell me that we can't raise that much to go get get a hns extension own that I understand it's I can I get it but the fact is these things are going to resolve we have use case we can show some people it's not a double dot it's not hns do2 it's just hns you know I I
(22:44) feel that that is an opportunity for you a Community Driven um objective here to resolve these because we said Todd and I we sit in these rooms we you know the the number one thing that we hear we're not going to invest in this we're even going to look at these because they're not domain names they don't resolve well now all of a sudden if you have this H&S we own that we're able to resolve all our names on that and they look like regular names the underlying ass of it with asset will still be handshake no
(23:15) one is taking that away but yeah hey can you guys hear me now good perfect time what's up joh yeah well you know I'm I agree with Chad here because it's only temporary but Chad this temporary could be 20 years meaning this web two and web 3 getting together so we know all the companies that are saying you know what let's get your I can extension because listen it's only 300 Grand and we're going to take a fee and um and we're going to get that for you and why why some companies are out there saying
(23:45) we're going to help this company get this extension I have no idea why would you ever do that that that's like on handshake telling people hey I'm starting an auction for this name that slipped through the cracks you guys got to check it out why would you invite people over to bid you at I can that's if you think that's the answer of getting the that extension like you know what this company is a web 3 company we're going to get their extension that's like Paul's saying the H&S I'm
(24:10) saying no no no now if you if you want to do it because you have to build a you know but there's the big ship which is I can I mean which is the traditional DNS and now we're all going to build some ships and the guy gentleman said in the chat I love the chat um was saying yeah until some stuff's built on here well what I would recommend about the building is like I'm going to build a gaming and I use gaming like the old people like gambling gaming to me means gambling okay but still I'm
(24:38) going to use for gambling where it's a a handshake it's a name and then you're going to be able to go there and do auto bets and it's going to be well you know that's that's a plan there but still I'm I'm being patient knowing um like you know I listened a lot to Chad he's like this is this is web 4 why would I want to connect it in any way to you know traditional DNS and especially I'm not wanting to so this definitely not but all these Web Two you know web 2.
(25:06) 5 companies that I'm seeing from some of our friends in the domain business because the best web 2.5 they have businesses if you guys want to know how to bridge it go to the guys that are running businesses in web Point 2 if that's what you call it and that and you're like are you guys interested in tokenizing fractionized are you guys interested in all this stuff a lot of them are and then some them already going out of business I'd like to say like because distribution that's why right handshake
(25:32) has no distribution has identity but no distribution I can't controls distribution of the root Zone that's number one their most powerful organization because they have billions of people that go over this root Zone server system um in there and so uh to mention just that so I got to do the plug for realy doubt we've been tokenizing handshake names for four years and so and then in our smart contract protocol we try to build governance and stuff like that but we can Own 100% of that asset and build
(25:59) programmability around um a digital native asset like a handshake protocol named hand you know with web two domains they have distribution they have other things but they're centralized and they have to be beholding to these other things timing mechanisms and stuff like that but so until that distribution occurs you you'll have to play the other parameters of what makes handshake an undervalued asset um that gets recognized as has Valu and it has several components to it not just a good marketing team or a meme coin or a
(26:31) shitcoin whatever you want to call it it really does I think fundamentally have technology it's just 10 year might be five years 10 years 15 years too early um and we never know but that's my rant my take yeah wanted to touch on the um the 101 or the 10 hns renewal fee I don't know people haven't mentioned it maybe they'll be talking about it some great sessions anyway later today there's some and then tomorrow like there's some teaching sessions that the auctions in two days this great handy
(27:01) con got off to a great start hope you guys have enjoyed some of the things that we're talking about but we're going to mention a name base said it's going to be 10 H&S per name to renew it for a couple years which okay we know it's pennies but Paul what do you think is you know the people that have sitting on tens and 20,000 names yeah that may Pinch A little I did the math on it I think for 750 names that comes out to about $100 a year I'm willing to have name base uh you know just continue with
(27:31) what I'm doing with name base you know it's it's still at the end of the day three you know 10 handshake for two years right so it's still reasonable it's not it's not going to break the bank but again you know for people that have sitting on those 10 which we have lots of people in our group that bought 4 LS in bunches 12,000 13,000 4ls yeah that's going to pinch a little um and so there's options you can go to Bob wallet um you know but again you need I haven't done that yet because to me I feel name
(28:04) base is good enough as a custodial option for my names for um for my handshake names now Bitcoin different story but yeah with with with this I'm okay with it so for so far yeah well Chad do you even care about that because next we're going to talk about you know what you mentioned and that was U The Narrative you know relevance with regards to this crypto bull market or you think it's a bull market already that the H&S token I mean you want to make I me it's a low liquidity but you know GI
(28:34) mentioned you know people are on the hunt for low um you know low value tokens that have fundamental values right so or mechanisms that can come and be a market maker into there so that's one potential I think you know one thing never always got me is coinbase you know had had fought and had to pay fines for you know listing non decentralized protocols and tokens when it's like I don't know too many other tokens protocols that are more decentralized than handshake uh from a fundamental standpoint so you know how does
(29:10) handshake get like come on Brian like you if you're really stay in core to this decentralized things okay tell us why and how we should get there because I think that that would be a a watershed M for handshake if we can get on the coinbase platform and because it fits that Narrative of this is what you're looking for right what it's got to be liquid it's got to be liquidity issue that's the only thing I don't understand why handshake isn't getting on coinbase Exchange somebody other exchanges um and
(29:38) so maybe some of that the pressure on there but I don't know I mean I think again I did stay back for a a year um just to focus on other their other opportunity cost and I think that's kind of where um it's being it's great to see these other people like Mike and stuff Champion um of the protocol forward and keep keep it kind of alive so much appreciated for those people yeah before we uh finish today we still got about five minutes I wanted to say that you know Mike really motivated me earlier to think it is we're all
(30:11) directors and just really if you can you know take one of your names build something on one of your names learn how to build go to Mike's videos if you want do some very small stuff and really get you know more familiar with it I I guess the thing is because it is going to be uh is each year coming back too especially the handic con is hey so now next year there has to be some stuff built I I you know should just put it on ourselves to build because I know we're doing something that is you know someday
(30:41) we'll someday we'll say something you know we're doing something that's already using Technologies from way back you know to um the future and um the thing is it's not you know they are they still designed stemming from URLs in web 2 okay so you I can't deny that that's where the business is today but there are going to be some things and it's probably going to be led by gambling porn something will be will be U effective on you know in the future on handshake U Chad what are you
(31:16) thinking who am I thinking what what do you think is going to be the stuff that first catches on with regards to that what is something you know forms what can be completely uh decentralized when I say safe but I'm saying also built already because I see some sites that are built now but they're basic you know look we Los zip losing zip can hurt you know he went over to me Bitcoin core um you know he had some really interesting oneman armies and stuff like that so uh impervious kind of pivoting back in the
(31:49) Bitcoin stuff so you know you kind of get that M you know it's it's an interesting um it's it's hard to build on handshake you know right now so um again but you only need a couple people that are building these some of these tools like coinbase they're offering these services but um um again we're building it from a different architecture standpoint we're not trying to get micro at the edges we're we're on a macro um uh value identity architecture so um I don't know I don't
(32:20) know again I think it's one of those ones I think one person can change a market I've seen it before uh we just got to keep that ethos and that identity and that uh narrative and stay true to that and and find the people that are talented that see that thing and that can build new tools and stuff and come in the market and stay alive I mean I think that's the key but I think but again I'm excited again um because it gives us an identity it gives us a web three platform that we know is true uh
(32:49) when we look at when we peel the onion back as a a truly protocol that's decentralized that has no Dow and which is you know interesting to see from a business model just it's fun from a from a technical standpoint of a business person Building Company um we'll see where it goes I don't know that's great hey uh Paul before we wrap it up I wanted to ask you about you know a lot of people here invest in handshake names and they buy them through name base just like we I'm talk about Investors they're thinking I
(33:18) want to sell it sometime and I love that we get a lot of offers through namebase and I love the whole system I love the vicory auctions I love the whole thing that's why I and I love that the guys over at name Che bought you know do you know that's better than people no one have an interest but Paul when it comes to um the liquidity you know I don't think it's really ever going to be there but I love how you talk about you know having these markets for certain types of names meaning you loved how Vision
(33:46) does their thing so um what what do you think U what would be attractive for name based to build or or a new company to start that could you know get some fire in the domain afterm Market I mean the H&S aftermarket I mean it just doesn't even apply just to H&S but just generally speaking if you look at what ens uh Vision did for that space that site singlehandedly propelled those those eth names why because all of a sudden you have transparency and everyone is able to view the information at the same time
(34:22) 247 there is no secrets you can go in right now and I want to know what the cheapest first name is on ens I can do that uh the limit I'm not able to currently do that on on uh you know within name base but it's not but the the system can all be built out because the data is all the same the first names aren't changing from handshake to from DNS to hns to ens the hand first names are the first name still it's just you're moving the dot over and now you just need to you know tie in some apis together and I believe
(34:57) if we could put something like that together not only for um for handshake but for web 2 names I've said this if I want to buy a cheapest thre right now where do I go there's different sites you can go to but what is a guarantee that you're getting the cheapest 3let docomo that for eth right now I can just go in there one click I can see because it's cons they Consolidated they've taken the data from all these different sites gathered it and presented it you know in a in a very organized manner very intuitive in
(35:30) that sense so absolutely I'm hoping that already there's that tool we can do that with three letters in handshake right now he's built the tool Aaron's built that out for us which is amazing but you know we want different categories they got Pokemon categories going in ens I'm not saying let's get to that level but you know first names would be cool I'd like to see what all the first names are in the cheapest one I can buy what's the floor price that's what we want to get
(35:54) to right and it's not necessarily the floor price because the floor price is what someone offering but yes thanks Paul thanks Paul that's it they got to they got to shut us down um but no everybody enjoyed the rest of the afternoon there's some great sessions thanks for being here and all you guys in the chat I see you cool as ice all right talk to you [Music] soon